Intuition development is speeding up. Do you have a desire to develop your intuition?

Do you sometimes get feelings about people’s character or emotional state?

If so, you are part of a growing number of individuals whose intuitive abilities are opening up at this time.

Humans are evolving and our consciousness is expanding as we enter a new era in our collective history.

This new era, which is being referred to as ‘The Intuition Age,’ is one in which humankind will begin to open to spiritual energies en masse. We will see more and more people developing an awareness of the psychic and spirit realms at this time than ever before.

In the last few years, the energy of this new age has already begun waking up those who are sensitive to vibrations. It’s hard not to notice that an increased awareness of the topics of meditation, psychic and intuitive development and mediumship has infiltrated society.

Not long ago, only a small segment of the population was interested in these subjects but, these topics are now becoming main stream. It’s as if someone switched a light on and those who were in the dark are “seeing” for the first time, the spiritual landscape that has surrounded them all their lives.

As more people become aware of their connection to the spiritual realms a huge shift in consciousness will take place.

The higher vibration of our collective consciousness will quicken the vibration of those who have yet to open up to spirit and speed up the process of their awakening. This en masse spiritual awakening heralds a change away from the aggression and violence we accept as normal in our society today to a culture of greater understanding and compassion.

The reason our culture will change is because the process of opening up psychically and intuitively is also the beginning of a process of spiritual growth and development. People who are initially drawn to develop psychically will realize years later that the process led them to open to their true spiritual natures.

We are being drawn to develop our intuition at this time to receive direct guidance from the Universe.

Intuition is the language the Universe uses to communicate and guide us. We must learn to listen for this guidance so that we will hear the instructions the Universe is sending us about how we can each play a role in healing the Earth, be of loving service to the world and find and follow our true path in life.

If the intuitive centers open too quickly you may find yourself overwhelmed at the outset.

It’s one thing to unfold to intuitive development slowly and naturally over a lifetime but, to open up suddenly can be a shock to the system. Suddenly becoming clairvoyant and “seeing” things or “knowing” things you couldn’t possibly have known before or “hearing” guidance if you’ve never had this happen before can be upsetting and frightening.

There is also the possibility of misusing these abilities.

It’s very important to have been working on your spiritual growth previously so that you are able to keep your ego from taking over when you suddenly find yourself a psychic receiver of information about the people and situations around you.

If the ego takes over and sends you on a “power trip” not only will you be misusing these abilities but, you will also amass a great deal of Karma that will have to be repaid at some point, whether in this life or another.

Learning to live in balance with these new abilities in order to remain humble and an open channel for spirit to flow through in order to be of loving service to mankind is vital. You need to prepare yourself for what will be happening to you ahead of time so you aren’t knocked off your equilibrium when the process begins.

Begin practicing these five steps now to avoid being overwhelmed and losing control to the ego when the speedy development of your intuition occurs.

1. Start meditating. Make it a habit and practice every day. Prepare yourself for the added stress of dealing with the coming changes by learning to meditate. Focus on being a channel for the Universe to flow through in order to direct you to how to share your gifts to help mankind.

2. Learn to connect with your guides. Knowing how to tune into the energy of your guides now will help you when you are undergoing changes and need some stability. It’s much easier to hear the guidance of the Universe when you’ve developed a rapport with your guides. These spiritual helpers are dedicated to assisting you with your spiritual growth.

3. Begin your intuitive training now. Learn how to discern the intuition’s voice from the voice of your ego. It’s sometimes very hard to know the difference between the voice of your ego and intuition. Practice now before you’re in a bind and need a quick answer. The ego can be quite a trickster and convince you that it’s okay to use these abilities in order to appropriate power. Avoid this by learning to know the difference in the two voices.

4. Pay attention for signs. Signs are everywhere if we only learn to expect them and look for them. You can even ask for signs to be sent to you to help verify that you’re on the right path in life. Once your intuition is heightened you’ll want to know what you should be doing with it to be of loving service to the world. Signs are an excellent way to learn which direction to follow.

5. Make an effort to remember your dreams. Dreams are the simplest way to receive intuitive guidance. You can ask a question before bed and program your dream to answer it. If you set the expectation that you will get an answer and that you will remember you dream – you will.

Learn to hear this guidance and you will never feel lost, overwhelmed or end up accidentally misusing these abilities.

Our intuition is here to guide us so that we gain the right earthly experiences by being of service while we are in our current incarnation.

Have you become aware of a desire to develop your intuition recently? Have you begun getting feelings or sensing things about people and situations? How do you see yourself using these abilities to be of service your fellow man?

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