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Can Feng Shui tips increase your wealth and prosperity?

Feng Shui, while relatively new to western society, has been a staple of Eastern tradition for thousands of years. It’s a tool for managing the energies that surround us every minute of every day and that can affect nearly every aspect of our lives. Feng Shui can be used for overall health and well-being and it can also be used to promote certain desirable aspects, such as increasing your prosperity.

A New Definition of Prosperity

First, it’s important to understand that Feng Shui – even when it is used directly – is not a magic formula for bringing you wealth without having to do anything yourself.  Instead, it gives you the support you need in order to effectively bring wealth and prosperity into your life. There are a number of ways that Feng Shui can enhance your prosperity.

Feng Shui Tips for Prosperity

Clear the Clutter

As with any Feng Shui technique – everything works better if your home or place of business is clutter free; your Chi will flow more smoothly.  So don’t be afraid to clean up!

Care for Your Wealth Area

Use a bagua chart to locate the wealth area of your home and make sure that not only is it free from clutter, but that it does not have any negative aspects in it.  Remove any heavy, tall or ponderous furniture or items from your wealth area; the energy in this section needs to be able to move freely and to be able to flow without interruption.

You will also need to make sure that your wealth area can keep and hold the wealth that comes in.  To this extent, the wind should not be coming from open windows or doors in this area as that it encourages the wealth and prosperity to flow out of the home or space.

There are a few ‘fixes’ you can place in your wealth area to encourage the free flow of energy:

Add Some Wind. A fan (blowing outwards from the corner) can encourage the free-flow of Chi and encourage prosperity to flow into your home.

Shed Some Light.  Put an up-lit light in your wealth-corner to attract wealth.  Put a down-lit light in order to shed light on a monetary problem or issue.

Add a Feng Shui Aquarium. A Feng Shui Aquarium will attract wealth and prosperity to the wealth area of your home or office space.

Add a Wealth-Attracting Crystal. Citrine and Pyrite are both crystals that are known for attracting wealth and prosperity.

More than anything, you need to remain aware of how your wealth area feels to you.  Visit it often and note how the energy in that area feels.  Many times problems can be pre-empted if you can train yourself to be aware of what seems to be wrong or missing.

Regardless, with a little insight and attention, you will soon find that prosperity will be no longer be a stranger, but a cherished friend who has made himself at home in your life.

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