For the past several months I’ve been having problems with my youngest cat, Stevie. Every other day – he leaves me a present I don’t want outside his litter box.

When this first started happening I thought it was because he didn’t like the two covered litter boxes I was using. I thought he’d outgrown the boxes, and that’s why he was doing his business on the basement floor. So, I went out and bought 3 gigantic ones and placed them in the spots under two cellar windows where he’d been choosing to poop.

Well, now I’m at my wits end – because this hasn’t solved the problem. I thought perhaps he didn’t like going in the boxes when the lights were off, so I started leaving a night light on in the cellar, but that hasn’t done the trick either!

Enter Jeanne Miller – the pet medium and psychic. While I’m psychic, I don’t have the gift of pet communication. Jeanne can, and does, communicate with living animals, and those who’ve passed on. Jeanne read Stevie and he told her he doesn’t like the way the litter box smells. I’ve been using a natural pine litter that it seems he doesn’t like. So now, thanks to Jeanne, I’m going to change it and I’m sure Stevie’s going to go back to being the little angel he’s always been.

I’m very pleased to introduce her to you here so you too can learn about the wonderful service she provides to pet owners.

Jeanne, can you tell us what does a pet medium does?

As a Pet Medium I do essentially the same thing a Pet Psychic does. The only difference is that because of my mediumistic abilities, I’m able to speak to animals on the other side as well as those here.

2. How do you describe what you do to others?

With the help of my Spirit Guides, I connect to the client’s pet and ask them their questions as well as carry messages to them. I will also carry the pet’s  messages or requests back to the owner.  Sometimes it will be a general reading, and at other times, there may be issues that the client would like to discuss with their pet.

3. How did you know you were a pet medium, and when did you first become aware of this ability?

I had been in and out of psychic training for some time as I kept being drawn to it. I was just about to give it up when I had an amazing dream. I dreamed about the cat I had then who was nearing 18.  In the dream, I was sitting on the ground on a picnic blanket having a child’s Tea Party; only all my guests were cats and dogs.

I saw my cat, Jessie walking another cat up an embankment to me, then she turned and walked away.  I called to Jessie and asked her to join us and she said: “Oh no. I’m only supposed to bring the animals to you. That is my job.” Within a very short time after that I lost my Jessie at approximately the same time an animal communication seminar came up. Because of the dream, I thought I would go and give it a try.

It was that day that I connected very strongly to a resident horse, and opened up psychically to communication. I’ve been doing readings ever since and I’m happy to say that Jessie became one of my guides and for the last few years has brought all the animals to me. I’m working with a new guide now but Jessie still attends every reading and is very happy to now be an observer and companion.

4. Can you also communicate with living animals too? If so, what kinds of things do they tell you?

Yes, I’m so fortunate to be able to connect with animals here and on the other side. They tell me so many things. The pets on this side will sometimes ask for a special treat or toy. They often express their happiness or unhappiness with their living situations. They may tell me about their favorite thing to do, or place to sleep. They may explain certain behaviors or issues.

Pets on the other side also have a lot to say. If the pet has had to be put down, they often express their gratitude to their owners for allowing them to escape their ill bodies. Sometimes they will tell me if they have been with the owner before and if they are going to come back. They tell me what job they have on the other side and often will tell me what people are with them over there. They express their love and often will tell me things that will ease the hearts of their grieving family.

5. And, what service do you provide pet owners with this ability?

The services I provide are basically to have a conversation with their pet to ask their questions. I will also work with the pet on issues that the owner may have. Such as trying to find out why they are suddenly exhibiting certain behaviors.

6. What kinds of pets have you communicated with both living, and passed – and what’s the most interesting/unusual case you’ve ever had?

Because I live in Vermont, I don’t have the pleasure of running into many exotic animals. But I have read for cats, dogs, horses, rabbits, birds, rats, mice, possums, raccoons and once a rescued wolf.

I have done hundreds of readings and they all have brought something special with them. There are so many stories, but the one that has come to mind is the case of two cats, Stella and Sylvia. They belong to an out of state friend of mine. I had read them before and both are very sweet cats.

