Intuition, Meditation & Manifesting –

I might be part gypsy.

People say I move a lot. I don’t know – is 15 times a lot?

I also collect information – heaps of it – from all across the Internet.

There’s a wealth of information on intuition, meditation & manifesting I’d like to share with you.

Here are some interesting articles, audios and videos I’ve come across recently:


Interview with Gary E. Schwartz, PhD, professor of psychology at the University of Arizona about scientific findings supporting a greater spiritual reality.

Watch this video interview with spirit artist Carol Polge. Her drawings will amaze you.


No need to diet any more! Meditation can help you manage your weight.

For deep relaxation and serenity make the word “peace” your mantra.

Meditation may be just as useful in treating depression as drugs


Author Gregg Braden explains how the Law of Attraction works.

Another interesting article discussing scientific theories behind the Law of Attraction.

Science proves happiness lies within.


Which of the links did you find most interesting? I’d be happy to share my findings with you more often. Please let me know if you’d like that.

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