If I told you there was a simple way to boost your intelligence, reach your highest potential, feel peaceful and serene – and, that this simple thing could put you in touch with an infinite source of creativity, and love in just minutes a day.

Would you be interested enough to want to commit to it?

You probably guessed that I’m talking about meditation, right? Meditation is the simplest and most effective tool there is for spiritual development. Reading books and joining groups of like minded individuals is great but, when it comes to actually making consistent progress only the daily practice of meditation will kindle your spiritual growth.

Awakening and transforming spiritually takes place gradually. The expansion of consciousness is slow – a bit like the process of a water flowing over rocks in a river; eventually with enough time you’ll see that the water has carved a deep “S” pattern into the landscape and smoothed out all the jagged edges in the rocks. It takes commitment and a deep desire to stay the course until the beginnings of that reshaping becomes apparent.

And of course – you’re never done either, just like the water flowing in that stream is never finished reshaping it or the rocks it flows over. There’s also never an end to our spiritual growth – we can only continue to evolve.

Life experience is the premier teacher in all things. We learn through our mistakes and through the pain those mistakes cause us, but if we choose there is a way to grow spiritually by expanding our consciousness through meditation, rather than through painful experiences.

Here are 8 reasons why meditation is such a powerful tool for spiritual growth:

1. The first thing you might notice when you start meditating is that you feel calmer during the day. Learning to slow down thoughts allows us the space between all the mind chatter to experience true peace of mind. This marvelous feeling of serenity is enough to keep us committed to a practice of meditation.

2. Slowing down our thoughts also creates greater clarity in our thinking. We can focus on one thing without the distractions of hundreds of thoughts clamoring for our attention. When we can direct our thought with precision we’re able to think more intelligently. We have access to more of our creativity which is no longer obstructed by constant thought-traffic.

2. After practicing for a while you’ll also notice that you no longer react to the things that used to push your emotional buttons. You’ll find instead that you’re able to “step back” and pause, giving yourself time to think and reply, rather than react. When we can step back and pause our negative reactions we’re also able to handle stressful situations better too.

3. Quieting the mind and letting thoughts go by allows us to really hear what we’re thinking too. We start to realize how many negative thoughts rumble through our minds each day. We begin to notice how often we put ourselves down and undermine our self-confidence. This new awareness helps us to understand that it’s these false beliefs that hold us back from reaching our highest potential. With time the false beliefs fall away as we stop listening and allowing them to stir us up. Free of those false beliefs, we now achieve our full potential.


4. Meditation brings our emotions into balance which is the state of being centered. When we’re centered we let go of extremes; highs and lows of emotion that pull us into the future or past. We return to a natural calm state of being. We live in the present with acceptance of what is happening in our lives now.

5.We’re no longer drawn into emotional sparring matches.We stop judging others, and assigning a negative or positive meaning to what we may be encountering. We’re therefore less likely to be pulled into dramas (both yours and other people’s) regarding these events. When we no longer allow our emotions to ensnare us we’re free to rise above them. And, when we rise above our emotions we begin to see that we’re all one. We begin to feel a greater love and compassion for all our fellow human beings.

6. When we stop the perpetual mind-traffic divine guidance can actually get through. This state of thoughtless awareness allows us recognize the presence of the observer – who is our true self, higher self or soul. We begin to recognize that we are limitless with infinite potential.

7. The process of meditating will help you to recall your dreams. Many times answers and guidance are delivered through dreams. Sometimes I have only a snippet of a dream that I know was important when I wake, but if I meditate right away I can usually recall the entire dream.

8. Daily practice of meditation heightens intuitive ability. The more often you receive intuitive insight the more you will be in tune with your higher self and true purpose. Your life will flow more easily and opportunities to act upon your purpose will present themselves more frequently.

It’s truly remarkable how much insight, self-control and emotional freedom the simple practice of meditation produces. We feel so much more love coming from others and coming from us – it really opens your heart. Your capacity for compassion, and interest in others over yourself increases tremendously too. And, once we become fully aware and begin making conscious choices, rather than allowing ourselves to be batted about like boats on turbulent waters, our lives glide effortlessly over calm seas toward the shores of our desired destinations.

Has meditation affected you’re life? How? Share your experience. You never know when what you have to say will be of help to someone else.

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