Psychic detective, Nancy du Tertre is the author of the fascinating new book, Psychic Intuition.

“I wrote this book with the specific purpose of trying to logically explain the illogical experience of intuition,” says du Tertre, a self confessed skeptic.

If you’re curious as to how the brain picks up what we call “psychic, or intuitive information” – this book is a must read.

Nancy explains many complex theories in a down to earth way making the book extremely reader friendly.

Some of the topics covered in the book include; “the world of psychic spies,” and “why women are more intuitive than men,” how we can “see without seeing,” or “hear without hearing,” and why “skeptics don’t see what believers see.”

Nancy, you used to be a skeptic about psychic abilities. What happened to change your mind?

I continue to be skeptical about my own abilities every time I do a reading or receive information.  I think it is the most realistic and rational approach to working with highly unusual and inexplicable information.

If you are a psychic or medium and you are not skeptical, then you are falling victim to your belief-system which will overshadow and color your “data” to the point where it may become inaccurate.  But I went from a state of non-belief to a state of belief in the power of this kind of psychic sensing over a period of many, many years and countless instances of confirmation and feedback.

You called your book, Psychic Intuition. Usually we think of psychic ability as totally different from intuitive guidance. What made you put these two words together in the title?

People make all kinds of assumptions about the meaning of “psychic” and the meaning of “intuition.”  For some people, they are indistinguishable and for others they are very different.  I describe in my book my theory of a sliding scale of intuition which includes educated guesses on the conservative end, hunches in the middle, and psychic ability on the other far end.

For me, it is entirely logical and natural that psychic ability is nothing more than a flavor or variety of plain old ordinary intuition.  I demonstrate in my book how psychic ability is a natural human sensing ability and nothing magical – even though the results seem magical!

Why don’t skeptics see what believers see even when presented with the same information?

In my book, I make reference to many current scientific studies in neuroscience which show how intimately our ability to perceive the world through our physical senses is linked to our imagination, past experience, language, and expectations.

Skeptics are deeply primed (in terms of all of these aspects) to disregard incoming psychic sensory information and, as a result, their brain ignores it to the point where the information literally disappears from their mental radar.

They are not wrong when they say psychic data does not exist because for them it does not.

What effect does language have upon our ability to perceive information received through psychic sensing?

Language is a far more powerful filter of our sensory system than we normally realize.  Our intuitive abilities are not only defined through our vocabulary, but they are often annihilated by our lack of a vocabulary.

Furthermore, when we try to use similar words to describe psychic experiences, we only confuse ourselves and other people.  For example, if a medium talks about “seeing” someone’s dead grandfather they may not be talking about “seeing” in the conventional sense at all.

Can you explain what “seeing without seeing” is?

Seeing without seeing is the ability of the brain to image information cognitively through a particular sensory “language” so we can understand the vibrational data we are receiving.  It is a vibrational conversion into imagery or other sensory data.

Do you have a favorite area of research in the book that you’d like to share with us?

This has been by far the most fascinating and extraordinary field of research I have ever explored.  I am most proud of my theory of the imagination and its relationship to psychic sensing.  It is unlike anything I have ever read in the scientific or lay literature.

You’re a trained psychic detective. Can you explain how this process works?

Every psychic or medium uses their own process, so I can only speak for my process.  For me, it has been less a matter of accessing imagery or psychic information and more a matter of trusting myself.

My biggest hurdle has been to overcome my distrust of information that comes without an obvious source (five senses or brain) and which cannot be verified with known information or facts.

As an attorney, I was trained to rely only on evidence.  Evidence in the psychic realm occurs ex post facto!  So it has been a long process of learning which bits of brain chatter to claim as “evidence.”

Can you give us some details of the most interesting cases you’ve worked on without breaking any confidentiality agreements?

As a general rule, I do not divulge details of cases I have worked on out of respect for the families and law enforcement.  Confidentiality is an absolute requirement when working with law enforcement for many reasons.

For me, the most interesting cases (and they mostly involve missing persons or homicides), are those where I am taken to the physical location of some part of the crime and am able to accurately tune in to some aspect of the crime.  I love getting feedback and it is a rare commodity.

Usually psychic detectives work on cold cases or cases where the cops have run out of leads and are willing to go out on a limb because they have nothing else to work with.  Clearly, these are the more difficult cases to solve.

Feedback is scarce because the facts aren’t fully known.  Further, cops are generally exploring several simultaneous pathways and manpower to investigate is generally allocated only to the strongest or most obvious leads.

Psychic leads, unless they are instantly obviously correct, are not always pursued with the same vigor!  But, for example, I was particularly pleased to learn on one homicide investigation, that I had accurately identified the only location where cops had searched and dredged to find a missing woman’s body – based on no information.

Other times I have been able to accurately come up with names of suspects or manner of death.  It takes a certain type of psychic to do this kind of work because it involves dealing with unpleasant situations, emotions and death.

What aspect of your psychic work do find most rewarding? And why?

For me, the entire point of doing this kind of work is as a type of service to my fellow human beings.  So if I can help a victim’s family get some kind of resolution or comfort when their loved one has gone missing and a case has been abandoned by the police due to lack of leads or investigatory resources, I like to offer them additional possibilities and ways to jump start their search.

In terms of medical intuitive and energy healing work, I am always thrilled when I can actually help alleviate someone’s physical pain.  It is just extraordinary to me that we can do this.  And when I give private readings, I am always combining psychic insights with psychological counseling – something I wish more psychics would do because in this field you are holding a person’s trust, emotions and psyche in the palm of your hand and many psychics have done damage to their clients by not understanding the basic concepts of psychology.

What’s next for you?

I am working in many directions right now.  I have just started a new radio show about psychic detective work called “Hot Leads Cold Cases” on para-x radio with my co-host Patricia Eldridge, a paranormal investigator from Baltimore, MD.  We are having a lot of fun with that.

I am also almost done with my next book about psychic intuition.  This one is based on interviews I have done with some of the most famous people in the world who understand how intuition operates – including world famous neuroscientists, physicists, astrophysicists, rock stars, artists, poker players, founders of alternative medicine modalities, mediums, psychic detectives, homicide detectives, psychologists, artificial intelligence and military experts, and many more.

I think it’s going to be an amazing compilation that will help people begin to understand that this psychic stuff is not just for the airy-fairy types!


Peek inside, or purchase Nancy du Tertre’s book,  Psychic Intuition, on Amazon.

Nancy du Tertre is a trained psychic detective, spiritual medium, medical intuitive, energy healer and paranormal investigator. She is known as the “Skeptical Psychic.” She founded the New York and New Jersey Skeptical Psychic Societies, has appeared on television, presented lectures to university psychology students, and teaches psychic development workshops, and gives private readings. Nancy is also an attorney specializing in securities litigation.

Visit her website at: The Skeptical Psychic

Do you have any questions about receiving information intuitively? Do you recall a time when your intuition was really “on?” What was happening in your life at the time?

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