Looking for 5 books to blow open your intuitive mind?

I love to read – I always have. My favorite pass time is browsing in book stores. You never want to go with me to a book store unless you can be there for a couple hours.

As far as I’m concerned there’s nothing better than a rainy day to stay inside and curl up with a good book!

When I was growing up I loved horror stories, gothic novels and mysteries, especially Agatha Christie mystery novels. I would try to figure out who “done-it” before I got to end of the book. It was rare that I out-smarted the marvelous Ms. Christie though. When I’d found out who did do it in the end I was always so surprised that I’d overlooked all her delicious little clues. What a master she was.

After discovering the Tarot, at the ripe old age of 10, my reading habits started evolving more. I wanted to learn everything I could about this ancient deck of cards. By the time I was a teenager I began to enjoy non-fiction more than fiction, and I’ve been an avid non-fiction reader ever since. I do enjoy a good novel here and there, but I primarily devour non-fiction.

I mostly read books with a metaphysical bent. I love underlining and making notes in the margins and marking the pages I find interesting. I’ve collected a massive amount of books too.(I dread the thought of moving since books weigh a ton!) Some books I’ve loaned out and never gotten back, but I go right out and buy them again. I treasure each book in my collection. I do not think for one minute that having a shelf with a Kindle on it could possibly feel the same as holding a book in your hands. (A Kindle would be nice to take on vacation though!)

What I want to do today is share 5 books I think offer the best foundation for any of you interested in developing your intuitive and psychic skills. The books I’m recommending are all very general and a great way start building your knowledge about extra sensory perception.

1. The Psychic Pathway, by Sonia Choquette – is a practical 12-week program for reconnecting to your intuition and imagination. This simple guidebook shows you how to develop your psychic awareness and your powers of divination and healing.

2. Diary of a Psychic, by Sonia Choquette – Choquette’s story reminds me a bit of my own as she too discovered her psychic abilities as a young child. While still a teenager, she began to give readings, amazing her clients with her psychic insights. Seeking to deepen her skills, she studied with two master psychic/spiritual teachers and began to see beyond predictions of the future . . . into the causes of the future. This book is great for understanding how the being psychic can impact your “everyday” life.

3. The Gift, by Echo Bodine – This is an accessible guide to understanding and exploring your own psychic abilities. The book defines the four psychic gifts. It then discusses the implications of becoming a professional psychic and offers self-protection techniques. Readers also learn four basic exercises for accessing the “third eye.”

4. Discover your psychic type, by Sherrie Dillard – This book offers a personalized approach to spiritual development, introducing four different psychic types and revealing how to develop the unique talents of each. Designed for both beginning intuitives and advanced psychics, this book presents a simple, step-by-step plan to learn whether you are a physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual intuitive. And, discover more about each type’s nature, personality, strengths, and potential challenges

5. Basic Psychic Development, by John Friedlander & Gloria Hemsher – This book is a complete learning system for would-be psychics. Friedlander’s system encourages an open, playful approach to experiencing the energies around us with new tools like auras, chakras, and clairvoyance.

6. I know I said five but, my book Navigating by Intuition: How to Follow The Signs can teach you how to recognize what the Universe is trying to tell you. Wouldn’t it be nice to understand the signs you’re already getting but, don’t understand how to decipher? We are always being given signs to help point the way – the trick is to recognize and interpret them. I think that’s important, don’t you? One last book I recommend is my new book: The Intuition Primer: Practical Lessons to Launch Your Intuition – also on Amazon Kindle.

I hope you enjoy these books! Let me know what you think of the books, or if you have any questions.

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