Avoid popularity if you would have peace. –Abraham Lincoln

Did you long to be popular in high school?

Wish you weren’t on the outside looking in all the time?

Try to fit in by dressing like the “cool” kids?

Does this ring a (class) bell?

You never once thought, “What is my gut telling me to do,” when you were making a decision as a teenager, right? All that mattered was fitting in so that you would feel better about yourself.

No doubt, many of us went through school not being one of the in-crowd and we survived just fine. We can look back now and dismiss it for what it was, “a bunch of insecure teenagers needing to feel validated by following the crowd.”

Some people never grow out of this phase though

  • The friend who still competes with you or won’t acknowledge your achievements
  • The name-dropping neighbor involved with all the “right” people in town
  • The boss who needs to constantly mention how much things cost and his new country club membership
  • The co-worker who is addicted to shopping and wouldn’t be caught dead in anything but the latest fashions
  • The perfectionist- need I say more?

Are you getting the picture?

The thing all of these people have in common is that they are still looking for validation outside of themselves.

  • The friend who cannot acknowledge your achievements still battles insecurity.
  • The neighbor who must “keep up with the Jones” has no confidence in himself and needs to get it by being part of this “inner circle.”
  • The boss who tosses around price tags and status symbols seeks approval and admiration to bolster his own flagging self-esteem.
  • The co-worker who shops to her financial detriment needs all the “stuff” she buys to feel better about herself.
  • The perfectionist who will never be satisfied with herself until absolutely everything is perfect – will always be “reaching” for happiness instead of attaining it.

These people may be grown-ups but, they aren’t behaving any differently than insecure teenagers in high school.

Anytime we look outside ourselves for validation we lose touch with our intuition.

To thine own self be true

This is one of the most important things you can do to foster your intuition. When we look to others for approval we give away our power. We allow their opinions to take precedence over our own inner voice. Over time we effectively squelch this inner guidance and when it does surface we second guess ourselves to death.

When we give away our power we lose touch with this core of truth and guidance that is the ballast for our lives. Our lives start to list way off course and the lack of practice with listening to our inner guidance makes hearing it (when we do) confusing. We’ve become so used to looking outside of ourselves that we don’t know how to trust our own inner truth – our intuition.

Until you recognize what has put your life out of kilter you’ll always feel a little uncomfortable in your own skin. No matter what you do there will be this  underlying feeling of emptiness, dissatisfaction and unhappiness that no amount of compliments or shopping can fill.

By the time we “wake-up” our lives may have drifted so far off course that we feel overwhelmed by how out of control things have gotten.

Find your power within

The thing to do is to get back to the basics. The only way to get back in-touch with your intuition is to change your focus from outside of yourself to inside. You must make the time to learn to go within.

This is the only way to cut these invisible chords of dependence you have anchored into people and things outside of yourself. As long as these chords exist your power will flow out of you like electricity flowing through a power line. When you dissolve these chords you’ll also be taking back your power.

And, when you take back your power your life will “right” itself and your intuition will become louder and more reliable again.

Try these simple tips to bring the ballast back into your life:

1. Meditate. The best way to begin to hear your own inner guidance is to meditate. You cannot go for a walk or take a drive and expect that it is the same as meditation. Meditation is only one thing – meditation.

2. Use affirmations to change your beliefs about your self-worth. “I am worthy of love and friendship and support exactly as I am.” “I am perfect, whole and complete.” Check out Louise Hay’s book, “You Can Heal Your Life.” It’s a classic that will truly change your life. I still re-read it and I bought it over 20 years ago.

3. Learn EFT. Emotional Freedom Techniques are truly miraculous. EFT is a technique where you tap on certain “meridian” points on the body to break repetitive patterns of thoughts, habits and emotions. You can learn to this free online. I’ve been studying EFT since 2006 and found it works extremely well to erase negative belief patterns. http://www.eftuniverse.com/

4. Develop your intuition. Have you read my ebook, The Intuition Primer? It will teach you how to tap into your intuition. The more you do this the more confident you’ll become in life and with making decisions based on your intuition. You can get the book for free for subscribing to my newsletter.

5. Stop trying to be perfect. We set ourselves up for disappointment when we drive ourselves to do everything perfectly. Perfection in life is a myth. Learn to love yourself. Find satisfaction in the journey and what you learned on the way. My friend Evelyn Lim is an expert in Self-love and is authoring a book on this important topic. Check out her blog: Abundance Tapestry.

Your intuitive guidance comes through most easily when you have fewer outside distractions. If you want to hear this guidance and be led to make the right choices and decisions in your life than you’ll want to get back in touch with yourself. Take back your power and turn up the volume of your inner voice!

The only opinion that counts is your own. Can you think of instances in your life where you ignored your intuition to follow the advice of someone else and it was dead wrong? What will you do differently next time to be sure that you listen to your intuition?

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