Did you know that your body contains systems engineered to help you manifest your desires?

Genie Pictures, Images and PhotosMiraculous biological functions running 24/7 are dedicated to creating the reality you desire.

You can learn how to use these systems to your advantage to become higher achieving and more successful.

When you name it – you’ll claim it

The first function is known as “reticular activation.” Reticular activation is a process which screens what we see and ferrets out the particular data we’re interested in or focused upon with the precision of a heat seeking missile.

The process of reticular activation keeps us from experiencing sensory overload by sifting and sorting through the 70 thousand thoughts and millions of visual images we’re bombarded with each day. It allows only those images and thoughts germane to what we’re focused upon to enter our conscious awareness.

Why we see the same make car everywhere when we buy a new car

Through the process of reticular activation your mind, now focused on your new car, zeroes in on that car for as long as you sustain that high level of interest and excitement over your purchase. After a couple days – as your interest declines your brain will stop focusing in on the car, and you’ll stop seeing it as often.

This process takes place thousands of times each day and is faster than a Google search – and you can make it work for you to increase your level of success in any area of your life!

Ever heard these expressions? What you see is what you get? Or, Seek and ye shall find? When you begin to look for something in your environment – you’re more likely to find it. Which is exactly how you put reticular activation to work for you.

You trigger reticular activation with focus. The more you desire and focus on a goal the more the process of reticular activation will screen out things that don’t pertain to your goal and target things in your environment that support your goal. You literally become “single-minded.”

Be careful what you wish for

Reticular activation makes the advice to “focus on what you want and not what you don’t want in your life” even more cogent. The process of reticular activation doesn’t discriminate based on whether what we’re focused upon is something that’s good for us or not, it just targets what we focus on, and as a result we see and then experience more of that.

The second biological function that can heighten your success is Expectancy

Scientists have found that expectations speed up conscious recognition.

When researchers showed study participants dots on a screen that slowly changed to form symbols it took them longer to recognize what each symbol was, as compared to when they were shown the dots forming symbols a second time. The brain recognized the pattern that was forming much more quickly the second time because the participants now had an expectation of what the symbol would turn out to be.

If you desire to create certain circumstance in your life and have a belief that it can manifest – you’ll see results faster if you also have an “expectation” about the outcome.

To prime the expectancy pump you must be clear about what you want and have an idea of what the result will look like. This way your brain will recognize the result you’re looking for more quickly when it sees it.

So how can you put these two biological success secrets to work in your life to manifest abundance and harness the law of attraction?

Follow these 5 tips to get you on your way to creating your best life:

1. Decide on your goals. Create a list of what you’d like to manifest in your life. The list crystallizes your focus which activates the RA system. Studies have shown that people who write down their goals achieve them and manifest abundance in much higher percentages than those who don’t.

2. Get educated about your goal. Read books on the topic of your goal. Learn as much as you can about the many ways this goal can manifest in your life. The more you know the more expectancy you build. Your mind will more readily identify the signs if it has been primed with what to look for. This will also keep your enthusiasm and expectations high which will continue to stimulate the reticular activation process. By feeling a strong emotion like positivity about your goal you’ll activate one of most powerful  law of attraction secrets which works hand in hand with RA and “expectancy.”

3. Practice creative visualization. Sit quietly for a 5 or 10 minutes each day and create a “mental movie” where you see yourself living the live you’ve been dreaming of and achieving the goals on your list. Make the movie very detailed. Feel the joy and elation as if it were real and – as if it were happening in the present moment. Creative visualization fosters expectancy and stimulates reticular activation.

4. Repeat affirmations. Learn to create positive affirmations about what you’re working to achieve. Make sure they’re stated in the present tense. Repeat your affirmation several times during the day to stimulate reticular activation. For excellent information on creating affirmations read Louise Hay’s classic: How To Heal Your Life, or her new book: Experience Your Good Now – you’ll find both in the side bar.

5. Create a treasure map, or vision board for your goals. Rip out pages of magazines whenever you see something that resonates with your goals. The pages can contain words or photos or pictures. Once you’ve amassed a nice collection you can arrange and glue them on a large piece of poster board. Keep it where you can see it. The treasure map will stimulate both expectancy and RA.

For more details about creating a vision board, or what I call a treasure map visit my friend Evelyn Lim from Abundance Tapestry. She offers extensive and detailed tips about creating a Vision Board.

Knowing how these two biological genies work and how to put them in high gear will speed up the manifestation process of your goals and desires. They also work hand in hand with your intuition. The more you focus on your desire the more likely you are to receive intuitive guidance about it and to experience synchronicity in your life. Synchronous events are meaningful coincidences that occur such as meeting the right person, or being given something you needed at the right time.

One last word of caution about your biological genies. Your word, or thought is their command. Even the little self deprecating jokes we make about ourselves can derail all our positive efforts, so be wary of not only what you focus on, but what you say. (Ande Waggoner from Up From Splat! has a fabulous video about self-deprecating humor that caused me to have an Aha moment of my own).

These five steps will help you rev up your expectancy and reticular activation by keeping you focused on what you do want in your life. Good luck!

Have you ever heard of reticular activation or expectancy? Have you used any of the techniques mentioned in the tips? How could you apply these tips to create your best life?

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