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One of the greatest personal challenges of life is to have the constant motivation in whatever things we are doing.

Starting the process of creating a life for ourselves always seems to be the easiest. Beyond that, staying motivated and committed to our goals and purpose becomes the day to day monotonous challenge for us.

I’m sure we all have encountered the following scenario as described here. We heard a speech or attended a course conducted by an inspiring person. Received the call to action and saw all the logic and sense in taking action towards our own success in life. After that we did our own goal setting exercise and devised our own action plan to see us through the objectives that we have set.

Then for the next few weeks and months, you stayed committed and motivated in your quest for a successful life. But as time pass and we see our goals not getting any near, our enthusiasm and motivation drop. Slowly, we do less of what we are supposed to do. Over more time, we forgot our true intentions and objectives in life.

Getting started for a good cause is often the easiest part, sustaining the cause is the difficulty.

Here are 30 ways that I have found really useful to help you sustain your motivation in whatever you do. Try them and find what best suits you and I hope that your success journey will be fruitful one.

1.   Identifying & Living Your Core Values – What are your core values in life? Do you have any? How can living your core values help in sustaining motivation? Core values must mean the most to you. Once you have them, these become moral compasses to keep you in the right direction.

2.   The Power of Choice – In all the situations we face, we must become fully aware that we can choose the decision we want. When you feel like giving up, ask yourself what would you like to do? Give up on your goals or stay the course? When you ask this way, the choice is obvious.

 3.   Confront and Overcome Fear Face our fear and do it anyway; for the treasures we seek lies behind our fear. Courage is not the absence of fear but the desire to act despite fear. When you feel like giving up, ask yourself deeper questions; what fears encouraging you to give up? Fight these fears and do the opposite. When you confront fear, motivation is just round the corner.

4.   Chain Your Days and Don’t Break it – From the moment you decided to make the change towards a more meaningful life, all that you have done till the point you are about to break has not been in vain. Think back of all the days and things you did for motivation. They are all link towards the fulfillment of your goals. Learn to link them all up and they become more purposeful to you, and your mission does not seem so difficult after all.

5.  100% Commitment – No Easy Way Out – If you want to achieve something worth while in your life, then having 100% commitment to your goals and desires is absolutely important. Nothing comes easy these days, but your motivation can remain strong if you commit yourself fully to your cause.

6.  Silence is Golden – In the midst of achieving our dreams and running our lives, sometimes the greatest motivation and renewal we can give ourselves is finding the silence to just meditate and dwell on our existence on this planet. Spending quite moments on your own can be a great source of motivation to restore your true purpose and place in this world.

 7.  The Power of Serving Others – Have your ever done something for someone who really needed the help? Perhaps it was simply helping a handicap across a road. Or could it be helping someone financially and seeing the joy and relief on their faces. How did you feel when you see that sincere gratitude? The joy and satisfaction from helping others is a very power source of motivation to keep us on task, doing what we are supposed to do.

 8.  One More Step – People get overwhelmed easily when confronted with the magnitude of the tasks they have to undertake. It just seems impossible to reach the final destination. But if you just take one more step at a time instead of focusing on the final outcome, everything becomes manageable. Motivation becomes stronger just tackling one thing at a time.

 9.  Songs of Inspiration – Music was created to inspire and motivate people. Great songs and singers are out there for you to find. Listening to these songs can bring great motivation to whatever you are doing.

 10.  Inspiring Movies – Similarly, movies and get producers out there are also a source of great motivation. We always see the movies in the theatres or televisions, but seldom dig deeper to study the lives of great producers and directors like Steven Spielberg, Ivan Reitman, George Lucas, Robert Zemeckis, Walt Disney and others. The reason their films are so inspiring and motivational is because they themselves have a motivation and inspiring story to tell.

11. Sharing Your Dreams – When you have fixed your dreams and committed yourself to achieve them, share them with other people who will support you. Sharing your dreams holds you accountable to your promises. When you feel like slacking or taking the easy way, remember your sharing with these people; for they serve as great motivation to you.

