Twenty people sit in a darkened room.

They are waiting for proof that there is life after death.

I am one of those twenty.

Do you believe there is life after death?

I’ve always believed that our consciousness survived death, but like most people I had doubts. I wanted proof that life after death was not just a fanciful notion that made me feel better about losing loved ones. When the chance arose to attend a physical mediumship sitting I accepted without hesitation.

Physical mediums of The Yellow Cloud Circle, Tom Morris and Kevin Lawrenson of Mont Cabirol, France arrived in New York to share their gifts of physical mediumship with us through six seances. I was lucky enough to attend two sittings that were astounding.

What is physical mediumship?

Physical mediumship, as opposed to mental mediumship, is the ability to provide physical evidence that can be seen and heard by onlookers that our conscious survives physical death. Mental mediumship is the ability to provide evidential information to a group or individual that we survive death. A mental medium will receive information telepathically from the deceased and pass this information on to someone, while physical mediums have the ability to allow the deceased to produce physical effects that can be heard and seen by witnesses.

Sitting for a seance

While I attended two sittings, one April 30 and another on May 5, I’ll describe them here as if they were one for the sake of brevity. The room that was used for the seance was kindly donated by the owner of Subtle Energies, a holistic health center in beautiful upstate NY. The room would allow for a maximum of twenty people per sitting.

In the front of the room was the medium’s “cabinet.” The cabinet is a simple ply-wood structure similar to a closet that is open at the top and in the front. Inside the cabinet was a comfortable armchair for the medium to sit on during the seance.

The front opening of the cabinet has a metal curtain rod at the top with a curtain that is pulled to enclose the opening. Tom Morris, the medium sits inside where the energy he emits builds-up and can then used by the discarnate personality to create the physical effects which are witnessed by the people attending the seance, called “sitters.”

Inside the cabinet was a crate containing ping pong balls and other small objects. To the right of the cabinet was a small pedestal table, and on the left was a small snare drum with two drumsticks upon it, a tambourine, as well as two cardboard trumpets that resembled megaphones. Strips of illuminated tape were fastened to each of these items so that we could see them if they moved in the dark.

On the floor directly in front of the cabinet was another piece of ply-wood about 4 by 4 feet. The plywood would allow us to hear the footfalls of the spirits. Arranged in a semi-circle around the cabinet were folding chairs for all the sitters. At the right of the cabinet was a small table with an iPod hooked up to a speaker for playing music and for recording the seance next to which Kevin Lawrenson sat. Kevin’s chair was the last one in the semi-circle on the right side of the room.  I sat in directly across from the medium’s cabinet about 12 feet away.

We were asked to leave all our personal items in our cars and bring only our car keys which were collected and left at the back of the room. We also had to take off our shoes and leave them in the back of the room as well. No cellphones or electronic devices of any kind were allowed in the room. We were encouraged to inspect the cabinet inside and out to our satisfaction before the seance began. The room was completely blacked-out. Heavy canvas was placed over the front window and window in the door and then taped around the edges to make sure no light could enter the room.

After we all took our seats Tom entered the cabinet and was cable tied to the chair. Plastic ties similar to those used by police were used to tightly fasten Tom’s arms to each arm rest and his feet to each of the front legs of the chair. One of the sitters closest to the cabinet was invited to go up and inspect the ties. He pulled on them and reported that Tom was securely fastened to the chair. The lights were turned off and the room became completely dark. Kevin played some music while we waited for things to start happening.

A voice in the dark

When the music stopped the room was completely still as all the sitters waited in anticipation of what would come next. Lights twinkled a few feet above the cabinet near the ceiling and then stopped. Tom had entered a deep state some would call a trance and his breathing was quite loud. Then a raspy man’s voice began speaking. The voice, with a clearly Scottish accent, belonged to John Campbell Sloan, Tom and Kevin’s main contact and gatekeeper for their work in the Spirit world. After John introduced himself he took questions from the sitters.

