Have you ever wondered how a clairvoyant receives their visions?

Or if you can learn to become clairvoyant?

The clairvoyant’s eyes are closed. A scene unfolds:

She “sees” a young man in a tuxedo standing next to a bride. There’s an open casket in the background….

How and “where” is she “seeing” this scene?

This is a question I’ve been asked many times as well as if you can learn to be clairvoyant.

Clairvoyance is seeing what cannot be seen with physical eyes

Clairvoyance is also referred to as remote viewing.

Where are visions seen?

When I close my eyes I receive images in my “minds eye” – that’s the “where” of it.

What’s the purpose of clairvoyance?

Clairvoyance is a way of getting information about the problems and answers to the questions you have about your life. I see it as another way of using the “mind.” (Mind being what is beyond the physical brain.)

While giving a reading a person can ask me questions and images will spring to mind. I don’t “think up” these images, it’s more like an instantaneous download to my mind’s eye. They just suddenly appear.

Sometimes the image is a literal representation of something and other times it’s symbolic. The trick is in knowing the difference between the two and in the interpretation of what comes to mind. This is where experience and practice come into play.

I’m in awe each and every time because it happens spontaneously. I’m not the one doing it – I’m simply the medium, which is to say the mechanism or “television,” if you will, capturing the waves that carry this information and turn them into a picture on my mental screen.

How is clairvoyance transmitted?

Gary Schwartz, Ph.D., author of, The Afterlife Experiments, theorizes that each of us emits an electromagnetic vibration, frequency or ‘signal.’ If you’ve ever seen an electrocardiogram, you’ve seen a representation of this energy current captured by an ECG machine. (p.283)

The electromagnetic currents carry within them a sort of shorthand for what is going on within us and in our lives. This energy may be what some people would call the “aura.”

I believe that a psychic is able to receive this frequency and some part of their mind turns it into pictures, sound and feeling just like the television does but, sans the feeling. (I think everyone has this capability to some extent and that it’s only a matter of practice and natural inclination that distinguishes the psychic’s capacity from other people’s.)

How does it work?

Throughout the years, I’ve read many books by scientists about research findings proving the reality of psychic ability. What I have never come across is the science behind how we actually receive psychic impressions. I gave you my theory on how I think we receive information clairvoyantly but, of course, it isn’t proven.

Someday, I do hope science will be able to explain how psychics receive this information and how it is turned into pictures in the mind’s eye. My friend fellow psychic, Nancy du Terte, did extensive research for her book, “Psychic Intuition” explaining among many things, her theory of how clairvoyants may be able to see.

What may be happening is that the imagination, which Nancy likens to, “a cross road between sensing and thinking,” receives this information and creates “sensory perceptions” that our brain then perceives as the image clairvoyants say they “see” (p.218).

This sounds like a good explanation to me. After all, it’s not coming through the eyes since the clairvoyant’s eyes are usually closed. (I have experienced “seeing” clairvoyantly with my physical eyes a few times but, it is very rare. It’s more common for clairvoyants to “see” in the mind’s eye.)

At this point in time, there are a number of well established studies with results showing that psychic abilities, or what is called “psi” do exist. We’re going to have to wait for science to further show how we receive the information and how we convert it into usable information.

Yes – you can develop clairvoyance

If you’re not a born psychic you can definitely develop this ability. Developing clairvoyance takes concentration, focus and practice like anything else. The best way is to learn to use visualization. Practice each and every day.

You can combine this practice with visualizing your goals, i.e, as in “seeing or imagining” a mental movie of what you wish to accomplish in you life. The practice of very detailed visualization on a regular basis will stimulate your clairvoyant capacity.

If you’re interested in developing clairvoyance, here’s an exercise I give my private mentoring students to stimulate their ability to visualize:

1. Go around the house and collect ten small items. For example; an apple, a banana; a stapler; a calculator; a paperweight; a camera…..etc.

2. Go someplace you won’t be disturbed. Look at each of the ten items you collected very closely. Inspect them from all angles. Gaze at each one and try to commit it to memory.

3. Now begin to go into your mediation. When you are really relaxed and in that “zone,” begin to recall each of the 10 items you brought into the room with you.

4. Allow at least 1/2 hour for this exercise. See how much detail you can see on each item. In your mind’s eye rotate the item so that you are now seeing it from every angle.

5. It’s okay if you can’t recall all ten items. Open your eyes briefly and glimpse the items you forgot and then go right back to your exercise. Use the same 10 items until you’ve mastered seeing them. Then choose 10 new items and repeat this exercise.

Developing clairvoyance takes concentration, focus and practice like anything else. This is only the beginning. There are other more complex exercises to develop clairvoyance that I use as well.

I hope I’ve given you a better understanding of what clairvoyance is. Please feel free to ask any questions about it in the comments.

Have you ever had an experience with clairvoyance? What was it like and what did you see? Share it with us or ask any questions about it that you have.

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