If you don’t think every day is a good day, just try missing one.  ~Cavett Robert

Do you ever wish the world would stop turning so you could get off?

When things don’t go as you expect do you lay awake thinking of how to “fix it?”

On Friday I found out that my book would not be finished on time.

The editor working on my manuscript accidentally edited a very early version, not the updated version I’d sent. This will delay my book another month, at least.

I wanted to have the book out along with the workbook and guided meditations by September. I’ve been working non-stop to get this done for the entire summer. Now, I’ll have to take the incorrect version and try to apply the changes to my new manuscript. This will mean going through the manuscript page by page – again. It feels like I’m back to square one again.

Give up the illusion of control

We can only control ourselves, so choose to control your reaction and not be upset by mishaps. Choose to remain calm and open to the possibility that this is all happening for your highest good.

Now that the shock has worn off and a few days have passed I’m feeling better. I’ve let go of any expectations I had for the book being done in the next few weeks. There is nothing more I can do but do the work to get it done.

I realize, of course, this was an unintentional error. The editor was inundated with work and distracted – it happens – she’s human.

Sometimes life throws us curve balls

Curve balls teach us to adjust our swing.

I started to think about why I wanted my book done by a certain time in the first place. I realized part of the constant overwhelm I experience is due to always trying to stick to the schedules I create. My stress is self induced. There is no time table I truly have to adhere to.

Looking at this “glitch” as a curve ball instead of a catastrophe allows me to shift my thinking and see how this delay will give me some much needed breathing room. Maybe I can enjoy this process now instead of rushing through it? That seems a lot saner.

Is the Universe speaking to you?

When we’re in alignment with life opportunities arise that support us. When we’re not in sync, doors we had hoped would open slam shut in our faces. The Universe pulls us back to the path we’re supposed to be on by creating events designed to get our attention.

Perhaps there is a better plan or timetable for my book? Maybe the Universe is telling me to lighten up and let “it” take over? Rather than my trying to adhere to this strict publishing schedule the Universe may have a surprise in store for me if my book is published at a later date.

Breath a sigh of relief

When it’s out of your hands the best thing you can do is breath, let go and relax. Picture yourself calm and detached about the situation. How does the calm, detached you handle this situation?

I’m now thinking of what I can do with this extra time instead. All sorts of great ideas spring to mind. I’m feeling good – no fine actually. It’s all good.

Things are going to work out in the long run

When we look back at our lives we see that things always work out – one way or the other. Was it necessary to struggle so much? To embroil ourselves in the angst of problems and  disappointments? Not really. Letting go instead of resisting is so much saner and kinder toward ourselves.

I’m over it. I’m resigned to it. I’ve accepted it. Ces’t la vie.


When we let go of expectations we are free to be happy and joyful no matter what’s happened.

What was I so upset about in the first place? I’ve got other things to do. The book will be done – when it’s done. This is all part of the adventure called life.

Have you had a set back or disappointment of some kind recently? Can you look at it and see how perhaps it isn’t as bad as you thought? Could it actually be serving you in some way?

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