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A few months ago I wrote an article about how frustrated I was with blogging.

You never realize when you start blogging how much work it’s going to be.

The frustration I talked about in my article was that blogging left me no time for anything else.

One of the main objectives for starting my blog was to connect with readers while writing a book.

I also wanted to teach readers to develop their intuition and share my years of experience with intuition, which I did, but somehow the main objective of writing my book got cast aside.

Earlier this year I was frustrated and frantic. I went as far as to contemplate closing down Powered by Intuition to make time for writing my book when I got an email in my inbox from Tom Bird that changed everything.

Tom Bird offers a writer’s retreat where he guarantees that you’ll write your book in 5 days.

I’d been on Tom’s email list for about three years and had listened to many of his teleseminars, but something had held me back from signing up. I’d held back because I was skeptical. I kept telling myself that I didn’t need a writer’s retreat to write after all I was already a writer, right? Plus, I also thought that five days couldn’t possibly be enough time to write a good book.

My intuition kicked in and something clicked for me in January.

I made the decision to go to beautiful Sedona, Arizona in March. It had finally dawned on me that I needed help. While I was very disciplined when it came to freelancing and blogging – doing all of that left me little energy to write. I realized I needed the space of five days away from everything to focus on one thing and one thing alone: my book. I decided to do it for me and I’m so glad I did.

Tom puts his years of experience to good use

Tom Bird is not only a great guy, but he has the experience of having written 18 books over the last 30 years to apply to the seminar. He has found a way to put you into a state where you truly connect with “the author within” and get into an amazing state of flow. While in this state your book just streams out of you at a massive rate. On the way to the seminar I was fraught with fears that I might not be able to get into this state, but I soon found out I had nothing to worry about.

Access to a zone where the words just flow

After Tom relaxed us and we got into that special zone the only sound was that of keys clicking on the keyboard – very rapidly. Everyone was writing at phenomenal speeds. It was incredible. The seminar exceeded all my expectations in every way. The clincher for me was when Tom instructed us not to go back and read anything until our books were complete and we began the editing phase. Putting off reading the book until it was finished totally alleviated any doubts I’d had that writing a truly good book had to take longer than 5 days.

The results were no less than astounding

I was blown away when I went back and read what I’d written. My first reaction was that it was good, and my second reaction was the stunning realization that I couldn’t remember writing it! Tom had us in such a deep state that the book felt as if it had been “channeled” through me, instead of written by me. This was by far the most awesome writing experience I’d ever had. I’d connected with this state now and again in my writing life, but never for this length of time and at will. It always seemed to come over me whenever it wanted, not when I commanded it to.

I cannot say enough good things about Tom or his seminar. You simply have to experience it for yourself. The five days just flew by and I left Sedona with the book I’d dreamed of writing for so long. My book, “The Intuition Principle,” should be out soon. I honestly wish the retreat had been longer – maybe I would have written two books. 🙂 I’m now truly a convert to the Tom Bird method.

In any case – Angie’s got her groove back!

I’m going back again to write book number two – maybe I’ll see you there?

Tom also has retreats coming up in Asheville, NC and Hawaii too, so you’re not limited to the Sedona location, but if you’re raring to go there’s still time to get into his June retreat in Sedona.

There’s also a stay at home retreat if you feel you just can’t get away:

Tom’s got something for everyone, so if you have a book in you that you need to give birth to I’d highly recommend that you take one of Tom’s Write Your Book in 5 Days retreats.

If you have questions leave them on the blog and I’ll be glad to answer them. Here’s another article you’ll enjoy reading written by an attendee who was at the retreat with me.

Do you feel that you have a book in you? Have you started writing it yet? How is the process going? If not, what’s holding you back?

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