When the doors of perception are cleansed man will see things as they truly are, infinite. –William Blake

Parents grieve for their child

They are terribly sad over the loss of their child. The child comes through. Once they hear that the child’s passing was without pain they’re relieved. The child also communicates being present at several family events that have taken place after her death. She also describes what her mother was wearing at these events. They’re elated to learn that their daughter is still with them in spirit attending these family events.

A client wants guidance about a career opportunity. She is deciding between two jobs, one involves moving to a different city. The client is leaning more toward one opportunity over the other and wants guidance about this decision.


The first example is of a mediumship reading for the grieving parents. People who are interested in mediumship readings want to connect with someone who has passed away. The may have experienced the loss recently and worry, like the parents in the first example, that their loved one felt pain when they crossed over. They usually want to know that their loved one is alright.

Or, they may have lost their loved one some time ago and still miss them terribly and just want to hear from them. Some people receive signs or have dreams about loved ones who passed and are curious to know whether they really do live on in another dimension and have been trying to contact them.

Spouses may want to know if they have the blessing of their departed loved one to move on in their lives and remarry and children may want to know if their parents are aware of their accomplishments.

In some cases, clients request mediumship readings hoping their loved one will give them advice on some decision they have to make. One word of caution – if your loved one didn’t give advice when they were alive, or gave bad advice, they will not have changed just because they’re now spirit. Being dead doesn’t automatically make you a wise person.

One more thing about mediumship readings. Just as in ‘life’ when you’ve stopped by to visit someone – sometimes they’re home and other times not. They may be out doing things or busy with something and not able to spend time with you. This also happens in mediumship reading sometimes.

We can’t make the person you want to communicate with come through. They still have free will – even if they no longer have a body! Sometimes, entire families and old acquaintances will come through, but not the person you hoped for.

There are a multitude of reasons to have a mediumship reading but, the basic reason is always to connect to someone who’s passed on and is now in spirit.

Intuitive or Psychic Readings

Psychic readings are used for an entirely different purpose. Most people want to know if they’re on the right path in life or if they should take certain risks to change the path they’re on. Some want to know what their purpose is and others want to know if they should marry a certain person or a buy a house, for example.

The difference

For the most part, intuitive or psychic readings involve helping a person find their way when they are at a cross road in their life.

Psychic readings differ from mediumship readings primarily because the client isn’t seeking to connect with a loved one who’s passed on.

Each has their purpose

You wouldn’t request a mediumship reading if you had questions about a decision you need to make in your life or if you wanted to know your life purpose, for example. You would ask for a psychic reading.

If you’re missing someone who has passed away and want to connect with them you’d ask for a mediumship reading.

One more point: Not every psychic is mediumistic. If you want a mediumship reading from a psychic be sure to ask if they’re also a medium.

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I hope you found the article helpful in explaining the difference between the two types of readings. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask in the comments.

Have you ever had a mediumship reading? How was your experience? Share with us.

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