They were raised together and are just like sisters, getting along famously. My friend called one night and told me that Sylvia had hurt her leg and the vet said just to let her heal and try not to let her do much jumping for a while. My friend and her family were more than happy to help Sylvia, and either my friend, or her children began to carry Sylvia anywhere she wanted to go. Well, my friend was extremely upset because the other cat, Stella, suddenly started walking up to Sylvia and slapping her hard.  My friend couldn’t believe that Stella would do this, not only because they had always gotten along, but also because Sylvia was injured. She had never seen Stella act in such a mean way before.

I spoke to Stella and asked her why she would hit Sylvia and especially now that she was hurt.  I could tell Stella was really angry.  She blurted out: “Aw..she’s milking it!!  She’s not hurt anymore.  She just likes to be carried around like a little baby!  She’s lying to Mom and it’s not right so I’m letting her know it!!”

When I related this back to my friend she started to observe Sylvia.  Sure enough, when she didn’t think anyone was watching her, she would walk normally. When they paid attention to her, she would limp.  Well, the babying stopped immediately, as did the limping, and peace reigns once more in the household. I thought it was so sweet that Stella loved her family so much that she couldn’t bear to see them being taken advantage of.

7. In what ways does an animal communicate information to you?

When I do my readings, they take the form of a one on one conversation. I go to a sacred space in prayer in meditation. This is where I meet the animal and my Guides. I first face the animal and we start talking. During the course of the reading, I will hear the animal talking directly to me, and many times they will also send me visuals in the form of short film clips. They go very fast though and it is quite challenging sometimes to catch them. I also get some information directly from my Spirit Guides either in conversation or they just put the knowledge in my head and I just suddenly “know” something.  So I get my information in a variety of ways during a typical reading.

8. Do believe our pets stay with us in the afterlife? Or, do they go to their own special place?

It has always been my experience in readings that there is only one Heaven. I always see animals and people together, never separated into different places. But I also believe Heaven is very individual.  If you are a person who loves animals, they will be there with you. If you do not care for animals, your Heaven might not have them.

9. Do you think we pick our pets for a reason? Are they in our lives to teach us something? And, are they on a journey of growth – just as we humans are?

This is very much a yes and no. Sometimes a pet is just that. A dear and sweet companion. There isn’t always a lesson or message attached.

But more often than not, there is a specific purpose and reason why certain animals find their way to us. They teach us so many things. Courage and grace come to mind as do selflessness and love. I have met so many noble and brave animals in this work. They never complain about injury or illness. They accept and move through it. I know this is one of their lessons for us. They find joy in just being. I have not come across an animal who was on any kind of individual journey. I don’t believe there is anything they have to learn. I think they come into this life so connected to spirit and the Divine, that they are here more for us, than themselves.

1o. Do you have any suggestions to help pet owners communicate with their own pets? What can they do to learn to “hear” their pets?

One thing they can do is to set aside a quiet time. It would be best if only you and the pet were in the room.  Turn off any radios, TV’s and phones. The best time to do this is when your pet is relaxed and laying down. Sit back and relax your body, close your eyes and visualize your pet sitting in front of you. Tell him what you want him to know. If there is something you want him to do, send him a picture of it. Just visualize the picture flowing from you to him.

If there is a behavior you don’t want him to do, be very careful not to visualize this behavior or he may misunderstand and think you are telling him this is what you want. Instead, send a picture of the behavior you do want to instill in your pet.

If you have a cat who is scratching the furniture…do not picture him doing that, but instead picture him scratching on his post. They are very good at picking this up. Try it a few times during the week.  And don’t hesitate to talk to your pet. They understand so much more than people think. I had a dog in a reading one time ask me if he was being given away because he heard his owners talking about it the night before. His owners were horrified. The husband had blurted it out as he was frustrated with training but he didn’t mean it. I believe they get at least 50% of what we are saying.

If animal communication is something that interests you, there are so many books that will lead you in the right direction. I recommend Lydia Hiby and Sonja Fitzpatrick to start with. Best of luck!

11. How can readers get in touch with you if they need a pet medium, or psychic?

I can be reached through my website at or at my email address

Thank you for sharing all this wonderful information for us Jeanne. I found it fascinating!

Have you ever wanted to know what your pets were thinking? Have you ever experienced any communication of the sort Jeanne does with your pet?

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