Intuition is a highly misunderstood ability.

The woo-woo type stuff many people ascribe to it detracts from how useful an ability it actually is.

I work in the financial industry in an office – without one single crystal ball! I also follow the financial markets and watch CNBC. I’m extremely business minded and grounded.

The main reason I recommend developing your intuition is because it has many practical uses.

We all have this ability because it’s meant for us to use to help us live better lives.

It’s one of the primary senses for ensuring our safety. For example, isn’t it useful to have the hairs on the back of your neck stand up when you feel you might be in the presence of danger, like say a mugger? Yes, absolutely.

Why did your hairs stand up? Your body “knew” about the danger and was communicating it to you through the body’s intelligence. Your body is receiving information that you aren’t even consciously aware of, but it’s telling you to RUN all the same!

Just think how much information you would receive if you chose to develop your intuition and become conscious of all these cues and bits of information all the time?

Becoming aware of and then using the information coming through all the time might just put you in the category of genius.

According to Wikepedia:

A genius is something or someone embodying exceptional intellectual ability, creativity, or originality, typically to a degree that is associated with the achievement of unprecedented insight.

This certainly sounds like someone using intuitive insight to me.

Intuitive hunches play an important part in my business life.

I can sniff out a serious customer from one who will just consume my time. And that’s important when you work on 100 percent commission. You don’t get paid unless the deal closes – so time really is money.

There are many more practical uses for intuitive guidance. Here’s a short list to get you started:

1. You can tell if someone is lying, or trying to manipulate you.

2. You’ll know if someone is a phony and just using you.

3. You’ll pick the right mate, or life partner.

4. You’ll buy the right house or condo. Or you’ll know now is not the time to buy.

5. You’ll know if you should take a certain job.

6. You’ll know if you’re going to get along with the boss at the new job.

7. You’ll know if you should go out on a date with this person.

8. You’ll know if you should pursue a particular career.

9. You’ll know if you should hire one contractor over another to do the work on your home.

10. You’ll know to pick the right doctor.

11. You’ll know if your body is developing an illness and needs early preventive medicine.

12. You’ll know if you should order that expensive piece of furniture, or whether you’ll hate how it looks in your house upon delivery.

13. You’ll be able to determine which clients to call on what days.

14. You’ll be better able to pick what investments, or the right financial adviser.

15. You’ll know the exact time to call a prospect when they’ll be receptive to you.

16. You’ll know who is going to be of help to you and who isn’t.

17. You’ll know who is going to buy from you versus waste your time.

18. You’ll know if one of your child’s friends is a bad influence on him/her.

19. You’ll know whether you should take a certain class, or study with certain teacher or not.

20. You’ll know if this is the right time to get a pet for your family.

21. You’ll know if you’ve made the right decision about a partner in your business.

23. You’ll know if the product from one of those long sales pages that comes to your inbox all the time really delivers on all it promises (Thanks for that one Ande from: Up from Splat! If you haven’t read Ande’s blog you should check it out.)

24. You can get more information on anything you’re worried about and address your fears.

25. You’ll know if you should follow through on surgery, or get another opinion.

The usefulness of intuition is endless! I’ve only scratched the surface here.

The point is that you can use your intuition to get more information on anything you desire in order to make better decisions. Having more information when making decisions makes us more effective and being more effective means that we will be more successful at anything we attempt to do.

Here’s a quick way to begin incorporating your intuition into your decision making:

Quick-start for times you need a fast decision. Good for when your out in a public place:

1. Go into office, or somewhere private for a few moments. Close your eyes and ask: How am I going to feel if I choose to do XXX? (Do NOT ask if you’re making the right decision!!)

How do you feel after asking yourself this question?

Did a feeling of happiness come over you? Did you feel light and joyous? Were you tense and anxious?

2. Paying attention to your body is very important. Your body is intelligent and can “speak” to you if you learn its language. (Read my post on how to read what your body is telling you)

Check in with your body for clues. Did you’re body tense up? Did your heart speed up? Did you get a pang in your gut? Did you have difficulty swallowing? Were hot? Did you go cold? Did you notice if you held your breath?

Tension is the body’s sign for caution, or stop! It’s very subtle. We live in a very stressful society so most of us are used to feeling tense which is why we may no longer pay attention to these signals.

3. Or, did a fleeting image pass through your mind? What was it? Analyze what you saw – it holds the answer. You may have to go to the Internet to look up what certain symbols mean. (I recently wrote about a symbol – the musical clef – I was given that made no sense until I looked up its meaning.)

4. Or, did you hear an answer in your mind? What was it? Yes? No? Stop! A phrase from a song? A piece of a poem? Analyze what you heard. You might have to look up it’s meaning on the Internet.

After using technique a few times you’ll get much faster at getting the answers you need to live your most successful life. You really do have genius capabilities you know – you just need to start using them!

What other practical ways can you come with for using your Intuition in everyday life? Have you ever used it like this to make a decision? How did it turn out?

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