12. Consulting Your Mentor – Beyond just sharing your dreams, you need to find a mentor. This special person will be someone special who probably has done what your want to do now. Learn and listen to these mentors for your dreams to come true. The wisdom from these mentors is very often the motivation that keeps you going.

 13. Visualizing Your Dreams – When the dreaming is done, one way to greatly create sustained motivation is to keep visualizing your dreams. Impressed into your subconscious mind all your greatest desires, and it will find a way to your dreams.

14. Pain vs Pleasure – In the world of neuro-linguistic programming, you can produce great motivation will using the twin force of pain and pleasure. What is the pain driving you to reach your dream? What is the pleasure of reaching your dreams? Investigate these pain and pleasure for your dreams and use them as a source of great motivation.

 15. Possibility Thinking – Robert Schuller, in his work on motivation and preaching God’s word, has always advocated possibility thinking. Whatever your dreams are, seek all the possibilities of achieving them. Leave no stone unturned, no ideas unexplored, and no ways untraveled. Nothing is impossible as long as possibilities are entertained.

 16. Daily Motivational Quotes – Our world has left us entire libraries and collections of words of wisdom to give us motivation. Seek these out, read them daily, memorize them, pick your favorites, write them out, and consume them. Words of wisdom from daily motivational quotes keep you going when times are bleak.

 17. Having Fun – Check to ensure that what you are going after is indeed something fun for you. If you are chasing things that do not appeal to your nature and interest than you will be in for a rough time. Your motivation to succeed will be higher if your goals are fun to you.

 18. Success Cards – These are basically little cards containing your goals, action plans, words of wisdom and motivational quotes that you leave all around your sphere of action. Wherever you go you see them. When you see and read them, your motivation becomes strong again.

19. Affirmation and Incantations – Affirmation is a gentle, powerful and effective motivation strategy to condition your mind to acquire new-found and positive beliefs for success. Incantation is the forceful statement of intent of your affirmation whereby the physical and emotional states are invoked that causes you to feel confident and motivated for success.

20. Inspiring Stories – The things you want in life have probably been achieved by many others before you. Seek out these inspiring stories and learn from them for a great source of motivation.

21. Giving Thanks – Expressing thanks and gratitude for what we already have puts us in a more down to earth state where we can again feel motivated to achieve more.

 22. Learning From Children – Those of us with toddlers know that nothing is impossible for these little ones. They also seem to have so much fun in everything they do. When you feel that you are done for in the pursuit of your dreams, think what a toddler will do in you situation. Motivation from children is powerful beyond words and actions.

 23. Regular Goal Setting – Sometimes our goals take sometime to achieve and manifest. When this is the case, a regular goal setting regime is a good way to regain motivation and stay focused.

 24. A Letter to Me – When times are gloomy, write a letter to comfort yourself. Find a quiet place and let the one person who cares most about you write to you. Let the words flow and regain your motivation from this true friend of yours – YOU!

25. Self-Analysis – If you are discouraged by the lack of progress in your pursuit of our dreams, stop for a moment and conduct a self analysis of your actions. When you purposefully think about your actions many new approaches open up for you.

26. An Inspiring Role Model – Do you have such a person in your life? If your do not have one, find one. This person need not be immediately accessible to you. It could be someone you read a book on or heard about on history channel. He could even be dead. But his story and lessons will live forever. Learn from these.

27. Planning – There is a certain magic in planning for your dreams to come true. Ideas and newfound wisdom emerges whenever you plan the same thing again. When motivation is sapping, it is time to bring out your legal pad and start planning on paper again.

 28. Writing – Record your journey towards your goals and dreams. Write about your challenges and heartbreaks. These will become another invaluable source of inspiration and motivation for other people. While writing, you will find relief and motivation for yourself as well.

29. Experimenting With New Things – When things become dull, it is time to try new things in life to renew the life force and motivation within you. Humans need to learn to grow, otherwise we are dying. So stay motivated by learning and trying new things in life.

30. Learning Relevant New Skills – One of the greatest sources of motivation in your quest to success is to acquire new skills that will help you towards your goal. It is not so much the learning that you get but the doors it will open for you when acquiring new skills.

Enjoy using these 30 ways of motivation for success in life.

What are your special strategies for success? Share with us.

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