Separating an intuitive flash from the din of thoughts echoing through the mind can be nearly impossible at times – like trying to scoop the salt out of sea water.

The only way to learn how to pick out your intuition from your other thoughts is through practice and experience – the more of both the better.

Intuition is my “golf game”

Intuition development has been my passion since I was 11 years old. I never tire of speaking, writing or learning about it.

I’m delighted to answer questions because there is always more to say on this topic.

The article, How to Tell The Difference Between Intuition And Your Thoughts brought up a lot more questions on this topic. It answered a lot too but, I couldn’t leave any reader hanging – so here are more of your questions answered.

Intuition and the Law of Attraction

If you make a huge issue of not being able to differentiate between the rational mind/ego voice and the voice of your intuition you’ll get stuck on what you think you can’t do.

The law of attraction applies to intuition development as much as it applies to anything else in life. You must focus on what’s going right with your intuition and focus on developing more confidence and faith in it and yourself first.

When you feel good about yourself you’ll get the answers more easily. If you berate yourself and wonder why you can’t differentiate between the two all the time you’ll only attract more of that befuddled state of mind.

Get calm, get relaxed, get detached

Do something else for a while. Enjoy your life and see how much of it is going right. When the answers won’t come don’t “try” so hard. Let go of trying to make something happen and you’ll return to a more neutral state of mind where you will then hear your intuition.

‘Trying’ doesn’t work with Intuition

When you “try” over and over and get frustrated you block your psychic ears from hearing.

Think of the phrase, “my blood is boiling.” Now see a cartoon figure with smoke coming out of the cartoon figure’s ears. This is what’s happening to you when you keep trying and getting frustrated. You can’t “hear” anything! Relax. Do something else and forget about it for a while.

Develop an attitude of, “If the answer comes to me fine. If it doesn’t I know I’ll be okay.” Let go and detach.

Intuition is not magical

Say, you want to buy a new car and you’ve identified the car you want and now you’re visualizing owning it but, you get the feeling you shouldn’t buy now. Asking your intuition same question over and over will not change a thing. The gut feeling you got when you first asked is not going to go away.

Use intuition and logic together to get a proper answer

Let’s say you’ve continued asking your intuition for an answer anyway, as to whether you should buy this car and now you keep getting conflicting answers. You’ve become completely confused and don’t know what to do due to the different answers you’re getting.

The confusion and conflicting answers are a ‘sign’ that you probably already know the answer but, don’t want to “hear it.”

What you should do next

Look at your finances realistically. If you realize that it’s not the right time to take on more debt due to some other upcoming expenditures – then this is why you keep getting conflicting answers. Perhaps you have a inkling you may be laid off but, there’s nothing conclusive yet – don’t ignore you’re intuition.

Maybe you’re just being impatient and want that shiny new car now, when it would make more sense to save up a larger down payment so your payments would be smaller. There can be me a million reasons why your intuition is saying, ‘no’ when you want to hear, ‘yes.’ If you relax and go within you will find that you know why too.

Why you create conflicting answers

You’re mixing-up intuitive signals (which are feelings) not to buy now with thoughts pertaining to your desire to have a new car now. Each time you ask you keep getting a suspicion or a ‘feeling’ that you shouldn’t be buying along with a ‘thought’ that you should buy – and this is why you keep asking over and over. You believe the answer isn’t clear when in fact it is. It’s your ego’s desire to have the new car now that is the problem. Go with your gut – always.

The conflict is not really that you keep getting conflicting answers but that you are ignoring your feelings about the answer you’re getting. Does this make more sense now?

Each situation will be different for every person but, remember constant conflicting answers indicate that you’re trying to get the answer you want to hear rather than listening to the answer  you got.

I hope this helps clarify things further for you.

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