So many of us work for years in professions that don’t match who we really are inside.

We’re aware that we’re unhappy with what we’re doing, but we don’t know any other way so we continue doing the same old thing day in and day out.

Then one day we hear this little voice urging us to do something else that we feel drawn to. It could be anything; cooking, painting, starting a business, writing, going back to school, etc., and suddenly we realize the source of the dissatisfaction with our lives comes from not finding fulfillment in what we do for a living.

It suddenly hits us – life is short and we have spent way too much time doing something that wasn’t what we really wanted to do. Time to make some changes before it’s too late.

After our big A-ha moment panic sets in. How are we going to make this big change? How are we going live? Where will the money come from?

And then we freeze.

Then we hear another voice and this voice calms us. It tells us that we’re fine just the way we are. Our job is fine. It really isn’t so bad. We can do it for another XX years. After we retire there will be plenty of time to pursue cooking, painting, starting a business, writing, or going back to school. We let out a sigh of relief and put our heads down and plod along on the well worn path of our lives.

Another few years go by and we’re not entirely miserable but we’re not excited by our lives either.

All the while that little voice continues to whisper:
Don’t forget your dream. Pick up a paintbrush.
Don’t forget your dream. Write your book.
Don’t forget your dream. Begin catering parties.
Don’t forget your dream. Start your business.
Don’t forget your dream. Go back to school.

We hear it and wince. Why does this voice continue to torture us? It’s so silly after all. We have good jobs and benefits and live nice comfortable lives – why would we want to give all that up? We push back and bottle the voice in a deep place within where it is muffled.

Another few years go by and we face the same inner struggle again. We are older and there is even less time left and the whisper is more urgent now:
Do it before it’s too late – live your dream.

What have we done? Where has the time gone? Is it realistic to think we can pursue our passion? There’s too much at stake. What about my health benefits and retirement account? We shake our heads and think it will have to wait until we retire.

Why does this pattern repeat itself so often?

The answer is always the same; it’s fear. We fear giving up our security and we fear the failure that might result from pursuing our dreams. Or we fear our own success and having to maintain it over and over again.

Our blown out of proportion fears will enslave us for the rest of our lives if we don’t deal with and see them in their true light.

Fear is nothing more than a pesky fly that we’ve allowed to terrorize us.

Who ever heard of being deathly afraid of a stinkin’ little fly?

How silly is it to think that you’re going to let a fly stop you from leaving the “safety” of your home every day to live your dream?

Once you take a stand and do the thing you fear most that fly disappears just as surely as if you’d squashed it with a fly swatter. Kaput! It’s gone.

The longer you put off following your heart the harder it is to leave the supposed “security” behind and the bigger that fly seems to become.

Let’s examine this notion of “security.” What it is that you’re clinging to? Is it a paycheck, health benefits, a retirement account, or is it the relief of knowing you don’t have to create your own paid work and then deal with obtaining a paycheck, health benefits and a retirement account yourself?

The truth is that you are here for a purpose – and that purpose is to use your gifts and abilities to create meaningful work that contributes to the world in some way. If you don’t contribute your gifts and abilities the world is missing something only you can provide.

If you’re born with these gifts and abilities you’re also born with the knowledge and talent of how to express them in the world. You will be paid for expressing them and, you will be able to buy your own health benefits and contribute to your own retirement account. It cannot be any other way.

Every answer is already within you.

Your job is to swat the fear out of your way and have faith in yourself.

Fear clouds your vision and obscures the path to living your dream. But, the moment you decide to move toward expressing your gifts is the moment you will see the path appear before you – and not before.

Go ahead – swat that fly and take the first step toward your dream and watch as the path appears before you.

As you move toward the sensational life you’ve always dreamed of you’ll wonder why it took so long to get over the fear of that one stinkin’ little fly.

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Have you been letting fears hold you back from pursuing your dream? What exactly are you afraid of? What action can you take today that will move you closer toward living this dream?

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You are here for a purpose. The world awaits your gifts – don’t deprive us of what only you can contribute.

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