Where is all the information about energy work for people who are intrigued but want information that’s grounded in reality?

Peter Michaud wrote, Energy Anatomy to be that grounded guide to energy work.

Peter was a self confessed “interested skeptic” looking for no-nonsense down to earth information about energy work and energy healing when he decided he would have to be the one to write the kind of book he was looking for.

His own journey would have been far easier if he’d had this guide when he went in search of solid material about working with the energy anatomy. Using his sharp analytical skills and skeptics eye he rooted out the fact from fiction to create a true guidebook for aspiring energy workers.

What this means to you is that your questions about energy work will finally be answered in a clear, accessible way, with minimum hand waving. What that really means to you is that you’ll be able to tap into the infinite joy and gratitude available to anyone who really gets this stuff. Your own unlimited wisdom and intuition.

This was especially labor intensive for Peter because every spread in the book has a painting, illustration or photo, most of which he painted from scratch. The visual work is so extensive and high quality that he is going to release an entire separate package of posters and illustrations later on.

Who is Peter Michaud?

Peter is a healer. He’s had a passion for healing minds and spirits since he was a kid. He was the friend other kids came to for advice when they were bullied or had a crush. Peter was a very compassionate type of kid who coache the socially inept kid on
how to be friends. This passion led him down the path he’s on now, of teaching and healing full time.

Peter’s background includes studying business and a career in software development. He likes math, science and statistics. His interest in data and being factual is what led him to research and write his no-nonsense guide to energy work.

I found Peter’s work so fascinating that writing an interview with him would have been way too long so I chose to speak to him and record instead.

Please feel free to leave questions for Peter on the blog and he’ll be sure to answer them.

Here’s a link to purchase Pete’s book. Click here.

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You wouldn’t think Pete Michaud is an energy worker and a psychic because he looks a lot like a Bond villain who kicks puppies for fun. Muggers look at him and say “Yeah, I think I’ll wait for the next guy…” When he’s not intimidating muggers and juvenile canines, he does energy healing and psychic readings for clients all over the world. Pete writes about energy work and self empowerment on his blog, PeterMichaud.com. Also, he’s a teddy bear.



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