He who is not everyday conquering some fear has not learned the secret of life.  —Ralph Waldo Emerson

Have you ever been paralyzed by fear?

Can you recall the awful sense of dread you felt?

That distinct punched in the gut feeling?

I have—too many times.

I was raised in an environment of fear. My entire adult life has been fueled by my “need” to overcome the fears instilled in me during childhood.

Along the way I adopted, “Face your fear and do it anyway,” as my personal motto. I’ve been on a mission to prove to myself that I can overcome my fears ever since.

The strategy I’ve used to deal with the challenges life has thrown at me is to jump in with both feet.

I was fired from my first “real” job. It nearly crippled me emotionally. I was upset, scared and my fragile confidence was shattered. I found another job and went on to have very rewarding career.

I left a stable career and healthy salary fifteen years ago to “reinvent” myself and my life. I was scared but, I did it anyway. It turned out to be the best thing I ever did.

Eventually, I started a whole new career as a 100 percent commissioned financial sales person. Having no salary was scary too but, I felt compelled to try it. I learned how to be completely self-reliant.

Throughout my career I’ve had to get out in front of lots of people in order to bring in business. I had no choice but to overcome my fear of public speaking and, to my surprise, I found I enjoyed it!

Facing fears head-on builds confidence

I don’t have any magic solutions. I can only give advice based on what has worked for me. And, for me—facing my fears has worked.

Each time I have faced one of my fears and, “done it anyway” my confidence in my ability to deal with life’s challenges has risen. The effects are cumulative.

You keep building on that confidence each time you do something you’re afraid to do. When you master a new challenge, it resets the “set-point” of your confidence at a higher level.

I’m not saying that I never have fears, because I do. I choose to “tame” my fears instead of allowing them to “tame” me and my dreams.

Wisdom comes through facing fears

When we live in a bubble safe from life’s challenges we don’t gain experience or wisdom. We don’t grow at all, for that matter. We are ill-equipped to deal with the real world should our “bubble-burst” if we have no experience with having to solve problems in our lives.

Fears can imprison us

If we spend our entire lives avoiding fear we miss out on so many experiences. We have put ourselves in a prison of our own making. You may not be able to see the walls, but they are there. Your fears will control you, rein in your life and you will always “play small” and never reach your true potential.

Say, you’re afraid to travel alone or to take a train, subway or plane by yourself. Think of all the opportunities and experiences you’ll miss because you must wait for someone else to come with you.

Overcoming fears liberates and empowers you

When you face your fears and do it anyway—you are free! You are no longer held hostage by your fears. You can go anywhere and do anything because you know you are capable of dealing with any problems that arise.

You become empowered when you face your fears. You no longer worry about making mistakes. Making mistakes is normal and it’s how we learn. When you accept that you may, in fact, make mistakes when you face your fears you lose the shame of making mistakes that also holds you back in the first place.

We are here to become “fearless”

The more you embrace your fears, the more “fearless” you become. When you have faced enough of your fears your reserve of confidence and wisdom grows immensely.

•Becoming fearless means that you are now open to all of life.

•You no longer crouch in the corner worried about trying something new or making a decision about something.

•You start directing your life instead of allowing life’s challenges to direct you.

•You no longer “react” to life’s problems. You take control of life’s problems and not only do you solve them but, you find the silver lining within the problem.

•When you’re fearless your whole attitude about life changes. You see your life as a great adventure. Having solved problems before you know you can do it again.

There’s a saying that goes something like this:

A winner can lose his fortune and within a year gain it back again.

Become fearless and you become a winner at the game of life!

When you are fearless you know that there is no such thing as “bad luck.” You create your luck by your attitude and the confidence you project.

When you’re fearless and excited by life and yes, even by life’s challenging moments, you send out a powerful message to the Universe saying, “I love this life!” When you love ALL of life, even its challenges, the Universe will respond by opening doors to you that will flood your life with good.

There is no such thing as “having bad luck”

Don’t waste a minute of your life fearing that you have bad luck. Never allow anyone to manipulate you into buying “good luck spells” or any such nonsense. Good luck is a state of mind—and so is “bad luck.” Change your mind instead.

You create your own luck

Everybody has challenges and tough times in their lives. How you face the challenge turns it from feeling as “if” you have bad luck, to just another obstacle to master in your life. Get rid of your belief in bad luck and you will see your life through a new lens.

Fear inhibits intuition

When you allow fear to drive your response to problems, it “drowns-out” the voice of your intuition.

Remember the last time you felt afraid? Wasn’t you’re mind was racing with scenarios about “what’s going to happen?” Wasn’t your heart pounding and your breathing shallow and constricted?

When you’re in panic-mode how do you expect your intuition to get past all that shrieking in you head?

By remaining calm when facing your fears, your intuition comes through loud and clear to guide you to the next steps you need to take to solve your problem.

Unchecked fears multiply

Get a handle on you fears. Face them head-on and really look at them. When scrutinized closely, most fears shrink from imagined giant proportions down to their real size.

There is always a solution.

There is always a way.

There is always another chance.

The door to your solution will open when you face your fear and do it anyway.

Have you conquered your fears? How has this changed your life? What are you doing now that you were to frightened to do in the past?

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