When we are smart enough to learn from our mistakes, we are smart enough to solve any problem and accomplish anything we desire. Never underestimate yourself.

The successful person is skilled at solving problems-

•Have you ever been “stuck” and wished someone would simply tell you the right thing to do?

•Have you ever talked yourself out of acting on an idea only to learn that someone else did it and is now hugely successful?

•Have you ever been unsure about whether you should open up and take a person into your confidence?

•Have you ever been at a cross-road in your life and overcome with fear about making a mistake?

If you said yes to any of these questions you’re not alone.

Fear and uncertainty are the two biggest stumbling blocks that hold people back from achieving their dreams.

Let’s be honest, who hasn’t wished for a wise person to appear during times of crisis to advise us on what we should do?

It was only after I become a serious student of intuition that I learned that the wise person who could guide me through life was – me.

Up until then, like most people, I had been aware that I was intuitive, and like most people the flashes and gut feelings came at random – not at the moments when I really needed them.

In my studies I learned there were techniques I could use that could elicit intuitive responses from the bodies’ intelligence right away.

Hallelujah! was my first response.

My second response was: Why did I have to struggle through life for so long? Why didn’t someone teach me this earlier?

But you don’t have wait, or be frustrated.

Here are three simple ways to get answers directly from your bodies’ intelligence:

#1 Quick-start for times you need a fast decision when you’re in a public place:

1. Go into the restroom, or walk away for a few moments. Close your eyes and ask: How am I going to feel if I choose to do XXX? (Do NOT ask if you’re making the right decision!!)

How do you feel after asking yourself this question?

Did a feeling of happiness come over you? Did you feel light and joyous? Were you tense and anxious?

Paying attention to your body is very important. Your body is intelligent and can “speak” to you if you learn its language. Read my post on how to read what your body is telling you.

Check in with your body for clues. Did your body tense up? Did your heart speed up? Did you have difficulty swallowing? Were hot? Did you go cold? Did you notice if you held your breath?

Tension is the body’s signal for caution, or stop! It’s very subtle. We live in a very stressful society so most of us are used to feeling tense which is why we may no longer pay attention to these signals.

Or, did a fleeting image pass through your mind? What was it? Analyze what you saw – it holds the answer. You may have to go to the Internet to look up what certain symbols mean. (I recently wrote about a symbol – the musical clef – I was given that made no sense until I looked up it’s meaning.)

Or, did you hear an answer in your mind? What was it? Yes? No? Stop! A phrase from a song? A piece of a poem? Analyze what you heard. You might have to look up its meaning on the Internet.

#2  Use this method to tap directly into the bodies’ intelligence for decisions. It’s especially good for finding food allergies, or what foods to avoid in your diet.

This is a form of self muscle testing.

Take off your shoes. Stand in the middle of a room away from anything you could fall against, or trip over.

Word your question properly so that the answer tells you if this (food/decision) will affect your life positively or negatively. (If you’re testing food – hold the food up against your abdomen.)

Ask the questions to yourself. If you sway/fall forward then your decision will impact you positively. If you sway/fall backwards the decision isn’t right for you.

#3 When you have time to review a complex decision more thoroughly:

1. Go somewhere quiet. Shut the door. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and get relaxed.

2. Think of the question you need to make a decision about. For example: Should I go back to school?

3. Mull over the different parts of the scenario going back to school entails:

Going back to school means quitting your job and living off your savings for a while, or selling your apartment or home and living in studio apartment.

It means walking away from your current career and source of income. It might mean moving away from friends and family.

You might encounter negativity from people who warn you against doing it, or fear that you’re  making a poor decision. (think of all the factors affecting your decision here)

3. Now ask yourself the question: Should I go back to school? Notice how you feel. Did you feel a yes, or a no? Do you “feel good” when you heard yourself say yes? Do you feel good, but anxious? Or, do you feel anxious and have doubts overall?

4. With pad and pen nearby, write down any/all of the anxieties, doubts and fears that came to mind.

5. When you’re finished listing them switch the pen to your non-dominant hand and address each of you concerns. (Using your non-dominant hand will tap into the bodies’ intuitive intelligence. It’s a way of circumventing your logical mind)

Ask why am I feeling this way for each one of your fears. Keep writing until you feel you’ve gotten it all out.

6. Read what you’ve written. You’ll be astonished at the insights and truths you’ve unearthed. You’ll also clearly know what to do next. You’ll also know how you might creatively work with, or address those concerns too.

With practice you’ll get faster at getting the answers you desire.

Working with your intuition isn’t unlike perfecting your golf game, or becoming a better writer. It takes the same dedication, desire and practice that perfecting anything else takes.

The great thing is that you don’t need to go out and buy any fancy equipment, or go anywhere special to use it. You’re intuition goes with you everywhere you go!

So start using it!

What other practical ways can you see for using your Intuition? Have you ever used it like this to make a decision? How did it turn out?

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