Happy Independence Day!

I love all the fireworks and gatherings on 4th of July weekend. I wonder though, do any of us ever stop to think about the genius behind this great document called The Declaration of Independence?

The genius of this document stands the test of time

The Declaration of Independence listed the reasons why the colonies wanted their independence from British rule and included an affirmation of “certain unalienable rights.” Over time the “unalienable rights” quote has become the most well known part of The Declaration of Independence.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

This sentence is one of the most famous assertions of human rights and most often quoted sentence in all of American history.

It’s also the basis for most of the freedoms we enjoy. It  has been quoted in  speeches by great individuals from President Abraham Lincoln to Dr. Martin Luther King to President Barack Obama.

This assertion has done more to shape and guide our nation than many other political principles combined. It’s been a moral compass for not just America but, many political arenas around the world as well.

As I celebrate the birthday of the US, I’m very grateful to the genius of our founding fathers for including this affirmation of our “inalienable rights” in the Declaration of Independence. Without it, I might be persecuted and punished for teaching the principles of developing and using intuition. Had this sentence been left out of The Declaration of Independence we might be living in an entirely different America or different world, for that matter.

Who would we be without this endorsement of our god given equality?

And, who would we be without the unalienable right and liberty to pursue happiness and our individual passions in this life?

This sentence about our “inalienable rights” is firmly planted in the psyche of all Americans. It is the life blood of our citizenry and it is the genius of our founding fathers that planted it there. This one sentence has made us who we are as a people.

It is the sentence that Abolitionists based their fight against slavery upon.

It is this sentence that President Lincoln based his candidacy upon.

It is this sentence that Dr. King quoted when he asked that America deliver on her promise that all men are created equal.

It led to the end of slavery, women getting the vote, the civil rights bill, rights for the disabled, anti-discrimination laws, sexual harassment laws, the marriage equality act in New York and many other protections for segments of the population.

And, it is this sentence that will no doubt play a role in shaping our nation for many years to come – god willing.

I’m overjoyed to celebrate Independence Day and to live in a country where the pursuit of happiness is a right I enjoy – no matter what that pursuit is.

Happy Birthday America and thank you founding fathers for the gift of your genius that still guides us today and allows us – all of us – to pursue our individual dreams.

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