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To find your true passion and purpose in life is to find your own personal pot of gold.

We’re often told that we should be “living our passion.”

But many of us struggle to know exactly what that “passion” is.

People stuck in jobs they hate always have the same question, “Why can’t I find my true passion?”

The answer is simple –

Without first learning to hear the voice of your intuition you’ll never truly connect to your passion. You’ll always listen to something outside of yourself and be disappointed.

Your intuition is a direct communication from your higher self. And your higher self has retained the memory of why you came to be incarnated as a human being in this lifetime.

You’re here at this time for a very specific reason. It’s not an accident.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience for the purpose of learning and growing.

Ever heard of the “school of life?” This is it.

Your higher self “knows” the agreements you made and the reason you chose to incarnate at this time. To tap into your intuition is get help and be guided in order to make this learning experience easier for you.

Are you a parent?

Have you ever advised your child only to have them reject your advice and choose to do things their way? As a parent you’ve gained experience and wisdom and know that this child is choosing to live life the “hard way” by ignoring your advice and guidance. This is the same with our higher selves.

When we’re closed off to our intuition we don’t hear this valuable advice. We’re hell-bent on relying solely on logic to make decisions, or driven by fear, or what we think we “should do” and end up feeling as if we’re constantly pushing a boulder uphill. This is living life the “hard way.”

Your intuition is there for a purpose

Follow the guidance of your higher self and allow the flow of life to easily get you where you want to go.

This is the difference. Both methods may get you where  you wish to go, but one way is hard and the other way is much easier. If this were  your child what would you advise them to do?

Follow your intuition

Following your intuition is not about fortune telling – it’s about developing an innate ability whose function is solely this – to help you live a more successful life.

  • When you learn to hear the voice of your intuition it will direct you to the right person at the right time – just when you need them.
  • Your intuition will direct you to take this fork in the road over another and you’ll be led to something much more incredible than you ever would have had you followed the “logical” fork in the road.
  • Opportunities will arise that you never dreamed of simply because you’re allowing something much greater than you to guide you.

Who would you rather have guide your plane to land?

Someone on the ground who can only see the runway, or someone way up in the control tower who can see if there are other planes circling that might pose a danger to your descent?

I bet you said the guy in the control tower, right?

When we connect to our intuition we are receiving the benefit of wisdom from a much higher perspective. I don’t know about you – but I’m pretty sure I don’t know everything and I can’t see everything that might be coming at me in my life. So, I’d much rather allow the wisdom of my higher self to come through.

Following intuition is not for sissies.

It takes guts – more guts than listening to logic. It’s a leap of faith but one that will ultimately bolster your self esteem and confidence like nothing else. The first time you jump from a plane it’s damn scary, but after a few minutes the parachute opens and you realize you’re not going to die it is exhilarating! It’s the same with your intuition.

After a few leaps of faith you “know that you know.” There is nothing more exciting or exhilarating than the adventure of following where your intuition leads you.

Your passion is not hiding from you.

More than likely it’s right under your nose, but your logical mind has discounted it so often that you’re no longer connected to it. Your passion is that pesky idea that you’ve had since you were a kid that never really went away. That thing you fantasized about doing when you were little. That subject you just couldn’t read enough about and still tend to talk about.

Reconnecting to your intuition will reconnect you to your passion

When you follow your intuition it will lead you to your own personal pot of gold. I’ve taken this leap of faith in my own life and it is proving to be the ride of a lifetime!

Come and do a tandem jump with me – I promise you’ll never want to go back to ordinary living.

(This article is an excerpt from my book: The Intuition Principle: How to Attract the Life You Dream Of)

Are you tuned into your passion and purpose? What’s holding you back? Do have trouble trusting your gut? What steps will you take to reconnect to your intuition to find your passion and purpose? Not sure? Confused about what steps to take to make your dreams a reality or what you dream is?

I can help. Contact me for your complementary dream blueprinting session and let’s talk. It’s easy: Just click here to contact me.

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