A while ago a former colleague called to see if I’d be interested in speaking with a recruiter about a job. With the downturn in the real estate market she knew that the mortgage business had been pretty slow. She forwarded a copy of the job description to me. As I read it I felt my throat constricting.

So what did I do? I sent my resume to the head-hunter. Why? Because it was a salaried job – and I panicked. Plus, I figured the odds were slim I’d get the job since I hadn’t worked in that field for some time. The next day the Manhattan based head-hunter called and quizzed me on aspects of the business and my job history.

“With your background you sound like a good candidate for this position,” he said. I pictured him in his pinstriped suit, starched collar and gold cuff-links, sitting behind an expensive desk reading my resume.

I swallowed hard. “I do?”

“Yes, and I’d like to set up an interview for you as soon as possible.”

“Oh, uh – just like that?” I looked down at my working-from-home attire: sweats, bugs bunny t-shirt and fuzzy slippers, and thought – I have no business clothes to wear.

That night I had trouble sleeping. I kept thinking of having to leave the house by 7 am and not returning until 7 pm each day, and sitting through boring meetings about wills and estate planning. I don’t want to do this, I thought. So, what did I do? I started praying – praying that I wouldn’t get the job.

Well, I’m happy to report – the head-hunter never called back. I guess the person he spoke to didn’t think I sounded like the perfect candidate – lucky for me!

When I published my post, Do You Teach What You Most Need to Learn?, I’d come to the realization that I was passionate about teaching others to listen to their intuition because I was the one who most needed to learn to listen to my intuition! I’d spent my adult life purposely ignoring mine, to my detriment – just as I had when I forwarded my resume to the head-hunter when I knew I didn’t want that job.

In the original post I’d asked 5 bloggers to write why they were blogging on the topic they’d chosen. I wanted to know if other bloggers found that they were driven to blog about a subject, like I was, that they most needed to learn themselves. For me blogging about intuition is a reminder to incorporate intuition into my life decisions – and it’s working. I can finally say I’m listening to my intuition. No more applying for jobs I don’t want!

So many people saw themselves, and their own motives for blogging, in the stories of the first 6 bloggers that I wanted to hear from more bloggers.

Here are 5 more bloggers who share their inspiring stories of why they feel they are teaching with their blogs what they most need to learn:

Aileen Mahoney of Kaizen Vision:

In the past, I always preferred taking a “quantum leap” or “all or nothing” approach to life. I would dive in intensely, completely focused and going as fast as I could. I was more of a sprinter than a long distance runner. But by running fast, I often fell harder and the exhaustion and the burn out often sabotaged further progress. I was ready to try a new way.

By taking small steps, as well as writing about them. I’ve learned to be more patient with myself and with life. Sometimes things just need small adjustments rather than big changes. That is the kaizen way. Small continuous improvements made over time allowing our processes to be maximally efficient and effective.

There are moments when I feel discouraged about how long progress seems to take. With all that I want to achieve in life, I have to remind myself to put blinders on and just focus on the next step because the big picture can often appear daunting and overwhelming.

I’ve learned it’s okay to travel at the tortoise pace as long as each small step we take is in the direction of our dreams.

Annabel Candy from Get In the Hot Spot:

The focus of my blog has changed over time. At first I wrote about living your dream and moving overseas because that’s something I know a lot about from living and working in eight different countries. Lots of people want to travel or move abroad but the main thing that stops them is fear, so I started to write about overcoming fear too. Eventually my blog evolved into a personal development blog, with the focus on confidence, motivation and determination.

I wouldn’t say I know nothing about these topics but I definitely write them for a specific person: me! I’ve mentioned before that if you see me write about confidence or motivation that’s because I’ve struggled with them in the past and probably always will. The funny thing is that the very act of writing about these things has not only helped my readers, because I’ve learnt a few good tricks to boost my confidence and motivation over the years, but it’s helped me too. After writing about confidence and motivation for 18 months, I’ve never felt more confident or motivated. Part of that comes from the amazing feedback I get from my readers thanking me for helping them, which of course motivates me to want to help them more.

