“He who asks a question is a fool for five minutes; he who does not ask a question remains a fool forever” – Chinese proverb

This is a guest post by Stuart Mills for Powered by Intuition.

A lot of the time, people don’t ask questions.

They don’t even ask life’s big questions – “Why am I here?” or “What’s my purpose in life?”

They don’t ask why something is a certain way, or why this particular system is in place. They don’t even ask why their boss is in a bad mood!

Do you ask questions on a regular basis?

Because they don’t ask questions, they don’t learn anything, and they don’t gain any new understanding. In other words, they become stale and unconsciously settle into this comfort zone where they drift through their days in a ‘waking slumber’, until they die.

Are you curious about the world around you?

It’s a sad state of affairs when this happens, and it’s usually because this person didn’t make time to question life and everything in it. They didn’t take time to push the boundaries, and so they settled for what they had at the time.

Do you want to settle for what you’ve currently got? Is this enough for you? Are you happy to live like this until you die? If your answer is “No”, then read on.

Reasons To Question Everything

By questioning, you do more than just survive. You thrive. You learn more about life, and what it holds. You discover more about yourself, and your days become more fun, and more enjoyable.

By questioning, you can get rid of what doesn’t work, and replace it with what does work.

Here are six reasons why it’s important to question everything:

  • Get more answers

The simplest reason to ask questions is to get answers. Without answers, we don’t have anything to go by. We don’t have an idea of where to go next in our lives. As Angela points out, if you don’t ask yourself the question, you won’t get an answer

So ask questions more often in order to gain answers. Even if it’s an answer that you think you can’t use, it’s better than no answer at all. Every answer has its use.

  • Help others clarify their situation

By asking questions of others in a non-threatening way, we can help them to clarify their own answers. I did this with my girlfriend once, where we were discussing possible careers for her. I asked questions about what she wanted to do, and she answered honestly.

Soon enough, we had discovered that she wants to work with children, in an activities manner rather than in a school environment. This was reached by asking questions, so she could clarify the answers in her own mind about what she wanted to do.

If you know someone who is struggling to figure something out, ask them some questions. Help them to clarify what their core desire is. They may gain a better idea themselves.

  • Challenge the system/authority

The most popular question in the world today is the ‘rebellion question’ that comes about when someone is tired of something that doesn’t suit them. A nation asks rebellion questions of its government. A group of employees ask rebellion questions of their managers. A teenager asks rebellion questions of their parents.

I don’t suggest that you try and cause trouble by threatening to rebel. Rather, it’s better to question something that you don’t like in order to find out more. If you learn more about why something is in place, you can then take action to try and improve things for the future.

Challenge the system by trying to make it better.

  • Allow change to flow

Change is the very core of life. I look at change as a river – its flow is ever moving, and we’re all traveling down the current. No matter how much we try and hold onto the riverbank for fear of our safety, the current eventually forces us to let go and flow with life.

Questions enable change. If something isn’t working, asking questions will allow change to enter and transform the problem into a solution. Questions unblock the river, and unleash the river current of life.

If you’re struggling to embrace change, whether it’s letting go of the past or embracing your true calling , ask some questions of yourself. They’ll guide you along the river of life.

  • Maintain an open mind

The mind has been compared to a castle at times – if the drawbridge is down, and the castle is open, then the inhabitants of the castle can communicate and trade with the outside world, and everyone can prosper. But if the drawbridge is up, and the castle is closed, then the inhabitants are shut off from the outside world, and they begin to suffer.

The same can be said of the mind. Keep the mind open by asking questions, and you’ll trade knowledge with the outside world. Keep the mind closed however, and you won’t gain anything new, and your beliefs and opinions will become stale and stilted.

By opening your mind, you open yourself up to life.

  • Uncover your own fears and limiting beliefs

Our lives are filled with clutter and chores. We rush about from end to end, unable to determine where our lives are going, or what’s truly important to us.

This usually leads up to the creation of fears and limiting beliefs. Once they’re created, they nag at us to listen to them, to get us to work harder because the economy’s doomed, or to exercise more because you might suffer illness. And they limit us by whispering in our ear, saying we’ll never get that dream job, or start that dream business.

Question this. Just stop what you’re doing, and question all of it. Why are you thinking like this? What’s gone wrong for you to fear so much? Take some time for yourself and ask yourself these questions. Learn more about yourself, and help yourself to learn.

How often do you question what’s around you? Do you only ask a certain kind of question? Do you think you question enough? Let us know!

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