Listening to intuition often brings us answers and solutions to problems that we’ve been grappling with for a while.

Albert Einstein addressed this when he said: No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.

What he meant was that you have to enter a more creative and relaxed state of mind to solve the problem. If you’re tense and your fearful thoughts repeat in a loop over and over about the situation you’ll never get the answer. You need to release your brain from the vicious cycle of worry to come up with a new an innovative solution.

Hosts of studies on creative problem solving advise generating many new thoughts by either brainstorming, or mind-mapping the problem as a means to derive solutions. The next thing most advise is to sleep on it, or relax and step away from the problem for a while. Both of these suggestions also foster intuition – which is another mode of creativity. So, what creativity experts are really advocating is that you develop your intuitive faculties.

When you get clear and think about this, it’s problems that slow down our progress, so wouldn’t it be nice if you could just ask for an answer to a problem and get it – without spending days, or weeks, or months worrying and reviewing the problem over and over? We seem to think that the harder something is to accomplish the more valuable it is, but that’s justy our cultural bias. Let’s be honest – wouldn’t it be nice for things to be easy?

How would you like to be in a state of flow where things go your way more often in your life? That’s what intuition is offers. It doesn’t mean we never have problems to deal with, because we always will. Intuition puts us in touch with something much greater than the 3 pounds of gray matter in our skulls to solve problems at the genius level.

To think like a genius and make problem solving easier try stimulating your intuition with these 5 mind exercises:

1. Sit in a quiet place and use whatever method you like to relax. If you’re interested in meditation, which develops the intuition like nothing else, read my post on a simple method of meditation here. With eyes closed and feeling relaxed state the problem mentally; try to be as concise as possible. Tell yourself you’re going to count backwards from 10 to 1. Visually see each number as you count. On the count of one you’ll receive the solution to your problem. On each count affirm that the answer is now being formulated and moving closer to the surface of your awareness.

2. Again sit in a quiet place and use whatever method you like to relax and then mentally state the problem as concisely as possible. Visualize that you’re walking down a beautiful country lane in the Fall. The leaves are turning and you hear them crunch and rustle as you walk toward your destination. In the distance you see lovely public building. As you get closer you see that it’s a library. You walk through the door and see row after row of books. Something pulls you toward a specific book on a shelf in the room. You walk to it and take it off the shelf and open it. On the page is written the answer to your problem.

3. Again sit in a quiet place, relax and mentally state the problem. Visualize yourself floating in a hot air balloon up in the sky. You’re watching the beautiful scenery below. There’s a quaint town with lots of houses and a village center with lots of activity, stores and people. Slowly the balloon starts to descend. It brings you to large green lawn of beautiful well maintained home. You walk through the front door and into a beautiful foyer. You take the stairway to the second floor where you enter a bedroom. In the bedroom you see an armoire. You open the doors – it appears to be empty except something catches your attention way in the back on the bottom shelf. You bend down to pull it out. It is just the thing/tool/symbol you need to solve your problem.

4. Sit in a quiet place and relax and close your eyes. Mentally state the problem. Visualize yourself walking in through a beautiful sunlit wooded area. You follow a path and walk up a hill. When you get to the top you see a shimmering lake surrounded by hills. You walk down the path toward the lake. As you get closer you see there are some large flat stones you can walk on out into the water. You hop from stone to stone until you get to the last one which is out in the middle of the lake. You lay down across on your stomach and look down at the water. The water begins to cloud and then a scene emerges that holds the answer to your problem.

5. Get quiet and relax with your eyes closed. Give yourself a directive that you’re going to be shown the answer to your problem within 5 days. Tell yourself the answer will either appear in a dream, or in something you read, or hear. It can also be a symbol that you interpret. Reaffirm this each night before you go to bed and upon arising. Keep a notebook on your bedside table to write down your dreams, and with you at all times to jot down any ideas you get. You’ll be amazed to see that you do get the answer within 5 days.

You don’t have to do all 5 exercises to get the answers. I’d pick one or two that “feel” right for you and the problem you have in mind. I use the counting backwards from 10 to 1 a lot, especially for yes or no answers. I also ask for answers in my dreams – and get them frequently. I also like the one where you open a book and see a word or sentence. The more you practice the better you’ll become at tapping into you own inner genius.

Do you believe, as I do, that we are much more than our physical bodies and brains? Have you ever tapped into the Universal Mind, or genius mind for answers before? What happened?

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