Some days it’s hard to be optimistic.

Some days you feel bone tired and bone dry of creativity.

Some days you wonder why you went back to school, or started this book, or this blog, or this business or project?


Then you hear from someone who tells you that what you’re doing inspired them, or really helped them deal with their depression, or writer’s block, or fear, or financial problems and you press on.

We are always going to have up days and super-energized days where we accomplish massive things and then we’re going to have days where we feel like a lump of tortoise doo too!

It’s part of the human experience to feel the full range of our emotions from elation to despair. And, if we live fully and strive to achieve our goals – we will surely experience many ups and downs.

So, with that I just want to leave you with a few tidbits of advice:

It’s okay to be down in the dumps.

It’s okay to feel burnt out at times.

It’s okay to not stick to your regular posting schedule.

It’s okay to walk away from your great and worthy project in despair.

It’s okay to admit that you feel overwhelmed and stuck.

It’s okay to say, “I’ve had it!” Or, “I’m done with this!” and turn your back….for a while.

As long as you don’t give up!

You don’t think Michael Angelo wanted to give up on days when he was straining his back and neck and his arms were throbbing when he was painting the Sistine Chapel?

You don’t think that Thomas Edison wanted to give up after having failed more than 1000 times to invent a viable light bulb?

You don’t think that John Grisham wanted to give up after his first novel was rejected by every literary agent he sent it to?

I’m sure they all felt like giving up at times – but they didn’t and look at their results.

Can you imagine a world deprived of their achievements? Of your achievements?

That’s where the message of hope is to be found in – not quitting.

You don’t have to be the best.

And, you don’t have to be the fastest either.

You can overcome anything as long as you don’t quit!

I was also feeling down wondering if if my posts were even helping anyone at all and thinking I should just go get a job and give up on my dreams of being a self-supporting author. Then I came across these terrific blog posts this morning that really helped me realize that all was not lost just because I was feeling a bit lost.

Is Something Prickly in Your Way? Take Time to Clear Your Path.

There Are Rays of Hope Even In Our Darkest Hours

How To Be Really Good At Everything You Do

What The World Needs is More Dreamers Like You And Me

I read them and was most grateful for the power their words had in helping me to feel better.

These posts then reminded me of all the wonderful comments and emails I’ve received from readers saying that my words had made a difference to them.

They also helped me to realize that today’s frustration and fears would be remembered as small bumps in the road as long as I kept going.

There is hope – no matter what you’re trying to accomplish – as long as you don’t give up.

Have you ever felt stuck, or depressed, or close to throwing in the towel? What did you do to get over it? Did you persevere?

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