How can I tell if I’m hearing my Intuition or my Ego?

This is by far, the subject of most of the emails I receive from Powered by Intuition readers.

I’m sorry to say, there is no magical solution to know whether you’re hearing your Intuition or your Ego. There is PRACTICE though. And, as we’ve all heard thousands of times, practice makes perfect.

Luckily, we human beings face problems every day that provide opportunities to practice discerning the voice of our Intuition from our Egos.

The basis of this problem though, is not so much that we can’t discern the voice of our Intuition from our Ego but, that we fear making a wrong decision!

Here are some simple tips to distinguish the difference.

Intuition vs EGO

1. Intuition comes as a complete sense of “knowing.” The ego rationalizes to sort out a solution that is the most practical and has the greatest chance of being “right”in a logical sense.

2. Your intuition feels “complete” and “whole.” The ego’s response leaves you wondering and unsure. It seems more like what you wish to hear or should say, rather than what is really true.

3. Your intuition feels “weighty” like the truth. In contrast, when your ego responds it seems rather hollow and contrived.

An example that illustrates all three of the differences:

Say, you’re looking to change jobs. You’ve been offered jobs at two separate companies. The first job pays less and is at a smaller company, farther away from home but, you really like the people you met there. Everyone seemed so relaxed and actually looked like they were having fun.

The second job was closer to home and would save you an hour of commuting time per day, pays more compared to the first job but, you felt uncomfortable in the interview. You couldn’t be yourself. The people you met in the second round of interviews at this company seemed rigid, uptight and frankly, kind of impressed with themselves.

What do you do?

You come home, strip off your business attire, relax and with your eyes closed check in with yourself.

What you hear is this:

I really liked the first company and the people were really genuinely nice. I know I’d have fun going to work there but, it’s farther, a much smaller company, less well known, less prestigious, probably not as good for my career in the long run and it pays much less! I’d probably like the people at the second company just as well once I really got to know them….

Can you tell that your intuition was speaking in the first part of the response when you checked in with yourself? And, that in the second part your ego was talking?

Let’s examine the differences between the Intuition and Ego’s responses:

“I really liked the first company and the people were really genuinely nice. I know I’d have fun going to work there…”

Straight away you heard: “I really liked the first company.” You didn’t question this at all did you? You just “knew” you liked it, right? It was a “whole” and “complete” reaction. You didn’t follow it up with questions at all. The truth was that “the people were genuinely nice” too, right?

In the second half of your reaction:

You start off with saying, “BUT.” That’s your first clue that this is your ego speaking. When something is whole and complete you don’t need “buts,” or further statements of clarification. In this case you follow the first part with a whole string of what you think are “rational, practical and logical” reasons for taking the second job. You try to talk yourself into it by saying, “I’d probably get to like the people there after I got to know them.” This seems rather “hollow and contrived” doesn’t it.

So, what do you do?

You have to be aware of your priorities, which is why you’re changing jobs in the first place.

If your first priority is working at a more prestigious company, career growth and opportunity and making more money because you need it or just because you desire it (there’s nothing wrong with wanting to make more money) then you would take the second job and make the best of it.

You would probably end up being fairly happy because the priorities you satisfied would outweigh the lack of excitement and fun at this job—at least for a while until the need to be happy started to rear its ugly head again.

If your priorities were to be happy, enjoy going to work and having fun, and you could live decently on that salary, you would take the second job.

There is no right or wrong

It’s really up to you. Usually, where we get turned around is when we are afraid that we’ll suffer the consequences of making a wrong decision. Making mistakes is where we learn life’s greatest lessons and gain wisdom. We will never be right 100 percent of the time. No one is. We must simply do the best we can at all times.

The worst thing is to not make decisions or procrastinate because you’re afraid. The longer you procrastinate the more you prolong your agony. My friend Farnoosh Brock from Prolific Living has an awesome article on procrastination. I urge you to read it.

Face your fear and make a decision. 99.999 percent of the time our decisions are not life or death. What is the worst thing that can happen?

Use Intuition and logical to arrive at a proper decision

Don’t bet the farm! If your dream is to quit your job and start your own business. Don’t do it unless you have a financial safety net. Make a plan. Save money. Set a date to work towards. Work in the evenings setting up your business until you quit. If you quiver and shake over the thought of quitting your job and fear not having a steady source of income – you’re not ready.

Each problem is an opportunity to hone your intuition

Don’t focus on being wrong. Look at it as an opportunity to practice with your intuition. If you do this often enough you will not only learn to distinguish between your Intuition and Ego but, you’ll also learn to face your fears and make decisions.

If you continue to struggle, please do contact me for an intuitive session where I can help you discern the difference between the voice of your Intuition and that of your Ego.

What decisions are you facing now? Are you struggling between your Intuition and Ego to make a choice about a relationship, a career move, a move geographically or to follow your dream? Share your dilemma with us in the comments where we can address it.

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