Are you making New Year’s Resolutions?

Are you planning to lose weight, get in shape and exercise every day, get a better job, get out of debt, and save money?

According to the US government these are a some of 11 common resolutions that most of us make year after year.

And, break each year.

Apparently, 78% of us break our New Year’s Resolutions and feel bad about it.

Which is why I’m not making resolutions this year.

I’m done. Finito. Kaput.

Resolutions make me feel bad about myself – just like those air-brushed models on all the fashion magazines make me feel bad about myself.

Looking at the magazine covers makes me feel as if I’m not good enough, and can’t measure up. It’s the same with resolutions.

Many people say that breaking their resolutions leaves them feeling bad about themselves.

Our bad feelings result from:

1. Re-setting the same goals over and over each year.

This vicious cycle of setting goals because we think we “should,” or because we believe we can’t be productive without them makes us feel worse. All we focus on is what we don’t have, or have yet to accomplish. It creates a “lack” mentality – and that’s a recipe for disaster.

2. Resolutions take us out of the present moment.

We’re continually projecting into the future and putting off our happiness until the goal is accomplished. This is a sure-fire way to suck the joy right out of the present.

3. Creating goals based on what we “should” do instead of what we’re inspired to do sets us up for failure.

Initially, we may stick to some of our resolutions, but over the long term will power alone will never create lasting change.

To make true changes in our lives we have to feel excited about what we’re doing.

The desire for change has to come from the heart. Breaking a bad habit – for the sake of saying you “should” at the start of a new year is not motivation enough for most people. That’s why many people have to hit “rock bottom” before they commit to change unhealthy habits such as smoking, or drinking.

Sure, there are some super beings out there that can get things done through sheer will power, but can they maintain it? How many people go on diets and lose weight and then within a year or two gain it all back?

True happiness and success comes from recognizing all good in our lives and being grateful.

Only when we’re thankful for everything – the good, the bad and the ugly do we grow and learn and find the connection to our spirit. When we connect to the spirit within we’re able to transcend the daily problems and see the bigger picture of our lives – and in doing so we see our path and purpose more clearly. When we’re connected to our purpose joy results.

I’ve had enough of living in the future and putting off my happiness until this, or that is accomplished. That’s why this year I’m doing something different.

I’m going to celebrate all the things I have accomplished in 2010 instead.

I’m making a list I’m calling my “Year End Kudos,” and checking off my accomplishments.

Here’s the short list of what made my heart soar in 2010:

  • Started Powered by Intuition to write about the importance of developing and using your intuition to live a successful life. Met the most awesome people through blogging. Check!
  • Honed my craft and learned all about blogging. Made many wonderful and supportive new friends, and learned the insider’s trade secrets of successful blogging. Check!
  • Was included in a wonderful ebook published by my friend and fellow blogger, Raam Dev. You can find it in my side bar and download it for free! Check!
  • Sold my house in order to achieve my dream of living a bigger life! Moved and happily downsized. Check!
  • Volunteered to help with a new aggregate blog and took on the marketing duties for The Daily Brainstorm. Get to work along side some of the most talented, productive and inspiring bloggers in the blogosphere. Check!
  • Lived the first year of my life without my father. It was the hardest year of my life, but his life taught me I still had dreams worth pursuing. Check!
  • Was published in an ebook offered to subscribers of The Daily Brainstorm. Find it in my sidebar and download your free copy. Check!
  • Met the amazing Vishen Lakhiani, the brains behind Finer Minds, at a Meet-Up he arranged in NY. What an inspiring group of talented individuals he has working with him. Made some terrific new friends there. Check!
  • Became a published author. Life long dreams do come true! Check out my best selling books: Click here!
  • And, now I can say I participated in my first Campfire. Thank you Eden Journal. Check!

Living without resolutions frees you.

Now you try it. Make your own “Year End Kudos List” and see how you feel.

When you look for what you’ve accomplished instead of what you haven’t accomplished you immediately feel better about yourself and your life. Your confidence will increase as you see that you accomplished a great deal more than you’d given yourself credit for.

Now you can go with the flow of life instead of against it.

Without the anchor of resolutions weighing you down spontaneity can lead you where your heart really wants to go. Where there’s heart there’s passion. And where there’s passion there’s energy and zest for whatever it is that speaks the language of your soul.

So, tear up those resolutions. Make your “Year End Kudos list” instead – and celebrate your life and accomplishments!

Do you plan to make resolutions? What resolutions are you making? Do you find them effective? Share your accomplishments with us!

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