Is successful living merely the “luck of the draw?”

Or, do we have the ability to shape our lives?

I believe we do have the ability to shape our lives.

Your thoughts are creative

You build your life thought by thought based on your desires. Your desire to have, be or do something is the first building block in the life you wish to create.

Each additional thought about your desire is another brick toward manifesting it. The mortar holding these ‘bricks’ together are your emotions. When focused energy in the form of your thoughts and emotions comes together the thing you desire to have, be or do appears in the physical dimension.

The manifestation process doesn’t happen randomly. It’s a very real and organized system in the Universe that operates with precision each and every time for each and every single person on the planet.

Take control of your thinking

The only way it would appear to be random and disorganized would be if your thoughts and corresponding emotions were random and disorganized.

  • If your thoughts are disorganized and run the show, meaning you allow your thoughts to lead you no matter how far off the path of what you wish to have in your life they take you, then your life will reflect this.
  • When you let your thoughts run the show you also give your emotions free reign as well.

Why we manifest what we don’t want

Thoughts and emotions that pull you off course all the time will manifest as events and situations in your life you don’t want.

These events and situations may not necessarily be “bad” but, they won’t be what you had in mind either.

For example, say you had a strong desire from a young age to be a doctor. But, you ended up in a career as a paramedic. What happened?

Perhaps, every time you had a thought about becoming a doctor your mind threw in all kinds of unwanted thoughts such as, it’s too hard. Or, I’ll never be able to go through all that schooling. I can’t possibly get into medical school. Who’s going to pay for it? I don’t have that kind of money and neither do my parents.

Unchecked emotions pull us off course

All these fearful thoughts pulled you off course. They didn’t add another brick to the framework of your being a doctor at all. The effect they had was to stall the progress of the thought form you were building around being a doctor indefinitely.

The extraneous thoughts forms are like half built abandoned buildings scattered around the landscape of your mind. They’re random and uninhabitable and add nothing toward achieving your goals.

Train your brain

If you want your life to be the reflection of what you had in mind rather than a series of random events you have to discipline your mind. When you learn to discipline your mind you’ll also gain control over your emotions as well. The two go hand in hand.

No substitute for hard work

To achieve your goals you’ll have to work hard, study hard and take action as well as discipline your mind. You’ll also have to be willing to learn from mistakes and failures. No matter how much we train or minds to think correctly we still need to take action.

Think correctly to help pave the way for the success of your hard work

To help make your goals come together more easily though, be sure that your mind is focused on the end result. Don’t allow a lot of half built thought forms to litter the landscape and stall your progress.

Try these 5 easy and fun exercises to focus your thoughts and foster your success:

1. Write down your goals. Evidence supports that people who write down their goals are more likely to achieve them. Don’t spread yourself too thin by making the list to long. Stick to 5 goals maximum at a time.

Create an affirmation in the present tense that includes all your goals. Start it like this:

I’m so grateful that today my life includes…..

Make a list of the top things you’re working toward in your life. Write this list on an index card and tape it somewhere you’ll see it everyday, like the bathroom mirror. Include the affirmation you created on the index card too. Review the list and affirmation each and every time you brush your teeth – at least twice per day.

2. Keep your enthusiasm high. Allow yourself to be excited by the goals on the list. Feel your enthusiasm rising each time your review the list of your goals. You might even end reviewing the list by throwing your arms up in the air and cheering: Woo hoo! Just be sure to be excited.

If your enthusiasm wanes or you have doubts and fears surface about completing your goal immediately begin repeating your affirmation. Don’t let the negativity and fear settle in for too long.

3. Visualize your goals as completed. Spend at least 10 minutes every day seeing your goals accomplished. When you meditate end your meditation with a mental movie that you see in your mind’s eye of you living your dream. If it’s a career you’re after “see” yourself successfully working in this career, for example. Feel the joy and sense of accomplishment you have at being successful in this career. Do this for each of your goals everyday.

4. Create a vision board for your goals. Find photos and words in magazines that illustrate your goals as complete. Paste them onto poster board. Keep the vision board somewhere you’ll see it everyday. Allow yourself to feel thrilled by this depiction of your ideal life each time you gaze upon it.

5. Write a letter to yourself. Hand write a letter commending yourself on creating the life of your dreams. Describe each of the goals on your list and how they’ve manifested in your life. Describe how you feel each day now that you’ve accomplished them. Start the letter with this sentence:

Now that I’ve accomplished (list the 5 goals) a typical day in my life goes like this…..

Date the letter for one year from now. Put it away in a safe place and open it on that date. You’ll be amazed at how much you accomplished in that year!

When you incorporate these 5 tips into your daily routine you’ll train your mind to focus on seeing your goals as already accomplished. The more your mind believes in your success the more you increase your chances of achieving it.

What successes are you looking to create in your life? Can you see how these exercises help focus your mind on the end result? Are you using any now or do you plan to incorporate them into your life?

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