I had the honor of having a “Beautiful Blogger” award bestowed to me by the lovely and talented, Aileen Mahoney of Kaizen Vision. Aileen also graced four other outstanding bloggers with this award. Check out her post here: The Beauty of Shared Gifts.

Aileen is a writer, a blogger, artist and a dancer. Right now we’re all awaiting the news of whether she’s gotten the part of Snow Flake in the Nutcracker. I hope so!

Aileen writes about the Japanese philosophy of Kaizen:

Kaizen is the Japanese philosophy that embodies small incremental continuous improvements for the betterment of the whole. It seeks to eliminate excess and optimize efficiency. It’s most frequently seen in the business world as a productivity system that humanizes the workforce.

Aileen’s goal is to “live life with a kaizen vision, seeing my life as a work in progress and opening myself up- to continuous small improvements for an ever-evolving fulfilling life.”

Reading Kaizen Vision has taught me the power of patience, and taking small steps toward my goal. I’m very much an “all or nothing” personality. If I like something – I throw myself into it and usually have unrealistic expectations about the project’s growth. I can see now that it’s much more satisfying to watch for the “tiny buds” of progress. I’m now enjoying the process and journey more – than just hurrying to the destination. Thank you Aileen!

Part of the Beautiful Blogger Award is to tell readers 7 things about yourself. I feel as if I’ve been so outspoken about my life already, but I suppose there are more things about me you don’t know.

1. I’m an astrologer. I’ve been casting charts since I was a teen – back before we had computer programs to calculate everything for you.

2. I enjoy reading in bed before I go to sleep. I’m usually reading 2 or 3 books at one time, so each night I choose one and read for about 15 – 20 minutes before shutting the light.

3. I love quiet mornings alone with my thoughts and my coffee. I prefer to hear the birds chatter over people at that hour.

4. When I was a private banker, I was never more surprised than when I was in one of the poshest buildings in NYC visiting a client and saw a roach trap in their bathroom. I was very happy to go home to the suburbs after that. That was the end of my penthouse envy!

5. I studied screen writing & media ecology in grad school. I love good dialogue.

6. When I was five I got angry with my father and flushed his good watch down the toilet. I’ve since grown out of that habit.

7. I got my first pack of Tarot cards from a Lillian Vernon catalogue. I think they cost $3.99, which was a lot back then. I think my allowance was only 50 cents per week!

Now that you know a bit more about me I can get to fun part of passing on the Beautiful Blogger Award to five wonderful recipients. I could have chosen a dozen or more bloggers to pass this award to since there are so many worthy recipients, but five is the maximum number you can give.

Cristina Colli of Positively Beauty – Cristina writes about beauty, so what could be more fitting than to bestow the Beautiful Blogger Award upon her? Her blog is about cultivating inspiration for fine living. She’s an artist, interior designer, and a writer. She always has the most beautiful photos on her site. Make some time to visit Positively Beauty and view her gorgeous photography. Cristina’s blog inspires me to be more creative, whether it is in decorating or setting a fine table.

Joy Christin of Unfolding Your Path to Joy – Joy is truly a joy. Her blog is about love and exudes both love and joy. When I visit I know my heart will be lifted. Joy has such a positive view of life and lives a fascinating life. Do you she lives on a sailboat? She’s a Light worker, a life coach and a caterer. She says she was born with a smile on her face, and you know I totally believe it!

Leah McClellen of Peaceful Planet – Leah writes about how improving our communication skills can be the catalyst for more peaceful relationships and ultimately a peaceful planet. Leah is a freelance writer, a part-time English instructor, and a Second Degree Reiki practitioner. She’s also a trained researcher (M.A. English, psychology concentration). She also loves animals as much as I do. Thank you Leah for sending distance Reiki healing to my gravely ill cat, Stevie.

Manal Ghosain of One With Now – Manal teaches that to be at peace we need to accept what’s happening in the present. I love her philosophy about peace. Manal says that seeking peace creates an inner struggle resulting in our being in a state of need. In this state we are far from peaceful. Instead she advises that we see inner peace as not something to be attained, but rather uncovered. Powerful, life changing advice – don’t you think?

Tess Marshall of The Bold Life – Tess describes herself as: a wife, mother, entrepreneur, speaker, author, workshop and retreat leader, spiritually-based, fear shattering, calculated risk taker, obsessed with being happy, courageous and bold, witty, big-hearted, loving, passionate, runner, world traveler and ADHD hyper human being. Her posts are all heart, and full of love.

I don’t know about you, but I think anyone who spreads love, beauty, peace and joy throughout the planet is a worthy recipient of the Beautiful Blogger Award! Energy does follow thought, and I appreciate that via their blogs their thoughts are creating a better world. I want to thank these 5 lovely women for what they do and share with all of us.

If you’re not yet familiar with any of these 5 exceptional bloggers – visit their sites to see why I’m raving about them here.

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