When you overcome fear you’ll find you’re on the right path and living up to your fullest potential.

How many people stay on the wrong path their whole lives out of fear and die with their “song still in them?”

What a tragedy to have so much potential and possibility to make a positive contribution to the world, and to not do it.

By holding back from doing the things that “make your heart sing,” you not only deprive yourself of a necessary growth experience but, you also deprive the world of your talents, abilities and accomplishments. What you don’t realize is that your accomplishment might be necessary to the world. It might be the catalyst for change and improvements that are vital to the future of human beings but, by holding back out of fear you are changing the course of history.

Have you ever heard of “The Butterfly Effect?”

The term “butterfly effect” was coined by a meteorologist, and was the title to a speech he gave: “Does the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil set off a tornado in Texas?” The term is now used to describe how even the tiniest of actions of any living creature can set off a chain of events that leads to specific outcomes which can potentially affect the world. When you hold back, out of fear, from following your heart and pursuing a new and exciting path in your life you are potentially withholding a much needed solution or change from the world.

The world needs and is depending on you

You may think, ‘I’m just a stay at home mom, what am I doing that has an impact upon the world?’ Or, ‘I’m a graphic artist for a publication, that doesn’t affect the world.’ I could list dozens, even hundreds of examples here and the answer would be the same: No matter how removed from the world stage your life is, what you do is of vital importance. The stay at home mom could be raising the future leader of a nation or might end up running for office herself one day. The graphic artist could illustrate a concept in such a way that it changes the way we think about an entire classification or system of thought  about something humans have been doing. You just never know – and that’s the point.

You must live up to your full potential

When you live up to your full potential you work hard to wring every ounce of talent and ability out of yourself and share it during the course of creating your life. You don’t hold back out of fear. If you make a mistake during the process you pick yourself up and focus on fixing it and trying again. It is in the act of sharing ourselves with others that we come into our own “greatness.”

When we are all fired up over something and motivated to accomplish it we become more than we were before and in becoming more, we elevate our consciousness to the level of a visionary. We become more capable than we previously thought; we become more able to deal with challenges and adaptable to change; we become more solution oriented; we become better at seeing the big picture and what a tremendously positive effect it will have in the world.

Why were you were born?

Every person has within them “seeds of greatness” which contain the full potential they were born to express. Think of an acorn containing within it the full potential to someday become a mighty oak tree. This is the same potential that is in each and everyone of us. Who among us has not experienced that longing to be more or that inner voice compelling them to move forward into unknown territory to try something new? This is the voice of our intuition speaking and trying to get us to “remember” our soul’s mission which is our reason for living, and to activate our seeds of greatness.

When we fear the unknown so much that we refuse to carry out the mission we were born for, the seeds of greatness within dry up and become hardened pebbles. With each step we take those “pebbles” remind us of the path not taken, just as surely as we are aware of the tiniest pebble when it gets into our shoe. Even if we choose to ignore our seeds of greatness they’ll never disappear entirely. We will live out our days feeling unfulfilled and wonder “what if?” until we leave this world.

Nurturing your seeds of greatness

The way to become more and live up to the greatness within is to overcome your fears. To overcome your fears you need to replace your current system of thought. A system of thought is merely an ingrained pattern of how you’ve been interpreting information. To change your system of thought and overcome the fears that are blocking you from reaching your full potential you need to stop seeing the world as a scary place and begin seeing it as a supportive learning environment that is open to experimentation.

To nurture your seeds of greatness and give them the best environment to grow a strong root system and sprout you must let go of “either – or” thinking. In other words, either you’re a success or you’re not; you’re either right or you’re wrong; you either did everything perfectly or you just blew it so, what the hell, let’s trash the whole darn thing! Either or thinking implies that you’re thinking is based upon fear because you see everything as either “good or bad.”

The world is your laboratory

Change your system of thought to one that is conducive to your growth rather than adhering to one that constrains it. If you approach your life as one large experiment and view the world as your “laboratory” you’ll plant your seeds of greatness in an environment that nurtures their growth. If you think that bad things will happen to you if you make one mistake you prevent your seeds of greatness from taking root. Think of yourself as a scientist and each of your endeavors as an experiment.

What does a scientist do when an experiment doesn’t pan out as he or she thought it would? She make notes, studies what she did, then adjusts her hypothesis accordingly and tries again. A scientist doesn’t throw up her hands and walk away when one experiment doesn’t go as expected, and neither should you. Cultivating greatness takes time, a willingness to take risk, a mind-set of experimentation and curiosity and patience and perseverance.

Change your thinking.

This is the answer to every problem under the sun. When you change your thinking you will change your life. By changing how you perceive the world you change the trajectory of the path you’re on. This is the entire premise behind “A Course in Miracles” and behind the entire New Thought movement.

The Universe, as we see it, is what it is because we, each and everyone of us, is collectively “thinking it” into being what we see! Science is now beginning to catch up with ancient beliefs that the Universe is actually “a field of consciousness,” which is entirely malleable and responds to our every thought. This means your reality can change in the blink of an eye once you change your thoughts.

Choose now to see the world as your playground – not your prison. The only prison guards keeping you from achieving your greatness are your own beliefs and fearful thoughts.

Choose now to see the truth that the Universe is behind  you 100 percent and that you are supported in everything you set out to do.

Choose now to give your dreams a chance and to activate your seeds of greatness within.

See the truth that there is a river of consciousness and possibility running beneath the current rigid thought system in the world and all you need to do is become aware of it to find it, and jump in.

Once you do find it, this river of consciousness will carry you through life and take you on an exquisite journey to your destiny, your greatness and full potential.

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Have you been holding yourself back in life? Do you have a dream you’re afraid to follow? What steps will you take to help you break out of the patterns that are holding you back from achieving your greatness?

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