Do you know the signs of someone who’s not in sync with their intuition?

Are you, or is someone you know too focused on other people’s business?

Do you know someone who’s always pushing their unsolicited advice on everyone?

Or, a person who must always brag about what they did for others, or how they know better than anyone else?

Or a person who constantly snipes at and gossips about people behind their backs?

These are classic signs of a person who is not in touch with their own inner guidance, or intuition.

People who aren’t in sync with their intuition focus on other people’s lives

They do this to distract them from their own low self-esteem, lack of accomplishment or boredom with their own lives. When we gossip about, or pay more attention to the problems of others, or focus on people who are in more unfortunate circumstances and try to “fix” them, it’s to distract us from looking at our own lives.

Take a good hard look at yourself

When you’re in touch with your intuition, which is really your own inner guidance system, you focus on what’s needed to make your own life a success, rather than on fixing others. You’re open to dealing with your own unconscious blockages, or personality flaws or behaviors that need attention and, most importantly rather than make excuses, you take action.

Insecurity and lack of confidence blocks inner guidance

The person who distracts themselves with others’ lives has put up a wall to block their intuition from coming through. Usually this person feels very inadequate and has many fears. Facing themselves and dealing with their own problems is the scariest prospect of all. It makes them feel better about themselves to be so “helpful” to others. The “busyness” keeps them from connecting to their intuition and facing their problems.

We can shut out our intuition if we choose to

A while ago I gave a reading to a woman who was having trouble with a neighbor. The neighbor was spreading rumors about this woman for no apparent reason. The neighbor was in an unhappy marriage. It appeared that the neighbor was deflecting attention from her own problems by spreading rumors about my client.

Of course, not everyone who’s unhappy with their lives goes around starting rumors about others. The fact is though, when we turn our attention outward to this obsessive degree, we do it so that we will no longer “hear” what our inner guidance is trying to tell us.

We don’t want to “know” what we probably already know at a gut level. In the case of the gossipy neighbor, she might not want to “know” that her marriage is in trouble. If she starts tuning back into herself she might hear this truth – and not be able to or want to deal with it.

To get back in touch with your intuition – get back in touch with yourself

Whether it’s us,  or people we know who are distracting themselves with other people’s lives  – the only solution is to dig deep and face the fears we’ve buried . The confidence that comes from dealing with and facing our buried problems bolsters self-esteem and sets the groundwork for overcoming other challenges.

To unplug your intuitive ear tune-in to what’s blocking you from focusing on your own life with these 3 simple steps:

1. Give yourself a directive to have dream that will show you what’s holding you back. Set an intention every evening to have this dream until you do. Make sure to record it immediately. See what unconscious blockages spring to mind when looking over the dream. Always go with your first impression.

2. Find a quiet place in your home where you can focus on your dream. Close your eyes for 5 to 15 minutes and ask your intuition to give you a solution as to how to overcome the blockage revealed in your dream.

3. While in this meditative state take out your journal and answer this question: Why am I afraid to concentrate on me? Begin writing and don’t sensor yourself. The biggest obstacle to jump-starting intuition is not listening to your own truth. When you stifle who you are you shut down your intuition.

Have you come across people like this? Have you ever focused on others to avoid dealing with your own issues? What did you do to overcome this?

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