The phrases “good energy” and “bad energy” were once considered the exclusive lingo of “new age” enthusiasts.

This is a guest post by Tisha Morris for Powered by Intuition.

Now I hear these phrases used by mainstream media, at the mall, and, well, even by my mom. Now we often refer to energy as “high” or “low,” which is scientifically more accurate.

For example, you may refer to a place as being high energy, such as Sedona or even your local holistic grocery. We often refer to certain thoughts as being high energy, such as love and gratitude.

Simply put, the higher our personal vibration is, the better we feelphysically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. It is the dense, or slow, energies that make us feel bad emotionally and physically.

Dense energy can show up in our body in the form of disease or in our emotional system in the form of depression, anxiety, etc. Negative thoughts, repressed emotions, and stagnation are all examples of dense, heavy, or slow energies.

We each have our own personal vibration, or rate of frequency, and attract like frequencies to us. Our personal vibration can vary depending on the people we are around, foods or anything else we take in, current thoughts and feelings, and even the city we live in.

 Another major factor that that dramatically impacts our personal vibration is our home.

Our home is the place we should find the most comfort from the rest of the world. It should be your high energy refuge – the place to recharge your batteries. Unfortunately, however, for many of us it is an energy drainer.  In fact, in Dr. Wayne Dyer’s The Power of Intention, he says that we can all “deliberately raise our energy level” by “being cognizant of your immediate environment,” which includes becoming “aware of the energy levels in your home environment.”

Here are some suggestions on how to raise your personal energy by raising the vibration of your home:

  • Clear Clutter. This is the first and most important way to raise the energy in your home. Why? Clutter is stagnation and stagnation is dense, slow energy. Remove any items that you no longer use, want, or love. This will immediately raise your vibration and make you feel better. 100% guaranteed!
  • Remove or Add Artwork. The images on your walls are energy. Take an objective look at the pictures on your wall. Make sure that when you look at each picture, it makes you feel good. Does it evoke good or bad memories, positive or negative meanings. This also applies to photographs around your home. Are they energy enhancers or drainers?
  • Furniture Arrangement. Is there a natural flow in your home, or do you find yourself bumping into furniture going from one room to another? Energy should be able to meander through your home to avoid stagnation. Oftentimes, we have too many pieces (or too big) of furniture for a space. This can clog up a space and even result in a constriction of our breathing. See if there is a better arrangement of furniture, or if there are any pieces that are unnecessary. If unsure, consult a feng shui practitioner.
  • TV and electronic equipment. Having the TV “on” can dramatically reduce the vibration of a space. Be conscious of when and what you watch on TV. Notice how you feel when the TV is on versus when it is off. TVs and electronics can also affect the frequency of a space even when they are “off.” Fortunately, electronics are becoming more efficient in the amount of electromagnetic energy they emit, but nevertheless can negatively impact the frequency of a space.
  •  Colors. Just as you learned in 9th grade science, colors have a frequency… remember ROYGBIV? Colors in a space dramatically affect how you feel. There are hundreds of color therapy and design books written on this topic to consult. Otherwise, notice in your home if there is a room that doesn’t feel good to you.  Hint: the room you never go into.  A new coat of paint can do wonders!
  • Create a Sacred Space. While your entire home should feel like a sacred space, it is important to designate a space, whether it is a corner or an entire room, as your sacred space or personal sanctuary. This space can be used for meditation, reading, praying, yoga, or any other activity that inspires you. This is the space that you go to when you really want to recharge your batteries and raise your vibration. Refer to my book – Feng Shui Your Life – for specifics on how to set up your sacred space.
  • Clean and Clear Your Home. It is important to periodically clean your home. This may sound obvious, but it all too often gets overlooked. Cleaning your home of dirt, dust, and cobwebs will make your home feel so much better thereby raising your personal vibration.

Equally important is to energetically clear your home. The energy in your home carries its own rate of vibration which can be lowered or raised depending on the circumstances in your home, such as those listed here. By energetically clearing your home, you break up the dense, stagnant energies that are lurking around which raises your home’s frequency. And as your home’s energy is raised so will yours!

There are a number of ways to clear your home, such as sage smudging, smudge spray, bells and other sounds, and intention.

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Tisha Morris is a feng shui expert, life coach, and the author of Feng Shui Your Life. For more information, visit

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