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Do you think you might be intuitive?

If you’re curious about the range of your intuitive abilities take this simple intuition quiz:

Ask yourself the questions in the intuition quiz below. Keep track of each time you respond to a question with a “yes.” When you’re finished answering all of the questions, total your “yes” answers. Totals and their corresponding meanings are listed below.

1. Upon entering a room or area for the first time, do you ever immediately know whether it is “safe” or “threatening?”

2. When meeting someone for the first time, do you ever know whether or not that person can be trusted?

3. Do you often accurately sense when the phone is about to ring? Or do you ever know who is calling when the phone starts ringing?

4. Can you sense a person’s thoughts and finish their sentences for them or verbalize them before they do?

5. Can you sense a person’s presence when it enters a room or area without physically seeing or hearing them?

6. Have you ever been lost and used your intuition to accurately find your way?

7. Do you ever wake from sleep with a sense that something has been revealed to you or that someone has been communicating with you?

8. Have you ever had prior knowledge of a disaster, negative event, illness, or death that later came to pass?

9. When you close your eyes, to you often see images of people, or eyes, or do you ever hear voices speaking?

10. In the moments just after waking, do you ever hear voices speaking?

11. Do you often get “goose bumps,” or do the hairs on the back of your neck rise, putting you on alert?

12. Have you ever made a major decision against the advice of your loved ones or “the experts” just because of a sense of what was the “right” thing for you?

13. Do you notice an unusual number of “coincidences” happening around you?

14. Do you notice repeating number combinations, colors, and/or symbols?

15. Can you sense when someone is lying to you?

16. Have you ever suddenly “seen” or “just knew“ where a lost item was located?

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A Score of 1 – 4
If your score was between one and three, you have limited awareness of your intuitive abilities. You would benefit from learning to trust yourself and opening more to your instincts.

A Score of 5 – 9
Your intuition is active and you’re probably aware of it, but there is room for improvement.  This can be developed and strengthened.

A Score of 10 – 13
You’re very much in touch with your intuition and, most likely, you’re used to relying upon it as you navigate your life. You may want to consider psychic development classes to further develop your abilities and fine tune your intuition.

A Score of 14 or More
You’re gifted and keenly aware of your intuitive abilities. You’re an excellent judge of character and you trust your instincts, relying upon them regularly. Others most likely sense this about you and may often come to you for your advice or seek out your opinion when making major decisions. You may want to consider further psychic development testing to determine your precise gifts and how to best use them. You may also be well suited for a career as a counselor or advisor?

How did you do? Were you surprised to find out your intuition was more developed than you thought? Share you’re results with us.

Thanks to Psychic Waves for sharing this quiz with Mystic Musings.

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