We are always being guided by our intuition – whether we realize it or not.

Many people say they don’t “hear” their intuition and ask what to do about it.

After speaking with them I usually find that they misunderstood what “hearing” their intuition means.

They’re waiting for their intuition to come through loud and clear like someone speaking on a bullhorn, but it just doesn’t happen that way.

A few years ago I read this story in an email:

A man was trapped in his house during a flood. He prayed to God to save him. A few minutes later paramedics came by in a row boat to take him to safety. He refused to go and said that God would save him.

A couple hours later the water had reached the second floor of his home. The police rescue unit came by in power boat and tried to get him to come with them, but he refused. He said he was waiting for God to save him.

Not long afterward, the man was on the roof of his house hanging onto the chimney when the Fire rescue helicopter came to air-lift him to safety. The man refused stating again, that he was waiting for God to rescue him.

An hour later – the man drowned and found himself in heaven. He asked, “God, why did you not save me?”

God replied, “I tried several times, but you refused the help I sent!”

Often our intuition works in the same way.

The answers we seek come through others or “signs,” that we completely overlook.

For example, say you want to know if you should move in with the person you’ve been seeing. You have mixed feelings for a number of reasons. Some of your friends or family members think it would be okay, and others don’t. You feel unsettled and decide to stall about making this decision for a few days.

During the week you go to your local coffee shop and are sitting there having coffee and reading the paper when a snippet of conversation from two people at the table next to you is suddenly “amplified.” They’re discussing a person that sounds very similar to the one you’re seeing. The person they discuss has been found to be a con artist that bilks his/her victims out of money after they start dating.

You have an “A-ha moment” and realize that you need to know more about this person before you get into a more serious relationship.

While the person you’re seeing might not be a con-artist – the conversation you overheard helped you make a decision. You’ve decided you’re not going to move in with this person until you feel completely certain that you know more about their background first. After coming to this conclusion that “unsettled” feeling you had dissipates.

This was a “sign” and direct “nudge” from your intuition.

Signs can come from anywhere – you just have to be open to them.

Signs can come from overhearing a conversation as in the example I used, or from hearing something on the radio, the television news, a television program, from a magazine, newspaper, or blog article, or even from a billboard. The list is endless.

You can ask for signs directly

Once you know that “signs” are a perfectly valid way of getting answers you can ask for them directly. While you’re in meditation or relaxing just prior to sleep, give yourself a directive that you are open to receiving intuitive guidance via signs for your problem. Tell yourself that you will receive the answer you seek within 72 hours. Repeat this directive daily until you get your “sign.”

Signs can be specific

You can also make the directive for a “sign” more specific. Tell yourself that if you are to follow through on your original prompt to handle a situation in a certain manner you will come across a coin, or red rose, or hear a certain word that relates to your subject of inquiry. You must decide ahead of time what the “sign” is going to be.

I take walks most every day. I give myself the directive that if I’m supposed to do something in particular I have in mind, that I will find a coin during one of my walks in the next 72 hours.

Coins from heaven

I recently had a question about my life that I wanted further guidance on. As per my usual routine I asked for a coin during my walk on a Friday morning. I went on my walk but came home with out finding a coin.

Saturday I did a reading for a woman. Part of the reading centered upon someone who immigrated from mainland China.

To be frank, after the reading I was rather stunned at the information that came through. It felt as if I had opened up to another level of clairvoyant ability.

Monday I was preparing to leave for work and my briefcase fell off my desk. Luckily it was empty as I hadn’t put my laptop in yet. I picked it up and put in my laptop and raced off to work. When I arrived at my office a half hour later I reached in to my briefcase and took out my laptop. I noticed there was a shiny gold object at the bottom of the briefcase.

The shiny object turned out to be a coin – but not just any coin. It was a gold Chinese coin minted in May 2010. The coin was a 5 Wu Jiao piece with a lotus on one side. It is the official currency used in The People’s Republic of China!

Is it a miracle?

I haven’t a clue how the coin got in my briefcase. It certainly wasn’t there when my briefcase fell over – as the coin would have fallen out.

I also don’t know anyone from mainland China – and I have never seen this coin before in my life.

I do know that this was the “sign” I was seeking though.

What was my question?

I asked: Should I become more open about my psychic and mediumship abilities?

I’ve kept my abilities in the “closet” for most of my life. I feared that I wouldn’t be taken “seriously” in the financial industry where I’ve had a 25 year career.

Be confident about the “sign” when you receive it.

Had the coin been a US coin or perhaps even a Canadian coin, I wouldn’t have thought anything of it, but being that it was  from such a far off place it promptly caught my attention. The coin was also directly related to my last reading. I believe it was validating my experience.

A “sign” is a terrible thing to waste.

Don’t discount signs as a way to receive intuitive guidance. Signs can and do come from anywhere as my little story illustrates. Be open to receive them and you will. Set up your expectation to receive them and give it a definite time period for them to materialize.

Have you ever received a “sign?” How did it manifest? What course of action did it prompt you to take?

As always – if you have questions about this article leave them in the comments section and I’ll be happy to address them. If you enjoyed this post please support my work by subscribing and by sharing on Twitter and Facebook. Thanks!

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