“Angela, would you come in here, please?” I heard my boss calling from her office.

“Uh, sure, be right in,” I replied hesitantly.

My boss wanted me in her office, but the problem was that her office was located in-between the walls, and there was no door!

I must be dreaming, I thought. How am I supposed to get in there? On some level, I was aware that I was asleep and dreaming.

I heard her call me again, so I had no choice but to “enter” her office. I focused my eyes straight ahead and walked steadily up to the wall, all the while wondering if I’d really be able to pass through it and – promptly smashed my face into it.

Ow! That’s not working, I thought rubbing my sore nose.

Then I realized, as I’d walked toward the wall I’d been skeptical about whether I could really walk through it.

I took a few steps back and then began walking toward the wall again. This time I heard myself thinking, I want to do this. I can walk through that wall!

The next thing I knew I was aware that my body had penetrated the wall. It was a strange spongy sensation something like walking through jello. I got my head through then pulled the rest of me through, and I was in. Her office was spacious and luxuriously furnished. Sun drenched the room through huge windows lining the walls – not what I was expecting to find in 4 inches of empty space between two sheets of dry wall.

I was curious as to what dimension we were in? The astral plane, the etheric dimension? But, all she wanted to do was talk business. She acted very matter-of-fact about it too, as if offices located in-between walls were as common as finding staplers on desks.

I woke up soon after this, and couldn’t get the dream out of my mind.

An interesting post I read by friend and fellow blogger, Scott Dinsmore (ReadingForYourSuccess.com), came to mind.  Scott’s article titled, “The Beginner’s Guide to Being Congruent,” is about how we easily achieve our goals when our emotions and beliefs are aligned with our intentions.

I realized my dream wasn’t about the physicality of walking through the wall, but about dealing with inner conflict when we’re trying to accomplish something. To achieve  our goals our desires, intentions, emotions and beliefs must all be aligned – or what Scott refers to as “congruent” in his terrific article.

To illustrate this, think of something you’re trying to achieve and read the terms and their meanings below.

Desire – wish, want, a longing, yearning, craving, need, aspiration. You have to really, really want this.

Intention – meaning, purpose, aim, intent, goal, target, objective. It has to give your life meaning and captivate your soul.

Emotions – feeling, sentiment, sensation, passion. You have to feel good about doing whatever it is you’re doing.

Beliefs – attitude, viewpoint, idea, thinking, way of life, values. You have to truly believe it’s possible for you to achieve.

Can you see how important it is for all four to work together instead of against one another? Think of a table with four legs – if one is missing the table top will rock unsteadily. It’s the same with us when we decide to accomplish something. Inner conflict will cause us to be unsteady and waiver – thwarting our efforts to achieve the goal.

As all of this flashed through my mind – I realized that my dream had answered a question I’d been been repeatedly asking myself lately: Why wasn’t my house selling?

It occurred to me that I’d been vacillating on my decision to sell my home. One minute my desire was to stay and then next to sell. Consequently, nothing seemed to be happening. My going back and forth on what I wanted was canceling out my intention to sell. I realized I’d have to become very clear and steady about what I want. Only then would there be any progress.

The other key part of my dream was questioning my boss about what dimension her office existed in. I understood this to mean that when we decide to do something, with no underlying emotional conflicts or doubts about it, we’ve actually entered another dimension. In this dimension resides the Truth that all possibilities already do exist, and that we are the creators of our reality. Once our consciousness is harmonized, and we’ve internalize this truth – the goal cannot help but manifest in our lives.  The more we understand this, and allow our consciousness to reside in this other dimension, the faster things will manifest in our lives too.

In my dream, I wasn’t able to penetrate the wall until I truly desired and I believed I could, in other words, when my emotions and desires matched my intention and beliefs. It’s the same with anything else we undertake in our lives. No matter what you want to accomplish if your desires, emotions and intentions and beliefs aren’t in alignment – no amount of trying is going to make it happen. Just like my dream, you’ll smash into the wall until all these elements are harmonized within you – and then, and only then, will you find you that you can walk through walls!

By the way, as soon as I had a good long talk with myself and re-aligned my desires with my intentions about selling my home – I got an offer!

What walls have you been able to walk through once your emotions, desires, intentions and beliefs were in alignment?

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