Give light, and the darkness will disappear of itself —Deciderius Erasmus.

Are you living in the “light?”

Or, are you allowing fears and negative emotions to pull you down into the “dark?”

I’ve been thinking a lot about this recently. I found myself feeling very down after selling my home. I managed to stop myself before I got into a full blown tailspin of “woe is me.”

What I did was remind myself that every emotional reaction we experience is a choice – a choice to be happy no matter what’s going on around you.

To “live in the light” is to rise above the conditions of your life.

  • It’s when we are aware of the reality of our situation, but we don’t let it bring us down.
  • When we live in the light we float like a balloon above the landscape of our lives – free and joyful and untethered by the emotional cords that keep us earthbound.
  • We do not depend on conditions going our way to be happy – we’ve chosen happiness as our state of mind independent of what is taking place.
  • We are content and at peace no matter what. In our contentedness we are detached from the outcome of our efforts, free of the need to be right, free of the need to control, and free from fear and feelings of lack.
  • To live in the light is also to rise above the illusion that we can control anything in our lives. It’s accepting that only in letting go will we find true happiness and contentedness.
  • When we let go we automatically begin to live in the light.
  • Living in the light doesn’t mean everything is perfect though – it means we accept everything as it is.
  • We also accept that not only does everything happen for our good, but that there is nothing but good – and that this good will always be there for us.

When we focus on lack – we aren’t living in the light.

  • We’ve sunk back down – and our balloon is once again tethered to the ground.
  • When we focus on lack we are living in fear – fear that there isn’t enough to go round.
  • We fear that there aren’t enough jobs, or enough money, or opportunity, or food, not enough – period.

The truth is there is always more than enough. Abundance is all around us – we just need to rise above the conditions by changing our perspective.

As we allow ourselves to rise up into the light we will see from our birds-eye view that opportunities abound.

When we rise above the conditions of our lives we also rise above the level of the problems we face. There, and only there, can we find the solutions we need.

Rise above your problems to the place of eternal calm and clarity and you will see that you always have a choice.

You have the greatest power in the Universe at your disposal –  your mind.

All you need to do is change your mind and the world will change around you. To live in the light is to accept this magnificent gift.

But, you can’t do this if you’re cowering in fear and stuck in your dark ways of thinking.

Living in the light takes courage.

It’s changing from within. It’s leaving the way you’ve been taught to think, and your parents were taught to think, and their parents before them. It takes a lot of inner strength to turn away from the conditions in your life that everyone else is calling “reality” and see a new reality. But, it can be done.

Should you find yourself in the “dark” again follow these 5 steps to free your balloon and float back up into the light:

1. Learn to withdraw from the muck of everyday life even if just for 20 minutes a day. Go for a walk, or jog, but do get a change of scenery. Meditate – if you’re not sure how here’s an easy meditation.

2. Do associate with like-minded people. Don’t allow yourself to be pulled back down by negative or toxic individuals. Join a Meet Up group, or read some positive self-development blogs like this one, or visit your other favorites.

3. Realize that you’re not your problems. You are an eternal being of pure good and pure light and joy. See your life from a higher vantage point as an eagle soaring freely way up in the clouds. Put things in perspective, breathe deeply and detach from the emotions consuming you. What’s the worst thing that can happen? What’s the silver lining of the problem.

4. When you have thoughts of panic regarding the problem – say no! or stop! Get in the habit of short-circuiting the fears that are holding you hostage. The more you reject these thoughts the greater clarity and calmness you will feel. Answers will begin to replace the terror that paralyzed you in the past. You can reprogram negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones that serve you.

5. Practice seeing the good in every situation, everything and everyone – and your life. Be grateful for all that you have and train yourself to hold this focus on the good. The more you focus on good, the more good you’ll become aware of and the better you’ll feel.

You can renew and restore your life by renewing your mind.

You can rise above the conditions of your life – all you need to do is let go of your attachment to the muck that keeps you down.

As soon as you let go you’ll find yourself rising just as surely as a helium filled balloon – rising above the conditions of your life.

You will become a new person.

A person that is so clear of negativity that you emit your own light.

And, you will become a star in the night sky that points the way for others with your light.

How would you change if you lived in the light? How would your life change? What would you do that you might have been afraid to do in the past?

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