Has the warmth from a sunbeam ever triggered a moment of pure bliss?

Has there ever been a split second where your mind was so still that you became aware of having stepped outside yourself?

Did you come across a deer on a trail and suddenly feel flooded with a love and connection to all of life?

Were you playing with your child one day when your heart just opened up?

These sacred moments are the essence of  what some call spiritual ecstasy, or the mystical experience. These events often trigger a spiritual awakening.

Everything stops, and it’s as if we see clearly for the first time and feel at one with all of life. The joy from this state of being emanates from deep within our souls. We are aware of a palpable pure goodness that is in and through everything and everyone.

But we don’t “think it” we feel this experience intuitively with our hearts.

That’s what makes the experience  mystical – the connection of our heart to the beating heart of the Universe. It requires no words. In fact, it’s indescribable and words can’t do it justice.

I strive to feel this connection in my daily meditations, but like anything in life you can’t force it. It comes randomly when it wants to, and where it wants to – if at all. It’s not something I’ve experienced often, but the few times I’ve been graced by the mystical experience are forever etched upon my mind.

The first time I had a mystical experience I was 17. I was visiting the tomb of Saint Dionysios on the island of Zakynthos in Greece. The saint‘s remains are kept in a locked glass tomb. Even though he’s been dead for centuries his body hasn’t decomposed; which is believed to be a sign that he’s a true saint. On occasion the body emits a beautiful perfume of unknown origin. He’s known as the “walking saint” as when he performs his miracles the tomb cannot be opened, and the people experiencing the miracle report seeing St. Dionysios. The bottom of his slippers are constantly wearing out and need replacing due to his “walking.”

When it happened the most incredible perfume wafted out of the casket. I heard angelic music and was overcome by the force of a loving energy that engulfed me. I was so immersed in the experience that I wasn’t aware I was sobbing until I heard crying and realized it came from me. I had to run out of the church to compose myself. I tried hard to remember the music, but it faded quickly from my memory. Needless to say, the experience made a lasting impression on me.

While I don’t consider myself religious, I’ve always been extremely connected to my spirituality. Even as a child I was aware that there was more to life than could be seen. I’ve had other mystical experiences since, but none so profound where I heard music or smelled perfume. After the experience I wanted to know why? What did it mean? And, what should I now do with this experience?  I’ve thought about it  over the years and feel the experience was given to me to validate my desire to devote myself to my spiritual growth.

The mystical experience gives us a momentary glimpse of our soul‘s true home, the place we will return after we permanently leave our bodies. It’s programmed into us to want to merge back into the ocean of pure consciousness that our soul emerged from. It’s as if we become aware of just how homesick we really are for the place of our true origins. This is the moment when you really know for sure that we truly are spiritual beings having a human experience.

It occurs universally around the world and across all religions. All who experience the mystical experience describe it with similar qualities. For many, it leaves them permanently changed. A desire to do good, emanate goodness and to inspire others to seek this transcendent state is common.

I believe that at some point, we all want to feel connected to something bigger than the lives we lead. To experience how more expansive we are than the bodies we’re confined to, and to escape the boundaries of the mind. These feelings may be the first stirrings of our spiritual awakening.

While a mystical experience can strike anytime with or without a yearning for it, the more you devote yourself to your spiritual growth the more likely it is that you’ll have a mystical experience.

And, it’s a given that the mystical experience will leave an indelible mark upon you – and that you in turn will leave an indelible mark upon others, as your inner light gently stirs the flame of spiritual awakening in those whom you meet on your path.

Have you had a mystical experience? Please share it with us and how it affected you.

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