Physical mediumship is important work

There are very few physical mediumship circles in the world and when you have the opportunity to sit with one the questions you are to ask are not to be of a personal nature. The purpose of this type of mediumship is to learn more about life after death, and to get information from Spirit that can be used to help mankind. The sitters asked some fascinating questions some of which pertained to earth changes, 2012, formal religion, vegetarianism, and the law of attraction. (You can listen to the entire seance on Tom and Kevin’s site:

Several times during the question and answer period John asked that we check the medium.The sitter who’d checked prior to the lights going off was given a small flashlight and he got up and pulled the curtain on the medium. Shining the light on Tom we could all see that he was still securely fastened to his chair. The first time the sitter checked he noted that Tom’s cardigan had been reversed. The sweater had been taken off of him and put back on with the buttons going down his back!

After the question and answer period which lasted for at least an hour we were told to think of a loved one on the other side that we might like to see.


Transfiguration is when Spirit overlays their image over the face of the medium.

A small flashlight was set up outside the medium’s cabinet to illuminate Tom’s face. We were allowed to move up and sit on the floor directly in front of Tom who was still in trance so that we could watch his face. Within a few seconds Tom’s face began to change rapidly. I saw many, many faces, older men, young men, Asian faces, and then I saw my father’s face! He was wearing one of his beloved baseball caps and smiled at me. I saw him again a few moments later when he appeared without the cap and looked right at me. It was magical and wonderful to see him.

Everyone who sat close enough was able to see Tom’s face change.

Raising our vibrations

After the transfiguration period John Sloan said goodbye to us. His associate, Irene Simms, came through next. Irene was a boisterous character whose main function was to keep the energy of the sitters up so that this energy would contribute to creating the physical effects of the evening. Irene asked for some lively music. We could hear her singing and heard her dancing on the plywood. While she danced the drum and tambourine played and at the same time the trumpets were making figure eights in the air. The table also flew about on its own. Irene also briefly showed us her hand by placing it front of a square object that had been covered in illuminated tape.

You could feel the floor shaking as Irene jumped up and down to the music and enthusiastically let out a few screams of delight, “Woo!” Her voice came from different locations in the front of the room so it was apparent that she was moving around. Suddenly, ping pong balls began flying all over the room too. I was hit with several. During this time a bell was ringing followed by the piercing sounds of a slide whistle. Someone to my left yelled out that a sweater had landed in their lap.

Checking the medium

Another check of the medium was performed. Tom had been moved to the center of the plywood outside the cabinet and it was noted that he was now missing his sweater entirely.

After Irene got us all revved up with her dancing she answered some questions and then she took her leave too.

There is no bigotry in the afterlife

Another spirit came through briefly. His name was Phil Starr and his voice was completely different from John or Irene’s. His voice was quite powerful and loud. He told us he had been a drag artist while he was alive. He was quite funny and jokingly put the moves on one of the male sitters. He wanted to make it clear that homosexuals are not precluded from entering the afterlife as some people would have you believe.

The finale

John Sloane returned and asked for some music. Kevin played some Freddie Mercury songs followed by some John Lennon songs. Some of the sitters up toward the front said that someone was standing in front of them singing during John Lennon’s song “Imagine” and that it sounded like John Lennon himself.

I was too far and didn’t hear it myself much to my dismay.

John reminded us that it was important to share this experience and the knowledge that we survive physical death with as many people as were willing to listen. If more people knew that “death” was only the beginning of another life perhaps we would be less inclined to violence and wars. After this John Sloan bid us goodnight and after a few moments the lights were turned back on.

Kevin cut the ties off Tom so that he could get out of the chair.

It had been an amazing evening.

Questions about the mechanics

Afterward I asked Kevin why the seance room had to be so dark and he explained that light has a negative effect on the spirit’s energy. He said it “sticks to them like your tongue sticks to an ice cube making it hard for them to move freely.”

I also asked why the spirits didn’t move too far away from the front of the room. Apparently, they do move all over in their own seance room in France where the energy has been stored over several years. While they are away from home they stay closer to the “source” of their energy because if they move too far they lose connection to the power/medium.

Have you ever attended a seance of physical mediumship? Would you attend if you had the chance? How do you think witnessing something like this might affect you? Would it help you to believe in the afterlife?

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