When you come to the edge of all you know
You must believe in one of two things:
You will be given earth on which to stand
Or you will be given wings  —Author unknown

It’s the 1990s and I’m in a middle management position.

I have all the perks of an executive but, I’m miserable.

I think about writing constantly. I take writing courses and belong to several writer’s groups.

Looking out my office window, I’m completely lost in a daydream about quitting my job so I can focus on writing.

I’ve been feeling the urge to leave my job for a long time. I feel the anxiety about returning to work overcome me each Sunday afternoon. It’s a feeling of dread that won’t go away.

I keep ignoring it though, thinking there’s no way out of the life I’ve created. I feel trapped. How could I live without my salary?

Then, one cold January day while visiting a customer’s office I slip on a patch of ice and fall. I hurt my shoulder and arm so badly I cannot move it for almost six months. I pay no attention thinking it’s just a freak “accident.”

A few weeks later, while coming back into my office from the parking garage I catch my foot on a rain mat hidden under the snow and sprain my ankle. My ankle swells to the size of a small beach ball. I’m such a workaholic I never go to the doctor and I keep walking on it.

Not long afterward, during the rainy season in April I trip on that same huge rain mat outside the office again. This time I sprain the other ankle. Another accident caused by not being present in my own life.

In June I turn in my old company car and pick out a new one. Five days later, I’m driving to see a client when a police car races through a red light without lights and sirens and totals my brand new car! To say this was a nightmare is an understatement.

I have to hire an attorney at my own expense to defend me. Luckily, there is a witness who saw the whole thing and thank God – he testifies at the trial. But, the judge doesn’t believe him. The judge dismisses the case however, because the offending officer never shows up to the trial.

We’re here to learn lessons in the school of life

This experience taught me to listen to the Universe when it speaks. You see the first few times the Universe nudges us gently. We’ll feel a tugging in our gut to change something in our lives or to address a certain situation.

If we ignore this gut feeling the Universe will turn up the volume thinking we haven’t heard its message. Each time we miss one of its cues, the Universe packs a bigger punch to make sure the next message is noticed by us.

There really are no accidents

The urge I had to leave my job had been there for five years. Prior to my “accidents,” I had lesser things happen to me that should have clued me in but, I’d been ignoring my intuition. I’d been more intent on satisfying my ego’s need for security, rather than my soul.

After the car accident I “woke up.” I realized the Universe had been speaking to me for several years. I recognized all the other less traumatic incidents for what they were – signs I’d been sent and had chosen to overlook.

I left the job and that career seven months later and it was the best thing I ever did. My life took off after that. I now know that my fears of how I would support myself had been stifling my growth. I had the power to change my life the whole time. All I had to do was change my beliefs – and I did.

I had to leave in order to experience, first-hand, how the Universe always catches you when you take a leap of faith. I’d been so attached to the security of the job and the identity I’d created around it, that it took several bouts of pure havoc to get me to see what I had to do.

Your wings are there

We are always supported by the Universe when we do things that are for our good and for our growth. In fact, when we’re on the right path in our lives just the opposite happens. When we’re aligned with our true calling we experience synchronicity, fortunate coincidences, that show us we’re living “on purpose.”

What is the Universe trying to tell you?

Think back over recent events. Be honest with yourself. Have you had any gut feelings and fears that you’ve been ignoring?” Is your ego too attached to something to allow you to sense your intuitive guidance? Are fortunate coincidences lacking in your life?

Financial problems can be signs

Has your financial picture changed? Have you been ignoring your growing credit card balances? Are you using credit cards to supplement your monthly income? Do you refuse to cut back on spending habits?

Take charge of your finances now so the Universe won’t have to send you a bigger sign to get your attention.

Are your relationships in trouble?

Do you have a nagging feeling your partner’s silence is more than a mid-life change? Has your child’s behavior changed? Have their grades slipped? Listen to your gut.

If you feel uneasy about some aspect of your relationships take action. Would counseling help? Seek a qualified psychologist or family therapist. Don’t wait until things crumble around you.

Signs come in a variety of ways

You might own a home and be resisting downsizing. Your ego may be stubbornly holding onto the notion of having the “big house.” The Universe may create a series of problems needing expensive repairs to get your attention.

Health issues as signs

Are the health problems you’re suffering from due to stresses you’re facing in a life that isn’t aligned with your true purpose. Do you get sick around certain people? Is your energy sapped by being in certain situations? Is your life literally making you sick?

Your gut feelings are the keys to understanding these signs

Go somewhere you won’t be disturbed and relax. With eyes closed review all the signs you’ve been getting from the Universe. Ask your higher self what it’s trying to tell you to do? Go with your first impression. This is your intuition speaking your truth.

Write out a plan of action

Take out your journal and write about your experience. What signs have you been getting? What are they telling you to do? What plan of action can you take now to show the Universe you have gotten the message and will now “take care of business?”

If you’re having trouble getting in touch with your inner voice switch hands. Use your non-dominant hand to write with instead. This can help you tap into more intuitive insights.

Try to right yourself early on the in the process. Get back on the course you were meant to take in your life and the Universe will shower you with blessings and grace rather than swift kicks to get your attention.

And for heaven’s sake – when the Universe speaks in the future – listen!

Have you been experiencing signs you can no longer ignore from the Universe? Have you been ignoring the signs? What do you plan to do now to course correct your life?

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