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A lot of people say they’re not intuitive.

That’s not true. Everyone is intuitive.

It’s just a matter of your desire to develop  your intuition – and then priming the pump with practice.

How many times have you heard: Follow your gut instincts! Using your intuition helps you find answers, solve problems, receive guidance and become more creative. It’s an extremely practical skill to have. I rarely hear anyone saying: Ignore your gut instincts!

At one time I lived about 100 miles from a previous boyfriend. We’d get together on the weekends. When it was my turn to visit him I had my choice of two major highways I could take. As I approached the point where the two split off I’d ask myself which highway had the least traffic, and then take that one. I can’t tell you how many times I later heard on the traffic report while still driving – that the other highway had a huge back up due to one thing or another.

Here are 25 easy, fast, and fun ways to pump up the volume on your intuition:

1. Create an intention to remember your dreams, and record them. Before going to bed go over a problem you’re having in your mind and ask for guidance. Be patient. It may take a few nights to either remember a dream if you’re not in the habit, or to get the answer.

2. Meditate. Everyone says this, why? Meditation helps quiet the mind. You want to slow down the mind chatter to expand the quiet spaces between thoughts. The longer the quiet is between thoughts the more easily intuitive guidance can get through and be heard. (For a guide to meditation read this post.)

3. Go for quiet walks in nature. Quiet reflection in nature helps create the same longer quiet space between thoughts as meditation. Did you get idea about the best way to deal with a situation in you life?

4. Start guessing who’s on the telephone. Pause for a second before answering, and don’t look at the caller I.D. Ask yourself who it is. See what pops into your mind.

5. Try to envision what a friend will be wearing before you meet them. Take a moment before leaving the house, or getting out of the car and ask what they’re wearing. What comes to mind?

6. Ask a friend to concentrate on one interesting object in their home – see if you can visualize it. You can do this while on the phone with a friend, or by picking a specific time when you’re both concentrating on this task. Give your friend your impressions.

7. Take a relaxing bath, or shower, and ask your intuition to give you the solution to a problem you’ve been pondering. Let your mind wander. What ideas bubble up?

8. Think of  a challenge you’re dealing with – then close your eyes and see yourself plucking a thick book off a shelf in a library. Open it to any page. What is written on the page? Is it your answer?

9. You need a yes or no answer. Tell yourself that some time in the next 48 hours you’ll know the answer to be yes if you find a penny. Did you find a penny?

10. When driving in your car with the radio playing see if you can guess the next song the DJ plays.

11. Tune in to your feelings when faced with decisions. Notice if you’re feeling excited, energized, or drawn toward doing one thing over another. Feelings of fear, dread and procrastination are signals not to proceed with something.

12. When at the grocery store, or bank – stop for a moment and ask yourself which line will move the fastest. Then get on that line. Were you right?

13. If you have a bird feeder – ask yourself which bird you’ll see first this morning at the feeder.

14. When meeting someone for the first time become aware of your “first impressions.” As you get to know them determine if you were right.

1 5. Try some inspired writing. Go somewhere quiet and meditate for a short time. Then ask for guidance concerning a problem you’re trying to sort out. Pick up a pen and start writing. Try not to “think” too much about what’s being written. You may feel funny at first, but after warming up you may find yourself writing and writing. Was this the guidance you needed?

16. Before you get to a busy intersection try to see if you know if the light will be red or green.

17. Prior to meeting friends at a restaurant test yourself to see if you know what your friends will order for dinner.

18. When going to the grocery store, busy coffee shop or deli you frequent ask yourself who you’ll see there today. Who pops into your mind?

19. Focus on any past successes with intuition. Remember how it felt when it came through. Knowing how it works for you will enable you to identify it in the future.

20. Ask a friend to concentrate on someone they know – whom you don’t. Try to see what impressions you pick up. Share with your friend. Did you see what they looked like? Did you get gut feelings about their personality, or emotional state? Were you right?

21. Take a deck of regular playing cards. Turn them over face down. Hold one in your hand. Do  you get an impression as to whether it’s a black card or a red card. Take it further – what suit is it? What number is on the card? Did you have any hits?

22. Before leaving your house see if you get an impression about the traffic. Are certain roads snarled? Has there been an accident? A lane closure. Then turn on the traffic report to see how accurate you were.

23. Is anyone you know having a baby? See what your intuition says the sex of the baby will be. You may have to wait 9 months to see if you’re right!

24. When going to some one’s home for the first time – see if you get an impression about whether they have pets. Are they dog people, cat lovers, both? No pets?

25. Try this exercise with acquaintances. Have everyone exchange keys rings. See if you get an impression about what their house looks like. The kind of car they drive. Or anything else that comes to mind that is triggered by one of the keys. Do you see a safety deposit box? Their office building? A hand carved antique box with love letters inside?

You don’t have try all of these. Just pick the ones that appeal to you. You may be quite amazed by your results. But, don’t worry if you’re wrong – only Carnac the Magnificent was right all the time! Fear and “stage fright” shut off your intuition. Intuition is the opposite of rational thought. The two cannot occupy  the mind at the same time. It’s spontaneous, playful and random and operates independently of the intellect. So, give some of these exercises a try and have fun. Once you get over the fear of being wrong your intuition will soar and roar loud enough to be heard!

Are you beginning to “feel” the difference between thoughts that arise from the intellect and those that result from intuition? What are the differences?

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