Are you fighting with an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other?

Are you constantly at odds with yourself over whether you need to stop all this “entrepreneurial nonsense” and get a REAL job?

Or, are you in a job and dreaming of the day you can walk away for ever and make a living as a writer/blogger or Internet marketer?

When you can’t tell which voice to listen to it’s time to check in with your intuition.

Waffling over decisions is a sign that you’re unsure at the gut level

The tendency to decide then retract decisions is a clue that you’ve allowed the logic/ego mind to tell you what you “should” do versus what your heart really wants to do. The waffling back and forth shows just how much “duking out” you’ve got going on under the surface between your heart and your head.

Your heart is directly connected to your intuition. And your intuition is a direct channel to something greater than you. Call it God if you like. I refer to this as Universal Mind or Divine Mind.

Universal Mind is the intelligence that created us, the planet, the seasons, the solar system and our entire galaxy. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that we’re going to run into a “burning bush” that speaks to us, so we regular folk have to settle for hearing divine guidance through the language of our intuition.

When Divine Mind sends me guidance I listen. I’ve learned that this power that is greater than me also knows a heck of a lot more than my little ego self does, so I sit up and take notice when this greater intelligence speaks – even if the guidance I receive means I must face my greatest fears.

Removing fears about money from the equation

Many years ago I faced another big dilemma in my life. I had been studying for my degree in business and finance while working full time. I longed to go back to school for a completely different program and immerse myself in college, but to do that I had to give up my job and income. Naturally, being self supporting I was afraid to give up the security of my income. This inner conflict tore me up for years.

While attending a spiritual development seminar clear across the country in Texas I met another attendee and we became fast friends. She asked me one simple question that changed my life:

If you won the Lotto today and didn’t have to worry about money what would you do?

Without hesitation I answered: Go back to school.

I heard myself answer and I “knew” I had to do it even though it was scary.

I spent the next two years in school and graduated with a completely different degree in Communications and Writing. I ended up getting a scholarship to graduate school. These years were the happiest of  my life because I’d followed by gut.

Once my heart and head were in agreement without the internal conflict raging I was able to completely enjoy the experience and it all flowed beautifully. This life altering decision also added to my confidence about following intuitive guidance.

Following intuitive guidance requires confidence

Not unlike any other skill we master in our lives arriving at the point where we can call ourselves skilled and, or experts, is based upon our past experience. The more you put your intuition to use in your life the more experience you gain in using it and consequently over time the more confident you feel about using it.

Learn to discern the voice of logic from the intuitive voice

To have the nagging feeling that we shouldn’t take a real job, or that we should quit our real job is worth investigating as that “nagging feeling” is exactly how we experience the intuitive voice within.

Many times our logic/ego mind is driven by underlying fears rather than by what is truly supported by the Universe. That’s why the process of learning to differentiate between the two “voices” is so important.

How to know which “voice” is speaking

To learn the difference between your angel’s voice and your devil’s follow these 5 tips:

1. Stop trying to work everything out with your logical mind. Constantly thinking about a problem is never going to solve it. Most of our thinking is really just worrying which is entirely circuitous – meaning we’re just going over it in a loop, over and over.

Start allowing your intuition to access the answers directly from Universal Mind. Every time you find yourself worrying or thinking about what to do again, say to yourself, “Stop!” to break this habit.

Ask yourself this question: If money were not a concern what would my decision be?

2. Differentiating between the two “voices” takes practice. Practice by starting with lesser decisions you’re grappling with. Place your hand on your gut and ask about each option separately. See which choice makes you feel “settled” or “calm” or “relaxed.” Ask, how would I feel if I did “A?” See how you feel. Then ask, how would I feel if I did “B?” See how that feels. You must ask how it will feel, not if you should do this or that.

You may find you breathe easier after choosing one over the other – this is another signal that you’ve chosen correctly. It’s also common for intuitive decision making to have an “Aha” quality to it as well since it’s usually something simple that’s been right under your nose the whole time. The “Aha” stems from reconnecting to something you’ve known all along but wouldn’t allow yourself to “see or feel.”

Connecting with the power that is greater than you and allowing it to direct your life feels “comforting” and “right.” If you ever feel any extremes of emotion in either direction that’s a clue that you’re on the wrong path. (think Charlie Sheen here) Feeling joy over the right decision is good – feeling infallible, invincible, like an “adonis” or that you have “tiger blood” is bad.

3. If you feel guilt, or fear crops up again, or are having nightmares that’s a sign that you’ve chosen incorrectly. It may be that in the case of giving up a job to follow your dream it’s just not the right time yet. Don’t give up hope. You’re intuition may be telling you that this isn’t yet financially feasible.

Sometimes we “think,” I have enough in savings to get me through a year, so we may decide to go for it. The optimal word here is “think.” When you “think” that’s the logical mind speaking. Intuition is the opposite of thinking. It is a “feeling” and or a strong sense of just “knowing.”

4. If you find yourself fatigued, catching colds, or having headaches, body aches, or fevers etc., that’s another sign that you’ve mistaken the voice of logic for your intuition. Your immune system is the first to go when you create inner stress by not following intuitive guidance.

When you’re inexperienced with hearing the voice of intuition directly your body will intercede and translate the messages into physical manifestations in order to get your attention. If this starts happening you need to reexamine whether this is indeed the right decision, or possibly wrong timing.

If you experience mountains of obstacles that require frantic course corrections then that too is a sign that you’ve not made the right decision. It shows that you’ve “forced” a decision with logical thinking.

Following intuition doesn’t mean there won’t be challenges to overcome, but when problems arise you should still have that sense of “inner calmness” or “knowing” that you’ve chosen correctly, and the answers and solutions to those problems should manifest organically in your life. The organic solutions arise through synchronicity, or serendipitous events meaning the right person who has the answer to this problem, or the perfect opportunity appears at the right time to solve your dilemma.

Go back to the basics in tip #2.

5. After making your decision relax and have faith. You must go with the flow when it “appears” that nothing is happening toward manifesting your dream. Remember, it’s during these times that seem so quiet and fruitless that things are probably coalescing beneath the surface – and that’s where our faith comes in. Keep the faith and your vision pointed in the direction of your dream and it will appear on the horizon when the time is right.

When we learn to live by following our intuitive guidance and take the fear out of our decision-making we will be in “sync” and our lives will be extraordinary and flow beautifully toward our higher good and higher purpose.

We can live inspired and brilliant lives when we take that leap of faith and follow our intuition.

Are you grappling with these decisions? What action will you take today to tune into your intuition?

If you’d like to become proficient at hearing your intuition I recommend reading my book: The Intuition Prinicple. 

If you’d like more guidance please feel free to contact me for a one on one session.

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My friend Ande Waggener at Up From Splat has a lovely interview with me about using intuition in every day life on her site. Click here to listen to it.


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