Gaia's Kiss
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On June 21, the Summer Solstice, at noon in your time zone, please offer your prayers to heal our planet particularly the waters off the Gulf of Mexico.

Visualize yourself cradling the earth to your heart. Send love and blow a kiss to our planet just as you would to someone dear to you. See the Gulf Coast waters as pristine and cleared of all  the oil.

This is a global event organized by


Solstice Global Toning on Monday June 21st 12:00 noon in your time zone

Let us collectively link up with the heart of  Gaia, mother Earth, for healing the waters of the world, focusing on the Gulf oil leakage as an entry point

On the longest day of the year at the peak of the solar energy, let us put the power of collective prayer into collaborating with mother Earth to co-create healing and harmony between the planet and us, her children. Though some humans behave in ways that may ignore the sacredness of her body, many of us are interested in living in ways that honor and revere this precious planet. Let us unite in focused prayer, offering our gratitude for the gift of this Earth and all that is provided to us with such grace and abundance.

For those of you who have seen the movie “Avatar”, we have an image of a sincere individual linking his heart with the heart and Spirit of life, to bring about right action during a distressing situation. We collectively have the power to do this as well.

During this time of intentional prayer, first imagine your heart synchronizing in rhythm with the heart of the Earth and all her amazing creatures and elements. Then, if possible, add the power of sound, using your voice and the spirit of your breath, creating the sound of the heart, “AH” as you align and send your healing prayers on this Global Tone.

If it is appropriate, please go to the AH Toning Chamber at the Temple of Sacred Sound to enhance the power of this Solstice Global Toning.

This sonic prayer will flow like a wave of cleansing, healing waters over the planet as compassionate beings in each time zone link up with their fellow beings to bring love across the Earth.

Let us join together in Light & Love through Sound this June 21st to create balance and healing on our beloved planet.

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(Note from Angela: The event is for global toning, but if you don’t feel comfortable toning you don’t have to. Meditation and prayers for seeing the earth and our waterways clean and healed is enough.)

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