Enter into the space of love, open your spiritual heart.
Everyone yearns to be in a state of love.
Ruminate on love. Spread love. Be love.
–What the World Needs Now

Have you ever made a new friend and felt as if you’d known them forever?

That’s been my experience with Tess Marshall, the fearless blogger behind, The Bold Life.

She’s kind, generous, funny and full of life and surprises.

When she told me that she’d finished her most recent project a guide titled, “Peace, Love, Connection,” I jumped at the chance to interview her. The quote above is an excerpt from her beautiful guide.

Tess has a gleaned a lot of wisdom from the challenges in her life and shares it with us on her blog. It’s my pleasure to have her here today.

What inspired you to start your blog: The Bold Life?

I am passionate about life and I’m often called bold by family and friends. Life is too short to be complacent and settle for less. I want to encourage and inspire others to “do more bold.” I love writing and sharing the wisdom I’ve gathered over the years. Now more than ever we need to believe in ourselves, overcome fear with love and connect deeply with others.

What’s your philosophy on living a happy, successful and meaningful life?

We live in a society that equates success with money, status and fame. It’s easy to fall into this trap. I equate success with peace of mind, loving relationship and serving others. It’s why I am living on earth at this time. I’m excited about the changes going on in our world. Life will become better for myself and others as I become more successful.

Congratulations on publishing your free guide, “Peace, Love, Connection!” How did the guide come about?

Thank you. I wanted to create value for my readers and subscribers. Everyone craves peace, love and connection. Without it we become isolated, lonely, the walking dead. Due to our economic distress it’s more important than ever build loving relationships, prioritize our values and empathize with others. My ebook is a gift and a guide in helping others live a life that works for everyone.

This isn’t your first book though. “Flying by the Seat of My Soul,” was your first book. I love the title. Tell us a little bit about that book.

I married young and became a mother of four daughters by age 22. By doing so I set up a huge obstacle course for myself. After my children grew up my friends begged me to write a book about my life. In “Flying by the Seat of My Soul,” I integrate moving personal stories, profound lessons, and uplifting quotes and stories  of others that provoke thoughtful examination.

When you read my book you gain a feeling of love for today and hope for tomorrow as you work through soul stretching exercises that complete each chapter. You will become empowered

To move toward inner change, let go of the past, follow your dreams and fly!

A friend named the book for me. When I was young and wild I went through life flying by the seat of my pants. Now I know who I am and what I want. I fly by the seat of my soul.

Where can readers get the book?

You can purchase my book, “Flying by the Seat of My Soul” on my blog, The Bold Life. The paperback copy is $12.95. I also have it in ebook format for $5.95, making it affordable for everyone

What would you like readers to know that they may not know about you already?

I can be counted on. My plan is to help others through my blog, products and services until the day I die. I will always be available, genuine and trustworthy.

Now that, “Peace, Love, Connection” is finished, what’s next step for The Bold Life?

To grow my blog, and write and create more. I would like to ask everyone to help me do so by signing up for my new ebook. If you enjoy it, send it to others you think will appreciate it. Spread the word on Facebook and Twitter. I appreciate and thank you in advance for doing so.

Where do you see The Bold Life in 5 years?

I see The Bold Life with a large loyal following. I am a member of the A-list Blogger Club so I can learn from the best, do my best and helping others be blessed with more peace, love and connection. In 5 years I will be holding retreats in sunny, warm, and beautiful Arizona. The Bold Life blog and I plan to age gracefully and enjoy the process!

What else would you like to share with readers?

Remember you are love. Breathe and sit in silence to find life’s answers. Laugh often,  worry less and connect more.


I read “Flying by the Seat of My Soul” this past fall and loved it. You’re really gifted Tess. I hope readers will take this opportunity to purchase the book or the ebook version. I know that they’ll truly enjoy it.

I also loved, “Peace, Love, Connection.” The prose is absolutely beautiful. You were definitely in an inspired state when you wrote this. I would encourage readers to download this free guide.

Thank you so much for being here Tess and sharing so much about yourself. It’s fascinating to get to know the real woman behind those beautiful and bold blue eyes!

You can find Tess Marshall at:

www.TheBoldLife.com “Inspiration for Fearless Living”

616-460-6729  Speaking Information: http://theboldlife.com/ispeak/

Connect with her on Facebook and Twitter too at: @TheBoldLife

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