I will greet the world when I’m perfect and not before.

Day 39 :: Labeled

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I love me. I love me not.

I love me. I love me not.

Can you relate to this?

We all struggle with truly loving ourselves unconditionally.

When we will only love ourselves based on meeting conditions we’ve not really learned the true nature of self love.

Most tenuous relationships with self-love stem from how we were spoken to as a children. If you’re taught that you are only worthy of being loved if you measured up or didn’t disappoint you will hear a negative voice in your head scolding you for the rest of your life until you become conscious of it. Once you identify that voice as the “false copy cat” that it is you can truly begin to work on the relationship of loving yourself.

The first thing to do is realize that you are not that voice.

You are something more, something greater, something bigger, something so awesome that if you were to take the blinders off and really see – it would stun and amaze you.

That self-defeating voice you hear is the small “I” that wags a finger in your face and spouts all kinds of negative self-talk at you. It is not the eternal “I” that you are and always will be.

•When you allow yourself to dream about doing the things you’re passionate about don’t you feel “expansive” and sense that you are larger than this life?

•Don’t you feel that there is a power within you that is greater than you are coming through and buoying you up to new heights?

•Don’t you feel a sense of unbridled joy and excitement streaming out of you?

This is the real you!

This is the true awesome you that the self-defeating voice is suppressing. Can you imagine what your life could be like if you squelched this voice forever? Can you imagine what you would do? Who you would be? How you would live?

You would be thoroughly happy, satisfied and enthusiastic about the possibilities of each and every day. You would know that there is nothing to fear, but fear itself. And, you would become the superhero of your own life!

What would it take to get there?

It’s simple, but not easy. It’s simple because the answer is to stop listening to the “self-defeating” voice until it simply fades away, and it’s not easy because it’s a process requiring commitment, effort and vigilance.

Can you get there?



Become conscious

Make time each day to meditate. Meditation is quieting the mind and observing your thoughts  – not engaging with them. The more you do this the more you will begin to realize that you are not your thoughts and the less power they will have upon you.

Forgive yourself

We all make mistakes. There is not a human walking upon the face of the earth today who hasn’t made a mistake. Tell yourself it’s alright to make mistakes and that if you’d known better – you’d have done better. Learn from your mistakes and move on. Don’t allow the memory to replay in your mind over an over pulling you down.

Be kind to yourself

We all know to “Do Unto Others,” but do we realize we ought to be as kind, gentle and respectful to ourselves as we are taught to be to others? We are the best friend we seek. Until you nurture a truly loving relationship with yourself all other relationships will always disappoint you.

Banish perfection

You are a perfect being of pure light who has chosen to experience life as a human in an earthly body. You are here to learn, therefore you are going to make mistakes. To wait to make a grand entrance into life until you are “perfect” is like saying, “I will not go to Kindergarten until I have my Ph.D.” Take perfection off the table – it is not an option.

Find your strengths

Take an inventory of all your assets. What are you good at? What have others complimented you on? Find the things about you that you’re most proud of whether they be character traits, accomplishments, or deeds and really praise yourself as you would a dear friend who needs their spirits lifted.

Follow your intuition

Learn to trust and follow this guidance and you will be led to share your gifts with those who most need them and would most value them. You will feel so rewarded and blessed to be able to share your gifts and talents that during this process you will discover that you have begun to love yourself.

Give yourself over to life

Feel the pulse of life leading you to try to new things , meet new people and and see new places. Only by engaging in life do we learn that fear is a false emotion. The more we engage the more we will see that we are accepted my most everyone and that it has been our own lack of self-love that has kept us apart from life.

You become more loving

The more you love yourself the more loving you will be toward others. The more loving your are toward others the more people you’ll draw into your life that will also like, love and respect you. The more you love yourself and others the more  your love will become magnetic and draw to you the sensational life you always dreamed of.

Love is always the answer.

Love yourself.


Have you struggled with self love? Are you able to say you love yourself now, or is it still a conditional love? What will you do to change from conditional to an unconditional love for yourself?

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