The gypsy huntress has been at it again.

I’ve been all around the Net and back collecting trophies from my hunt for the best articles on Meditation, Intuition, & Creativity for you.

I’m a sucker for scientific information, learning and educating.

The picture in this post is of Artemis, the Ancient Greek Goddess of the Hunt. I love this name, and feel lucky to have it.

Artemis was the daughter of Greek God Zeus and was known as the mistress of wild lands, wild animals, and had a reputation as fierce hunter.

But, don’t worry this Artemis is a humane huntress –  and all these links are live, and ready and waiting to go home with you.


Meditation may extend your life. Meditation increases an enzyme linked to longevity.

Meditation found to be helpful in easing traumatic stress disorder. This is welcomed news for many returning soldiers.

Meditation is a great tool for helping people overcome their addictions. Once in recovery daily meditation can be used to keep addictions at bay.

Meditation helps children expand their attention span. What a great tool. I really believe we should be teaching meditation in schools.

New studies find that meditation increases focus and memory retention. Brain scans show that meditation strengthens the mind in as little as six hours.

The new millennium is about freeing yourself from your mind by meditating. We can live happier lives once we learn to shut off the constant stream of thoughts from the monkey mind.


The Amazing Kreskin predicts the war on terror will end in 150 years. Say it ain’t so Kreskin!

Intuitive investor is bullish on investing in 2011 Former hedge fund manager uses intuition to make investments.


Just for the record – being a psychic medium does not mean you’re a saint! Watch this video of Alison Dubois on The Housewives of Beverly Hills. I was shocked!


Sleep makes your memory stronger, and helps with your creativity. I love my eight hours even more now that I know its great benefits!

Watching films, or reading books with magical themes helps kids think more creatively. Does JK Rowling need to be any richer?

Scientists theorize that creativity and language vie against one another in the brain Maybe talking too much inhibits creativity?

I hope you enjoyed this links. Let me know which ones were your favorites, and which ones were most surprising!

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