You become what you perpetually think about – whether you like it or not.

And, everything that shows up in our lives is a mirror for what we think and believe on the inside.

In other words the reality we experience on the outside actually begins as, “an inside job.”

You cannot have a joyous life unless you’re already feeling joyful.

You cannot have abundance unless you’re already feeling abundant.

And, you will not experience success unless you already feel successful.

We are all experiencing life according to the thoughts we hold, and the beliefs we’ve programmed within us.

Did you ever see the film, A Portrait of Dorian Gray?

The movie was based on an Oscar Wilde novel. Dorian was a handsome man who sold his soul to the devil in order to keep his youth and beauty. Part of his pact was that only his portrait would age. He lived a selfish life, and used and hurt many people. He hung the portrait in his attic and looked at it from time to time. You probably guessed the rest. His picture aged and became very hideous looking as a reflection of the person he’d become.

The Universe responds in much the same way to our every thought and belief. The process of co-creating with the Universe is an impersonal one. It doesn’t matter if you believe you’re ugly and unlovable, or beautiful and worthy of love – the Universe will line up the people and events in your life that match and uphold those beliefs. If you’re not sure this is true for you look at the circumstances in your life now. Are they not a complete match to your beliefs. If you’re truly honest with yourself, you’ll see that they are.

I knew a man who would brood for hours over the injustices done to him. He was constantly embroiled in a battle over something, and always on the defense. Can you guess why? He thought everyone was out to get him! He refused to accept the notion that his beliefs were creating the exact conditions that he experienced. In actuality what he was doing was not accepting responsibility for his beliefs. It was easier for him to uphold the delusion that the world was horrible place, than to become aware that it was a reflection of the kind of person he was inside.

Many people live their lives believing that they’re powerless victims of fate. It gives them an excuse when things go wrong. But in truth they’re really very powerful – if they only knew. They’ve used their power, however, to create an unhappy life. If they would accept that they are creating their life’s circumstance they could use that very same power to create a life they loved.

If you feel there are things showing up in your life that you no longer want here’s a sure-fire way to send them packing:

1. Become the thing you want most in your life! Be it and really feel it! Do you want love? Be loving. Do you want joy? Be joyous. Do you want abundance? Embrace abundance and give and share with others. When you embody the quality of the thing you want most in your life – the Universe will line up people and events in order to mirror it back to you.

Be the change you want to see – and you will become what you think about, and so will your life.

Once we accept that we’re the ones creating the the circumstances of our lives we no longer have to live like victims. Knowing the Truth – does set you free!

What do you want to become? What will you think about to create that in your life?

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