The body is connected by sensory perception to a field of energy that enfolds the information we attribute to intuition.

— Institute of Heart Math

Last week the planets aligned to create one of those fortunate “coincidences” that makes life so sweet at times. I was the lucky recipient of a private lesson on psychic detective work.

I got to spend two hours practicing techniques with, author and psychic detective, Nancy duTertre when I attended her Meet Up for the Skeptical Psychic Society of NY & NJ.

There was so much information to share that I broke the article into two parts. The first part  was published here last week.

Psychometry is the ability to intuit information from an object.

In my first exercise I was given a small box to hold containing an object. The point was to use psychometry to determine what was in the box.

There was so much interest and enthusiasm about this that I devised a remote viewing experiment for readers to participate in. We had 20 readers respond (Unfortunately some arrived in my inbox after I pushed Publish on the article! So sorry @ that!) I think we’re going to have to do this again. It turns out Powered by Intuition readers are very talented intuitives!

Part 2 – Psychometry continued:

Next, I was given a necklace with a small pendant on it to hold.

I felt it had belonged to an elderly woman who had been quite lonely in her older years. I got the impression she lived in rustic surroundings and was a good hostess who cooked simple yet hearty meals of meat and potatoes.

It turned out she had lived on a huge livestock farm and had felt quite lonely due to being isolated from neighbors and friends. (The amount of information we can tune into is simply astounding, isn’t it?)

Reading photographs

After that Nancy handed me a photo of a family. The objective was to determine what I could about the personalities of the people in the photo along with their relationship to one another.

I must confess I had a hard time with this exercise. I’m very visually oriented and receive images when I close my eyes. Holding a photo confused my psychic senses.

The objective here though was to tune into my emotional sensing abilities. I was better at detecting the personalities of the individuals, but not the best at pinpointing how they related to one another. I would definitely like some more practice in this area.

Important skills in psychic detective work

Reading relationships is an important skill to master in psychic detective work. Many times the family of a missing person will provide family photos. You need to be able to read not just their individual personalities, but how they relate to each other.

A family member could have emotional problems, or conflicts between one family member and the missing person might exist, either of which  might contribute information for establishing a motive or to bring a possible suspect to light.

Blind read with crime related photos

I was given photos related to a crime. I was allowed to hold them, but not look at them.

I immediately got the image of a woman which I sketched, followed by a house with a green lawn in the front. I sketched that as well. Then I felt I was in a moving automobile and looking out the window. I saw a couple of 2 or 3 story buildings which I thought could have been a garden apartment complex. I felt that there might have been a car-jacking involved or an abduction by car.

Then Nancy allowed me to look at the photos. Sure enough there was a woman who looked like what I’d sketched and another with a photo of a building with a green lawn in front.

When I closed my eyes again I saw a man I thought might be the victim’s son. I felt he was involved in her disappearance. I saw a particular weapon being used on her. Then a specific place where her body had been left. Then I saw another woman.

Checking for hits

Afterward Nancy showed me some more photos. One matched very closely to the man I’d seen and thought was the woman’s son, although he was older than how he’d appeared to me. There had been another victim who looked like the second woman I saw.

Nancy confirmed that the murder weapon I saw was the type used in the crime. One of the bodies was found in a similar location to what I’d described. It turns out they’d all known one another, which might be why I perceived him to be a son. It was someone they would have trusted. It had not been a car jacking, but a car had been involved.

Had this been an open investigation some of this info might have been relevant. Most of it however, was too vague to be of any use. For example, even though I could describe where one of the bodies was left I couldn’t say exactly where what I’d seen was located. Still, it’s a good example that shows how much information we can get out of “thin air.”

Practice, practice and more practice

The good thing about an exercise like this, though, is the ability to check your results immediately to see how accurate you are. While it may not help solve the crime, it does help to increase confidence in your abilities. With increased confidence and practice you’ll become much more accurate and specific in the information you bring forth.

Developing your intuition is practical

One of the reasons I feel so strongly that we all should be developing our intuition is because it opens you up to receiving more information. And, having more information will help you make better decisions in life. This is a very practical application for intuition.

If you made better decisions because of having more information to go on wouldn’t that make your life more successful? I think so.

So, now you have an inkling of what goes on in psychic detective work. I’m sure there’s much more to learn too.

What questions do you have about psychic detective work? Can you think of any other practical applications you might apply this sort of mind exercise to in your everyday life? How could you use it to get answers in everyday life?

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You can learn more about Nancy du Tertre by visiting her website. If you live in the NY & NJ attend one of her Meet Ups for the Skeptical Psychics Society of NJ & NY. You can buy her fascinating book: Psychic Intuition from Amazon.

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