In July of 2009, I took a week long advanced intuitive training, taught by medium James Van Praagh, at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY.

I made many close friends, among them was Mary Shannon Bell.

At times during the class James would say he felt the presence of many spirits in the room. It was then that he’d stop and tell us get out our camera’s and snap away.

Silly me hadn’t brought a camera, so while everyone else was taking pictures that captured many orbs all in one shot – all I could do was look at the viewfinders on their cameras and feel sad that I wouldn’t be taking home any of these amazing shots.

It was incredible. Every last single person in the room with a camera was getting photos that captured dozens and dozens of orbs in each frame.

After the course was over Mary kindly sent me a CD of 20 unbelievable photos she’d taken from our course. There were big orbs and little orbs and if you magnified the photos, some even appeared to have faces in them – oh my! I’ve included one of her photos from the seminar, so you can see just how many orbs there were.

Since then I’ve gotten to know Mary quite well. I’ve realized she has an amazing talent for photography; particularly photography that captures orbs. I’ve never seen anything like it. I keep telling her to put out a book on her orb photography – it’s that amazing!

The only time I’ve ever captured any orbs was this past Christmas – just a few months after the passing of my father.  One orb appeared in my family photos. When the orb was enlarged sure enough there was a face in there and you guessed it – it was my father’s face! To tell you the truth, I really was stunned.

If you want to see some amazing photos of orbs you really must visit Mary Shannon Bell’s website. She’s also written a wonderful book about her experience receiving signs from the “other side” from her parents that I recommend as well.

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