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This is a guest post from Rosemarie Monaco

A few weeks ago I saw a PBS special called “The Buddha.” It was the story of the prince Siddhartha’s journey to enlightenment. It was great. But the moment in the show that really blew me away was the story of how after searching for the “truth” for so many years, Siddhartha got his first awakening from dirt. Yes, dirt.

It is said that one day while sitting under a huge fig tree (Bodhi tree) in deep meditation, his hand fell to the ground. He felt the earth in his hand and he became enlightened. After decades of trying to understand why there was so much suffering and what the meaning of life was, he saw the answer in the dirt—the dirt that was in his hand, the dirt that was in his hand that fed the tree, the dirt that fed the tree that gave us the fruit we eat, the tree that gave us fruit that sheltered us from the heat. It’s a never-ending love affair.

There is astonishing life and beauty all around us to which we are inextricably linked. All we have to do is pay attention to it. By seeing it, by enjoying it, by participating in the moment, you make the connection and become part of the whole. We are all part of an enormous work of art.

Angela tells us about some of her most powerful connections in her article “Constant Craving: The Mystical Experience.” But such emotion can be experienced even in the simplest of things, like dirt.

Buddha’s story made me think about all the everyday connections I take for granted. When I am feeling blue, for example, and one of my dogs comes to my side. She knows. She expresses her unconditional love for the sole purpose of giving. How could it not cheer me up. We are connected.

But there are lot worse things than feeling sad. What about that car accident I was in or the client I lost? The more I thought about this the more I realized that all those bad experiences taught me something very valuable. That it is because of those experiences that I am a better person and a smarter businesswoman.

I don’t get upset now when it rains. I welcome that which nourishes the earth. I look forward to the rainbow it creates when its remains capture the sun. And I remember, as the Buddha learned, that we are all connected. I wrote this article. You read my words and feel my feelings. We are connected.

The remarkably wonderful feeling that arises from the realization that love connects us all and that there is beauty everywhere—even in my wreck of a clothes closet—is so exhilarating. When you dwell on the beauty and the feeling connected to it, it positively raises your vibration. Nothing can harm you. You are in the arms of the universe.

Let the beauty that is around you dominate your thought, shape your disposition. And you will see how everything around you changes for the better.

Rosemarie Monaco, M.A. is president of Group M Inc, a public relations and marketing firm. She is an award-winning strategist and writer. After the heartbreaking death of her mother in 2001, she began her journey into spiritualism, studying Buddhism, the original teachings of Christ and a diverse number of other spiritual philosophers including Sai Baba and Martin Luther King Jr. She is a graduate of the Silva Method. The study and practice of deep meditation changed the course of her life, giving her the courage and skills to help others embrace the richness of life.

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