Apart from making me more confident and motivated, blogging has opened up many opportunities for me like paid international travel, new clients, and new places to feature my writing. I want everyone to experience the brilliant things it’s brought me so these days I write more about blogging and Internet marketing. It’s ironic, because I’ve been working in that field for 15 years and got an MA in Design for Interactive Media in 1996, but I made a conscious decision initially not to write my blog about that stuff because it’s quite a dry subject.

I used to be a teacher and learning’s more effective when it’s fun, so I want my blog to be a place where people can learn and enjoy themselves at the same time. Now what I do is write about empowerment which covers confidence, motivation, as well as business and blogging tips, but I always try to make my blog posts fun. Just because I’m writing about potentially boring topics doesn’t mean they have to be boring. My job is to get people to love these topics as much as I do so they really want to learn, and that’s what I try to do.

I love teaching and working with other people. Although I’ve only had Get In the Hot Spot about a year it’s been a lifetime in the making. It’s allowed me to share my passions and knowledge with amazing people all over the world. Our stories of success have become intertwined and my readers teach and support me just as much as I do them.

Arvind Devalia of Make it Happen:

My blog is my heart-felt and personal message that we can all improve our lives and also make the world a better place at the same time. I am on a personal mission to leave this world a better place and through my blog I teach myself how the change really begins with me. We all have so much to offer the world – and yet we hold back for fear of not wanting to shine or cause ripples.

Indeed, I was the classic, self-effacing, humble guy, too scared to shine his true light – my blog allows me to get over this fear of shining and it puts me on world stage. It all began 10 years back when after some dramatic changes in my life, I found myself alone in my apartment, on a Sunday evening, feeling very down and sorry for myself. My wife and I had split up that weekend and she had just moved out. I didn’t have a job and the apartment I was renting only had 3 more weeks to go on the rental agreement.

That night I made a life changing decision to sort out my life and I never looked back. I decided to become the best I could be and also make a difference to others. Within days I had 2 job offers, I rented a new apartment and I put all my energy into becoming a better person. I soon discovered life-coaching which led to a newspaper column, 4 published books and my blog. I now look back on that dark Sunday night, as the defining moment in my life, rather than the lowest point in my life which is how it felt at the time. Whereas through my coaching, I can only reach a small number of people, through my books and my blog, I can reach out to a much wider audience.

I am now learning that it’s okay for me to let my light shine. I can be a better person and at the same time make a difference to others – my personal success did not have to come at the expense of the rest of the world. I have always had this intuitive knowing that I was special and that I had a lot of gifts to offer the world (maybe everyone feels this way) – and I am now able to share that my perceived specialness without fear of being seen to be blowing my own trumpet.

I can now let my light shine – and allow others to shine their light too. Lets all Make It Happen together.

Jean Sarauer of Virgin Blogger Notes:

My blog was born from the concept of teaching what we most need to learn.  I’d initially planned to blog about personal development but ended up stuck and stymied by the complexities of blogging. When I shared my frustrations with friends and family, I found I wasn’t alone. A lot of people shelve their blogging dreams because blogging has such a big learning curve. I knew I needed to gain knowledge in order to help others, so I started studying despite my fears and doubts. A short while later, I created my blog to share information and inspiration with beginning bloggers. These days I often ask myself, ‘What do I need to learn now?’ and use my answers as guideposts when selecting topics for future posts. Combining the learning and teaching processes is challenging at times, but overall it’s a deeply fulfilling way to travel along the blogging path

I’ve come to the definite conclusion that blogging is almost like therapy for a lot of us. We all started writing for the obvious reasons such as; we wanted to share what we had learned in our lives; we thought we could turn it into a paid profession; and because at heart most bloggers are born communicators, but we gained so much more from it than we originally bargained for. I feel blogging puts me under a microscope – I have to put my money where my mouth is if I’ve written about something. It makes me more accountable for my life and actions, and overall I think it’s making me into a better, happier person too – and I think the 5 amazing bloggers here would agree to all the positive benefits blogging’s had on their lives as well.

What do you think blogging has done for you? Has it opened up a window to your soul as it has for these 5 fabulous bloggers and me?

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